12 Places That People Should Go To In Winter (12 That Are Only For The Summer)

So, have you asked your boss about your vacation yet? Are you going to go to the same location as last year? Perhaps it would be best to first check out our list prior to making any bookings. After all, there are some places on this planet which are best experienced when it’s scorching hot in the city. On the other hand, you might wanna read about the winter holidays, too.

You should be always striving to get the most of your life, so let this summer be your best vacation ever. We’ve got cities that are just perfect at this time of the year. You know there’s nothing more annoying than not being able to enjoy all the urban wonders because the asphalt is literally melting, and so are you. The destinations we have in mind are dispersed all over the planet, so you’ll sure enjoy the diversity.

As for the locations best visited in winter time, we’ve got some awesome places for all snowboarders and skiers. However, it wouldn’t be a proper list if there weren’t some places that will keep you warm in January!

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24 Winter - New York, USA


OK, so it’s true enough that the Big Apple is not really the most obvious choice. The roads can get blocked, and it’s really freezing out there in the streets! Nevertheless, if you are looking for a place to celebrate the New Year’s Eve, how about in a city that never sleeps? There will be plenty of parties and events here, no matter the weather.

Still, here is the main reason why we picked NY for a winter vacation. If you adore ice skating, then you already know there is hardly another spectacular ice rink as the one in Central Park. Imagine skating while looking at the skyscrapers around you. Isn’t that something phenomenal?

23 summer - Cape Town, South Africa


Since it’s way down south, you’ll actually be visiting it in winter, like you would for Australia. There are so many things to do here that it’s hard to name them all, but here are a few.

During summer, enjoy kayaking with whales. Go for a jazz safari – you are invited to a musician’s home, where you have some snacks and enjoy real jazz. Book a stay at the Table mountain and wake up with an incredible view from your bedroom window. For the adrenaline junkies, there’s an option to go rafting, or even better – coasteering! (Source: InsideGuide)

22 winter - Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan


And now, for something completely different. Yes, you read it well. How about doing something out of the ordinary this winter, and go to Japan’s national park to see how Japanese macaques, aka snow monkeys, are enjoying themselves in natural hot springs. Imagine saying that to your friends back home. You’d make quite an impression.

Still don’t think so? Well, imagine two hundred monkeys taking a hot bath. Just don’t join them, even though it may be tempting.

By the way, you’d probably be staying in Tokyo during your vacation. One of the most exciting cities on the planet is definitely going to sweep you off your feet. The national park is just a bullet train ride away, and you know that’s going to be an adventure on its own. (Source: RoughGuides)

21 summer - Reykjavik, Iceland


Well, a bit more pleasant than the Arctic, as far as the temperature goes (from 10°C (50 F) to 20°C (68 F). Nevertheless, it is also full of adventures!

You can go whale watching here, too, and bird watching as well (especially if you book one of the puffin tours). Wild horses are also a sight to see.

If it’s relaxation that you desperately need, look no further and soak in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. The hot, milky blue water is in sharp contrast to the lava fields around you, and this is an experience which you can’t miss. As we all know, Iceland is the land of ice and fire, and this is precisely why. (Source: WakeUpReykjavik)

20 winter - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Especially in February, right? We all know why. That’s when the magic happens, and the whole city trembles and shakes to the rhythms of samba! If you haven’t visited the Sambadrome yet, you have no idea what you’re missing! Sure, you’ve seen the photos and all, but it’s nothing until you set your foot there and get a taste of the sweet excitement and passion in the air.

During the day, you could be sipping cocktails on one of the many beaches and work on your tan. Soaking in the sun, watching all the beautiful people passing by… Doesn’t it just sound like heaven? (Source: TravelUsNews)

19 summer - Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Europe, once again! Indeed, as you will soon find out if you take our advice, Europe is pretty much swarming with tourists, especially countries like the Netherlands. By that, we mean they aren’t really advertised as sunny paradise spots, are they? That’s why you should pay them a visit when there is plenty of sunshine.

As for the things to do in Amsterdam? There are plenty. Amsterdam offers great pleasures. Hop on a bike to the Jordaan’s narrow streets for some art, food, and shopping. Visit the Van Gogh’s museum, take a canal ride, or go drink tasting under a windmill. (Source: IAmsterdam)

18 winter - Schloss Neuschwanstein, Germany


Perhaps a bit difficult to pronounce, but absolutely stunning to look at!

You’ve all seen dozens of photos of German castles, neatly hidden in the forest, or up a cliff, but you have no idea how magical it all seems when its winter time! Southwest Bavaria is the location of this true to life Sleeping Beauty castle. This indeed is an adventure worth experiencing. Take a walk down the halls and imagine what life was like here in the old days.

Also, don’t forget. You’ll be in Germany, aka beer and sausages wonderland, so if you’re not that much of a romantic as your significant other, don’t worry. You’re bound to have your share of fun, too.

