20 Locations Around The World Where People Can Put Their Love Locks

Making a romantic, emotional and even spiritual commitment to another human being is one of the sweetest, most loving displays of affection that we have available to us to show our loved ones what is truly in our hearts. It can also be one of the scariest. But whether you agree if taking the plunge is terrifying or endearing, couples have been traveling thousands upon thousands of miles to lock up their love. Luckily for them, there are several locations around the world that have love lock destinations and in this article, we will describe 20 of the world's most romantic ones, that have been visited by romantic and possibly superstitious couples in love and looking to send a message to the universe that says they'd like to be together forever.

All someone would need to lock up their love is a combination or key padlock, means of transportation to the love lock destination of their choice (this article should be able to provide a head start on finding one) and last but not least, a loving and caring person who lights up their life. Next, the couple should find the spot that speaks to their hearts, lock up their padlock and throw away the key! It is customary for the couple to write their names or initials and date they met and date the lock was placed.

This article will prove that romance is well and alive around the world and despite distance and cultural barriers, we all have at least one thing in common.

20 Ponte Milvio Bridge In Rome, Italy


Ponte Milvio is one of Rome's oldest bridges and it's a fan favorite of visitors looking to take the off-beaten tourist path. When visiting Ponte Milvio, it is likely that the other tourists there will be fellow romantics likely drawn to the ancient bridge thanks to Italian author Federico Moccia's book Ho Voglia di Te ("I Want You") in which characters place a love lock on the third lamppost on this very bridge. Inspired by the fictional romance, this now-famous lamppost has been getting locks placed alongside it for years. We have to wonder if the other lampposts feel left out since only the third lamppost gets so much attention lavished on it by people from all over the world.

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19 Mount Huangshan In China

Mount Huangshan in China has a love lock bridge with a past that is both romantic and at the same time, dark and disturbing. Once, a couple climbed up the mountain and jumped off the site now claimed by love locks, to unite. Today, a much safer way for a couple to express their undying love to one another is to lock their padlocks on the railings looking over that same deep cliff and throwing the key down below. All of the romance remains with none of the tragic sadness. It can also be looked at as a tribute to the couple who fell into the cliff.

Source:  10mosttoday.com

18 Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA


Every year, hundreds of couples who are madly in love with each other visit the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, USA to "lock their love" onto the bridge. They leave blissfully content and more in love than ever... but NYC's Department of Transportation and city workers are left angry and resentful of this loving tradition because the 5,989-foot span of the bridge is becoming a nuisance and safety concern according to city officials.

“Unfortunately, each year we’re seeing more of these locks,” DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said. "It costs the city real money in terms of sending our personnel out there to remove them. It’s a lot of extra work.” A $100 fine will be issued to any amorous couples who are caught trying to lock their love up on the Brooklyn Bridge.

17 Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris, France


In 1801, construction began on The Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts, an arch pedestrian bridge in Paris which crosses the River Seine. Visitors can use the bridge to access the Institut de France and the central square of the Palais du Louvre, which are on either side... or they can simply bask in the atmosphere of love which surely must be surrounding the bridge since it is one of the most famous love lock locations in the world. In the City of Light, however, these love locks are disappearing off of the bridge because the combined weight of the locks is starting to affect the structural integrity of The Pont des Arts. It's easy to imagine that there are A LOT of love locks on one of the most famous places to put them!

16 Lu Xun Park In Shanghai, China

In Shanghai, there is a love lock destination where no threat exists of risking a fine by placing a love lock or having the love lock removed by the city. At Lu Xun Park, French jeweler Mathieu Tournaire specially designed and built a "love tree" in 2015 for the specific purpose of holding as many love locks as there is space for. There is even a little plaque next to the tree explaining its purpose. Seeing as how it has only been around for 3 years, there should still be plenty of space on Shanghai's love tree. This sculpture is a clever compromise to bridges which can be damaged by the weight of numerous locks.

15 N Seoul Tower In Seoul, South Korea

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On the bridge leading up to the stunning N Seoul Tower, there are colorful locks leading the way on either side of the bridge's railings. Couples flock to the popular tourist location in South Korea to lock up their love forever. The cool blue, pink and purple lights from the tower combined with the staggering height of the tower in the distance and the light reflecting on the colorful locks make for a romantic atmosphere, especially at night and double especially if it happens to be a slightly cloudy and misty evening as shown in the photo. Romance is definitely in the air!

