20 Of The Richest Neighborhoods In Canada

Canada is a great place to live, and plenty of people move here each year to begin a new life. It's a nation that embraces new people and new ideas, but it also has its own traditions. Just like any country, there are people here who have a lot of money, and it's interesting to note where they choose to settle down. Canada is filled with extremely affluent neighborhoods, and sometimes the sheer price of property in these areas is enough to blow our minds. Stunning mansions and modern homes are prominent in these areas, and venturing into them is like walking into a brand new world.

Of course, sometimes even houses that look extremely run down and ragged can be worth a lot of money. Even those who have a casual interest in real estate know that it's usually the land itself which is worth a lot of money, not the house. That would explain why even normal areas and neighborhoods in cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are worth so much. These rising housing prices can be a little daunting for those trying to get into the market. That being said,  there are also neighborhoods in Canada that would give most people a big shock when they see the price tags on some of these homes. Let's examine some of the richest neighborhoods in Canada.

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20 Shaughnessy In Vancouver


Vancouver is famous for being one of the most desirable cities in the world to live in. It's safe, it's futuristic, it has pretty good weather compared to the rest of Canada, and it's very green. As a result, Vancouver is one of the most expensive places to live in Canada, and housing prices are still out of most Canadians' reach. But to find a truly expensive part of the city, we must travel to a small, secluded neighborhood called Shaughnessy. In this picturesque neighborhood, almost every single house is a mansion, and plenty of them are owned by celebrities.

19 The Bridle Path In Toronto


Although Vancouver is certainly desirable, Toronto is also a very popular place to live in Canada, with plenty of people moving to this large city every year. Although it might get a little colder than Vancouver during the winter months, it's a stunning city with plenty to see and do. As a result, the housing prices have also climbed significantly within the last few years. But to find housing prices that will leave our jaws hanging, we must travel to The Bridle Path. It's one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Canada, perhaps taking the top spot, with some truly exquisite homes.

18 Kerrisdale In Vancouver


Kerrisdale is another truly picturesque neighborhood in Vancouver. This is an extremely wealthy part of town, and it's also one of the oldest areas in Vancouver. It all started back in the early 1900s, when an electric railway decided to put a stop in the area. It features some nice main streets filled with interesting shops and restaurants, plus plenty of parks and green areas to play sports and walk your dogs. Most of Vancouver's properties are rising in price astronomically, but Kerrisdale has emerged as containing some of the most valuable properties, usually in the millions.

17 Summit Park In Montreal


Montreal is definitely right up there with Toronto and Vancouver when it comes to wealthy neighborhoods, and this famous French Canadian city is one of the main attractions for Canada as a whole. This city attracts many people each year, whether they're tourists or people moving in for good. One of the richest neighborhoods in the area is Westmount, and one of the richest portions of that area is a place called Summit Park, or Summit Circle. It's located on one of the three peaks of Mount Royal, and it contains some truly spectacular houses.

16 British Properties In Vancouver


Some of the most impressive mansions and houses in Vancouver are actually located quite a distance from downtown, on the lower slopes of the mountains which loom over the city to the north. This area is known as North Vancouver, and although it might seem close to the main city, you actually need to cross a bridge or take a boat to get over to the other side. One of these mountainside neighborhoods is British Properties, a place littered with breathtaking mansions.

15 Britannia In Calgary


Even though the three main cities in Canada are Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver, there are plenty of other very desirable places to live in this nation. One example is Calgary. Although this city is seen by some as slightly rural, the reality is that it's a very advanced, forward-thinking place to live. And there are some very wealthy neighborhoods within this metropolis – one example being Britannia. This neighborhood boasts some impressive homes, as well as a pretty affluent demographic to boot.

14 West Bay And Sandy Cove In Vancouver


Although we've mentioned some of Vancouver's most affluent neighborhoods so far, we can't complete this article without including West Bay and Sandy Cove, located in West Vancouver. West Vancouver has always been one of the most desirable places to live in the city, but West Bay and Sandy Cover represent the cream of the crop. One contributing factor to the area's value is the fact that the mansions and houses are located on waterfront properties, overlooking the ocean and providing stunning views.

13 York Mills-Windfields In Toronto


Toronto has some truly affluent neighborhoods, and many of Canada's most wealthy areas are located within the city. One such neighborhood is York Mills-Windfields, which is considered part of the area known as "millionaire's mile." Most of the people who live here are making six figures, and that's extremely obvious by looking at some of the houses and mansions that dominate the area. The area is famous for having wealthy philanthropists live there from time to time, some even donating their mansions to various organizations.

12 Lexington Avenue In Montreal


Lexington Avenue is just a tiny street in Westmount, Quebec, and it ends in a quaint little cul-de-sac. Lexington Avenue is generally a term used to describe the immediate surrounding neighborhood, though, and this is without a doubt one of the wealthiest in Canada. The average house price is well up in the millions, and the area features St. Joseph's Oratory within its bounds. This is a picturesque neighborhood that any of the wealthy elite would love to call home.