17 summer - Sankt Petersburg, Russia


But, if you really wish to see the royal abode, there’s no better way to witness the luxury and beauty than to go to Sankt Petersburg. For lots of paintings and out-of-this-world interior, pay a visit to the Winter Palace in the city itself. But what will really spark your imagination are the gardens and fountains in the Summer Palace outside the city. Ever been to The Palace of Versailles? It’s said to be its fierce competitor.

By the way, Sankt Petersburg abounds with rivers, and it’s up north, so the timing couldn’t be more right. Moscow is nearby, but don’t hope to get good climate there, even though it is Russia we are talking about. Therefore, Sankt Petersburg, aka Piter, awaits!

16 winter - Lapland, Finland


While still in Europe, make the most of it. Why should you to Lapland, Finland? Well, to see aurora borealis, of course!

Even though the temperatures are bound to be freezing low, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. You’ll be totally mesmerized by the northern lights, and probably feeling thankful and tiny at the same time. January, February, and even March are the best times to watch the dancing lights.

What is more, there are lots of fun things to do here than just observe the sky. For instance, you can get married! In an ice chapel! Or, try throwing boiling hot water into the air and watch it turn into vapor. Stay in an ice hotel, which changes its appearance every year simply by carving new ice. (Source: BeMyTravelMuse)

15 summer - Shimla, India


Now it’s time for India. While the Brits didn’t enjoy the hot Indian weather (to put it mildly), this is actually the destination they loved! Situated in the southwestern Himalayas, this little mountaintop town has excellent climate during summer. Its architecture is really specific, with lots of neo-Gothic and Tudorbethan colonial buildings.

As for the transport, just imagine a train ride on the Kalka-Shimla Railway line, which has been here since the colonial times. The scenery is simply magical, and the walking down the town streets is like stepping back in time. (Source: TheDailyMeal)

14 winter - Aspen, Colorado, USA


If you really wish to stay somewhere posh and luxurious, book a vacation in Aspen.

Skiing is the most favorite pass time activity here, of course, so head for the tops which suit you best! If you’re a beginner, the best advice is to try the Buttermilk slopes first. Hiking is also an option. As most of the female population already knows, you can find all the best shops in Aspen shopping centers.

Actually, it’s wonderful here all year long, but it would be a pity not to hit the slopes in the winter time. After a whole day spent in the snow, it’s best to regain the energy with a delicious meal, isn’t it? That’s why Aspen boasts over 80 restaurants! You’ll surely find something to your taste. (Source: AspenChamber)

13 summer - Easter Island, Chile


If you enjoyed reading about strange, distant places when you were a kid, you must remember the story about the heads on the Easter Island. Well, now would be the perfect time to visit them and to see the whole statue at last. They were made sometime between 1250-1500 AD, and weigh 14 tons on average (13 feet tall).

Climb the volcano for a better view of the island, enjoy the beach, and in the evenings, watch the traditional Rapa Nui dance. If you like Hawaiian dance routine, you’ll enjoy this one, too. Also, make sure you book a cave tour for some more wow moments. (Source: NorthSouthTravel)

12 winter - Zermatt, Switzerland


Oh, what wonders await here! The mighty Matterhorn stands proudly overlooking the small village, which is so unique in its sharp differences. You’ll see luxurious hotels and small houses side by side, In addition, there won’t be huge jeeps passing through – only electric cars are allowed here. You have to travel by train to get here.

Lots of (50, to be precise) expensive restaurants are situated in the narrow, cobbled streets. Skiing is indescribable, and you can even have fun in the bars with live music. If you love winter sports, this is the place to be. (Source: NationalGeographic)

11 summer - Anchorage, Alaska


Enough of city sightseeing. Let’s talk about really cold destinations, which would be absolutely freezing to explore in the wintertime. For this reason, summer is the time to go, and when it comes to Alaska, June is the most recommended time for your itinerary.

You must book one of famous Alaska cruises. Not only will you relish the icy landscape, but you will get to see the whales as well if you’re lucky! They migrate to Alaska in April and remain till September. These magnificent creatures will take your breath away in an instant, and you’re bound to bore your friends with the stories. (Source: RVAlasky)

10 winter - Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy


If you’d like to eat delicious food at a fair price, go to Cortina D’Ampezzo. Also, let’s not forget. You’ll be in Italy, which means only one thing – fine wines. This mountain isn’t too crowded considering the ski slopes for the very reason of earthly pleasures. Lots of people come here just to enjoy the lush life, wine and dine, and go shopping, too.

Ernest Hemingway also had his favorite spot here, too. It’s Enoteca Cortina wine bar (what else), and the story says he couldn’t put his skis on after a ski break with his instructor. In short, really good wine, and astonishing nature.

9 summer - Dublin, Ireland


The drinking lovers among our readers are already smirking at the very mention of Dublin, because it means only one thing: Guinness! You can even take a tour of the factory and learn some interesting facts, but more importantly, you’ll be at the source itself. In addition, if you like food as much as your drinks, book a Delicious Dublin walking tour. The name says it all.