14 Luzhkov Bridge In Moscow, Russia


At the Luzhkov Bridge in Russia, seven love trees line up alongside the bridge awaiting couples in love and looking to lock up their unity forever. The love tree trend is starting to catch on with popular love lock destinations so that city officials do not have to hassle with dealing with cutting off locks and carting them away or hiring staff to issue fines to love locking couples who are unintentionally damaging bridges across the world. Love trees are made of metal and are specifically designed (obviously) to withstand the combined weight of several padlocks. Each love tree at the Luzhkov Bridge begins to have its own design and flavor due to the locks that are placed on them, making each unique.

Source: architecturaldigest.com

13 The Flame Of Liberty In Paris, France


The Flame of Liberty in Paris is an actual sized gold leaf-covered replica of the flame located at the upper end of the torch carried by the Statue of Liberty in New York City, a statue that has been in the USA since 1886.

The Flame of Liberty was gifted to Paris in 1989 by the International Herald Tribune and paid for by donors who contributed around $400,000 for its creation. On the chains that surround the flame, couples place their love locks. While this is a safe option (no threat to structural damage such as can happen with bridges) there is limited space. After the tragic passing of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997, the Flame of Liberty became an unofficial memorial for the late princess. Anthropologist Guy Lesoeurs said, "Most people who come here think this was built for her."

12 Massachusetts Avenue Bridge In Boston, Massachusetts, USA


The Massachusetts Avenue Bridge in Boston has long been home to love locking lovebirds hoping to cement their love forever in concrete on this city bridge. But in 2017, the city began construction on the bridge with a complete renovation planned. New pavement, new posts, new chainlink and sadly, a new love lock-less bridge. We can just imagine the couples that will be excited to sneak out to the newly built bridge with the hopes of being the first ones there to put their love lock on the new Massachusetts Avenue Bridge. We envision fines in the work for those risky couples.

11 Padrão dos Descobrimentos In Libson, Portugal


In Portugal, one of the famed tourist attractions is the great monument at Padrão dos Des Cobrimentos. Libson officials were very smart and allowed construction of a giant red heart along with four sculptures spelling out the word "LOVE" also in red metal. The letters, as well as the heart, are 3-dimensional which allow for as many padlocks to be put on as possible. When visiting the monument, it is possible for couples to purchase padlocks on site from vendors to add to the growing collection. Libson's love lock structure faces the water, making it a romantic love lock destination for water-loving couples.

10 Casa di Giulietta In Verona, Italy


What could possibly be more romantic than visiting the home of Juliet's famous balcony? Yes, the Juliet of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. At Casa di Giulietta in Verona, Italy, couples inspired by the famous romantic couple can visit Juliet's famous balcony and courtyard. The gate leading up to the balcony is covered with iron bars which allow for several love locks. For years, couples have been taking advantage of this opportunity as well as the opportunity for the heartbroken to leave actual handwritten letters to Juliet in heroine's courtyard. The 2010 movie starring Amanda Seyfried, Letters to Juliet, has a plotline largely dealing with a letter found in this courtyard.

Source: lovelocksonline.com

9 The Locks Fountain In Montevideo, Uruguay


The Locks Fountain which can be found in Uruguay, also known as Fuente de los Candados, is a lovely water fountain in the middle of a very busy city street. Rumor has it that the fountain was "given over to the lovers" as a compromise so that Montevideo does not have to deal with weighted down bridges due to too many padlocks. Couples wishing to add their locks to the Locks Fountain had better hurry as the space for padlocks is filling up. Legend says that if couples take a lock with their initials and the initials of their true love to add to the fountain, the couple will be reunited and will stay together forever.

Source: lovelocksonline.com

8 Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge In St. Louis, Missouri


The late MVP baseball outfielder Stanley "Stan the Man" Musial has the incredible honor of having the bridge formerly known as the New Mississippi River Bridge renamed in his honor. The Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge was formally renamed to pay tribute to American veterans as well as the baseball legend in 2013 and is called the "Stan Span" by the locals. The Stan Span is pretty much the exact opposite of The Pont des Arts in Paris, one of the world's most famous love lock destinations. The Stan Span is just a baby in terms of becoming a well-known love lock location. But that being said, love locks do exist at this beautiful bridge.