11 Lawrence Park North In Toronto


In the past, this divine little neighborhood has been ranked the most wealthy in all of Canada, and it's not hard to see why. Tons of mansions and exquisite homes scatter this affluent area, and the people who live here are generally very well off indeed. It has its roots in Toronto's early days, back in the early 1900s. But even back then, it was touted as an aristocratic neighborhood, attracting the elite to move in. Exclusivity is a big part of the area, with the famous Rosedale Golf Club and The Granite Club nearby.

10 Sunnyside And Edgehill In Montreal


Sunnyside and Edgehill are two more affluent neighborhoods in Montreal, and they feature some of the most stunning mansions and homes you will even set eyes on in Canada. This neighborhood is very close to the aforementioned Lexington Avenue, but it's considered to be its own separate area. The housing prices are very high here, so high in fact that the people who live here need to have huge annual incomes to be able to afford to reside in this area.

9 Forest Hill Park And UCC In Toronto


Forest Hill is another one of Toronto's most affluent neighborhoods, and this one actually used to be its own separate village. This was before it was absorbed into greater Toronto in 1967, and now the area still retains the name of the village it once was. It's a well-known fact that this area houses many celebrities, as well as other high earners such as doctors and lawyers. There are plenty of trees in this neighborhood, and although the houses are expensive, it has been noted that it's still pretty cheap to rent here.

8 King George Park In Montreal


King George Park is another area located in Montreal, and this is yet another small suburb of Westmount, which we've already discussed in this article. Westmount is filled with rich areas, and the area surrounding King George Park is one of its richest. The area competes directly with the aforementioned neighborhoods of Shaughnessy, Kerrisdale, and The Bridle Path for the grand title of richest postal code in Canada. The Park where this area gets its name is very impressive and picturesque, featuring tennis courts and an on-site chalet.

7 Sunnybrook In Toronto


Sunnybrook is actually a pretty huge area with Toronto, and it's where a lot of people live. However, it's definitely one of the wealthiest areas of Toronto, and it's highly connected and associated with rich areas we've already mentioned, such as The Bridle Path and other nearby neighborhoods. Sunnybrook has a lot of things to do and see, such as a famous golf club, an interesting museum with amazing architecture, and plenty of shops. It's very similar to the Vancouver neighborhood of Kerrisdale in many ways.

6 Aberdeen And Forden In Montreal


Aberdeen and Forden are two very closely related areas within the greater affluent neighborhood of Westmount, in Montreal. This area is known for having some seriously incredible mansions and buildings, and many of its residents are extremely high earners. But they have to have a high annual income with the high prices of the houses around here. The land alone is worth a fortune, but people routinely build new mansions on that pricey soil. Of course, there is plenty of old money in the neighborhood as well, with many of the mansions being quite old.

5 Bel-Aire And Mayfair In Calgary


So far, we've been focusing pretty exclusively on Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, but there are indeed plenty of other wealthy neighborhoods within the northern countries, and you can travel to other provinces to find other areas within the top 25 most wealthy postal codes. One such example is Bel-Aire and Mayfair in Calgary, which is located in the province of Alberta. These two closely linked neighborhoods feature stunning mansions, many of them inhabited by residents with impressive six figure incomes.

4 South Tuxedo In Winnipeg


If the name itself wasn't a big enough clue, the neighborhood of Tuxedo in Winnipeg is also known to be very affluent. It's the first time we've mentioned an area in the province of Manitoba so far, and while Tuxedo can't really compete with the likes of Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto neighborhoods, it's pretty wealthy in its own right. It's actually the most wealthy area in Winnipeg with the highest property values, meaning the richest people in the entire city live here.

3 Eagle Ridge In Calgary


Eagle Ridge is another extremely wealthy place in Canada, and to visit this famous neighborhood we must travel back to Calgary. You can probably guess by the name that this area is pretty high up, and it's indeed on top of a ridge which towers over the city of Calgary. The average resident here has a pretty high income, and walking through this area you can spot some seriously impressive homes. Interestingly, it's possible to rent here, and there are some low-income residents... So it can't really compete with some of the more wealthy neighborhoods we've already mentioned.

2 Heubach Park In Winnipeg


Our second and final Winnipeg neighborhood is Heubach Park. This area is of course named after a park in the vicinity, and it's actually considered to be part of the aforementioned area of Tuxedo. But this area has its own special reputation, and it's known for housing some of the most wealthy people in the city. Heubach Park is named after a real estate agent who actually had the initial vision of Tuxedo as a beautiful neighborhood. It's considered one of the wealthiest areas in Canada.

1 Mount Royal In Calgary


The last wealthy Canadian neighborhood in this article is none other than Mount Royal in Calgary. This affluent area has some interesting history behind it, and remains a favorite spot for the elite to settle down. The area was actually called "American Hill" when it was first settled, owing to the large amount of wealthy American business elite that came there to settle down. To this day, a huge portion of American immigrants live in what is now called Mount Royal.

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