We haven’t mentioned some spooky places so far, but that’s why you have Kilmainham Gaol here – a prison which witnessed 1916 passings. (Source: Independent)

8 winter - Sydney, Australia


Enough of the cold for now, and let’s go back to flip-flops and shorts! And hats and sun lotions, too, because you’ll be going straight to The Land Down Under!

While everyone else is preparing for white Christmas, you can have a sandy one in Sydney. Visit that renowned Opera House, and go on a boat ride around the harbor. Just like all the other harbors in the world, this is the meeting place of different nations the melting pot of various cultures. Take a walk around the marina and visit one of the many bars. Talk to the locals – Aussies are known to be very easy going and friendly.

7 summer - Oslo, Norway


If you find regular museums dull, go to Oslo’s Folk Museum and have some fun! It’s an open museum, and it’s very entertaining because you can see dressed-up people everywhere, farm animals, and folk dancing, too.

The Ekeberg Park gives a stunning view of the city and its fjord, and for some sunbathing, feel free to go downtown to the most recent mini district called Sørenga. There’s a beach, lounging chairs, and marked lanes for all kinds of swimming.

Naturally, the tour can’t be complete without a boat trip. Just perfect for the sunny weather, and sailing is indulged equally by locals and tourists, too. (Source: TheCultureTrip)

6 winter - Banff, Canada


What is truly remarkable about this place is the opportunity to go on one of the so-called ice walks.

The interesting thing about Banff ski resort is that it is actually situated in the middle of a national park, which has some wonderful, big waterfalls. You can imagine what happens to them in the winter time. Indeed, all of them become frozen and the view is simply hypnotizing. Take a walk down the canyon for some more amazing photos of your vacation.

By the way, as we have said before, this is a national park, which means you’ll be encountering lots of animals around here moving freely, such as the too-friendly grazing bull elk. You can literally bump into one when going back from a bar, and no one will tell you it’s just a product of too much booze. (Source: BanffTours)

5 summer - London, the UK


Since it’s famous for its rainy weather, the best way to go around it is visiting Great Britain’s capital in the summer. You are bound to fully enjoy all the landmarks of this historic city.

It is really difficult to name all the things you could do here. Sure, you can see the Meghan Markle’s wedding venue, book a ticket for the London Eye and admire the view, go shopping in Oxford Street or visit one of the many museums and galleries (which are conveniently free of charge). Take a selfie with the celebrities at the Madame Tussaud's, or have a picnic in Hyde’s Park. In the evening, take your pick – bars, restaurants, theaters, clubs…You’ve got everything to your heart’s desire.

4 winter - Niseko, Japan


If you adore snow and winter, then 590 inches of snow a year sound absolutely thrilling, doesn't it? This is one of the few places on Earth that can brag lots of regular snow, all thanks to the neighboring Siberia.

What we definitely recommend is night skiing and snowboarding. The lights are good enough for a stadium, and they illuminate 2,560 vertical feet of skiing. Just imagine the wind on your face as you accelerate down the slope, your heart pounding with excitement. While night skiing isn’t a huge thing in most ski resorts, in Niseko most visitors opt for this kind of enjoyment, which makes the whole experience even more exciting.

3 summer - Copenhagen, Denmark


If Hans Christian Andersen was living here and writing his tales, then we see no reason you shouldn’t check out Nyhavn, too, at least for taking a cool picture. Tivoli Gardens is a famous amusement park that was built in the 19th century. Original, isn’t it? Of course, it has the modern rides, too.

You can’t go to Europe without really acknowledging how the aristocrats used to live.  For this reason, check out the Christiansburg Palace for an amazing experience. You are bound to be wowed by the interior. (Source: ThePlanetD)

2 winter - Chamonix, France


Let’s finish the winter wonderlands with a dangerous place. This one is for adrenaline junkies only. If you like the taste of danger and snowflakes combined, this is the place to be.

If you’re already an avid winter sports enthusiast, then you must certainly know Chamonix is worldwide famous as the birthplace of extreme skiing, aka “you fall, you die” sport. There are more glaciers and crevasses here than in any other ski area in Europe. It’s highly recommendable that you hire a local guide before going out of bounds. Speaking of location, Chamonix is near the trisection of France, Switzerland, and Italy. Mont Blanc is watching you, too.

1 summer - Arctic


In case you simply can’t have enough of glaciers and ice sheets, the Arctic is waiting for your full pleasure.

They say June to mid-July is the best time to feast your eyes with snow and ice. Not only that, but you’ll get to see polar bears and walrus hunting, too. Be reminded polar bears will think of you as a yummy lunch, so don’t get too excited about the oh-so-adorable-and-cute, big “teddy bears”. Once you see them in (eating) action, you’ll get the picture.

Also, from the middle of July till the middle of August should be the ideal time to sail around Spitsbergen. Can you imagine, you’ll even see flowers there – tundra will be in full bloom. (Source: QuarkExpeditions)

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