Source: lovelocksonline.com

7 Ponte de l'Archevêché In Paris, France


This love lock destination is a popular sight in Paris, a lovely bridge crossing the Seine river but it is less well-known than the Pont des Arts, one of the most popular love lock destinations in the world. The Ponte de l'Archevêché is 223 feet long and is a bit of a celebrity bridge since it was featured on the background of the set for the TV show, Highlander. Sadly for the lovers in the world, city officials have been working on clearing off the love locks since 2010 due to damage to the structural integrity of the bridge.

Source: lovelocksonline.com

6 Most Ljubavi In Vrnjačka, Banja, Serbia


Also known as the "bridge of love", Most Ljubavi is a pedestrian bridge in Serbia with a detailed and heartbreaking love story. At least 100 years ago, a local schoolteacher named Nada fell in love with a Serbian officer named Relja. Relja asked Nada to marry him and she happily accepted. But soon after their engagement, Relja was called to war in Greece and while there, he fell in love with a woman from Corfu. Legend has it that Nada never recovered from her broken heart and passed soon after she learned that Relja no longer loved her. Local girls, upon hearing Nada's story, had the idea to write the names of themselves and their loved ones on padlocks to lock on the bridge where Nada and Relja used to meet.

Source: 10mosttoday.com

5 Butchers' Bridge In Ljubljana, Slovenia


It may have a rather depressing and dark name but Butchers' Bridge in Slovenia, despite the name, actually has quite a romantic history. The history is a pretty short one since the bridge was just built in 2010 by well-known sculptor Jakov Brdar. Almost as soon as the bridge was open to the public, couples in love dashed to the bridge to hang a padlock with their names on the railings. While this bridge seems to be quickly filling up with padlocks, it isn't known if city officials have plans to remove the padlocks or have the bridge assessed for damage. So as of now, it's a green light on locking up love here.

Source: 10mosttoday.com

4 Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, Germany


Hohenzollern Bridge was constructed between 1907 and 1911 after the old bridge, the Cathedral Bridge (Dombrücke), was demolished. Its original intention was to serve as a railway and a road bridge. Today, this gorgeous covered bridge, which crosses the river Rhine, allows trains and cars to travel on it. Couples also travel on this bridge, by foot, to complete the tradition of placing a padlock with their names on the bridge and toss the padlock's keys into the Rhine river below. The Hohenzollern Bridge, in all of its glory, makes for incredible photographic opportunities as well for couples wishing to capture their special love lock moment forever.

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3 Tank House Lane In Toronto, Canada


Located in Tank House Lane in Toronto, Canada, is a love lock sculpture which is made of simple yet sturdy materials, just metal on a basic wood frame, but it stands strong as a reminder of everlasting love in the Canadian community as well as the worldwide visitors who have traveled out to see it and place their own padlocks onto the collection. Tank House Lane is a pub lover's dream. Distilleries, pubs and various eateries along with shops line the lane that calls out to those in search of a fun and wild time but one spot near a red brick wall is completely dedicated to love.

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2 Vodootvodny Canal In Moscow, Russia


It isn't just couples who find themselves fascinated with the love locks in Vodootvodny Canal, Moscow. Several artificial love lock "trees", constructed of solid iron, line the bridge and are sturdy enough (seriously - some of the "branches" are long and drooping!) to hold perhaps another generation of couples looking to lock up their love forever on this romantic bridge over the Vodootvodny Canal. Similar to the Luzhkov Bridge in Russia, the artificial trees provide a solution that leaves city workers satisfied, not having to worry about damage to the bridge, and couples in love happy and assured that their love has been safely secured.

Source: 10mosttoday.com

1 Malá Strana District In Prague, Czech Republic


Couples who are looking to lock up their love on the bridge at the Malá Strana District in Prague, Czech Republic will be hard pressed to find a millimeter of space left to place their locks. This is such a popular love lock destination that couples have taken to locking their locks onto other love locks! No word (as of yet) on if the bridge has been inspected for damage and as such, we have to say that this must be one well-constructed bridge to be able to withstand all of this weight! The circular-shaped railings make for an interesting looped design with all of the love locks that adorn it.

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