10 European Cities To Travel To For Romance (And 10 To Party Away In)

Europe is one of the most culturally and traditionally rich continents in the world, making it an all-time favorite destination spot for tourists. From Italy to France and England to Germany, Europe countries are filled with tons of vibrant cities. Deciding which cities to travel to can be difficult since there are so many breathtaking options in Europe to choose from. To narrow the options, most people travel to Europe for two main reasons: to have a romance or to party away.

Europe continues to be the top continent for romance. Countries like Italy, Spain, and France draw in hopeless romantics daily. How could anyone resist those Italian gondola rides or sharing a baguette under the Eiffel Tower? Similar to its romantic flare, Europe knows how to throw a good party. Home to some of the world’s most renowned clubs, scenic venues, and music festivals, Europe has a place for every type of partygoer. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or a party animal, many European cities will satisfy all of your traveler wants and needs.

Here are the most sought-after places in Europe for romantic getaways and to party away.

20 Venice, Italy - Romance


Located off the north-eastern shore of Italy, the beautiful city of canals is still deemed one of the world’s most romantic cities. The city of Venice mimics a fairytale landscape – it is filled with coastal views, captivating narrow lanes waiting to be explored, and charming bridges connecting the historical buildings. Venice is made up of 118 small islands connected by these bridges. Most people fly to Venice to take an iconic gondola ride with their lover down one of the many picturesque canals.

19 Ibiza, Spain - Party Away

Ibiza, Spain has been deemed the greatest party city in the world. Knocking out Las Vegas, Miami, and Cancun for the top party city title, Ibiza has proven itself to be the best place on this planet to travel to when you’re looking to have a wild time. The island paradise is home to tons of odd beach parties, magical hidden coves, and even the world’s largest nightclub. Even A-list celebrities, like Paris Hilton, Chris Brown, and Ronaldo, have been seen partying away in Ibiza.

18 Porto, Portugal - Romance


Porto is an ideal romantic destination spot for couples. Even though Portugal is gradually becoming a top vacation spot for people, Porto still isn’t as touristy as other romantic cities around Europe, like Venice, Italy or Paris, France. Since most Portuguese cities are located on the coast, romantic strolls along the seafront are a must for any couple planning on visiting this city. Porto’s artistic heritage, open-air leisure spaces, and Port Wine are just a few of the reasons to visit this monumental place.

17 Berlin, Germany - Party Away

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Berlin, Germany has always been known as a party city because of its “anything goes” attitude. There have been tons of chatter around the world about Berlin’s underground, infamous black-clad techno scene. The DJs here are world famous and house music is at the forefront of every party. The drinks are extremely cheap and clubs and bars are abundant. The city is huge and attracts all types of visitors. There is a party customized for everyone’s interests in Berlin.

16 Brussels, Belgium - Romance


Like all of the other European capital cities, Brussels is filled with everything from gourmet cuisines to art and history, making it an ideal romantic retreat for couples. Since Brussels is a small city, it gives off intimate and friendly vibes. Most of the tourist attractions are easy to get to by foot, so you can spend more time exploring the numerous restaurants and art galleries instead of wasting time commuting. If you’re looking for a romantic gift for your lover, Belgium is also world famous for its delicious chocolates.

15 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Party Away


Amsterdam’s party scene is quite different from the other wild club cities around Europe. Unlike Berlin and Copenhagen, which are filled with late-night raves, after hour parties, and famous DJs, Amsterdam’s party scene is more low key and relaxed. Instead of crazy, techno clubs, you will instead find an abundance of chill bars in Amsterdam. Even though the Dutch seem more relaxed with their partying, the famous red light district proves that they still know how to have a good time.

14 Vienna, Austria - Romance

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Whether you are single or in a relationship, love is in the air in Vienna, Austria. Vienna is filled with an abundance of romantic activities for you and your loved one to engage in. You can take a horse-drawn carriage ride across the city, take a stroll in one of the many courtyards, walk along the narrow, cobblestone streets, and even take a boat ride on the Danube. There really is an activity for everyone (and every couple) in Vienna.

13 Barcelona, Spain - Party Away

Spain should be renamed to “the country that never sleeps.” Just like Ibiza, Barcelona truly is a city for party animals. In Barcelona, it is common to see clubs and parties start at 2 am. While other countries around the world close their clubs’ doors at 2 am, Barcelona opens their doors at this time. Both locals and tourists in the city party until dawn and sleep until noon. With cheap drinks and an endless flow of parties, Barcelona definitely is a top destination for partiers.

12 Reykjavik, Iceland - Romance

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When you hear the word “romantic getaway,” most people don’t envision a cold destination. Romance is usually associated with warmth, sun, and beaches. Reykjavik, Iceland is redefining what it means to be romantic. The enchanting and mysterious landscapes, spring-fed spas, and many outdoor activities are making Iceland a new, favorite destination for romantic getaways. The unique blend of relaxation and adventure is guaranteed to appeal to every type of couple. What better way to celebrate your romance than to be on top of the world.

11 Prague, Czech Republic - Party Away


A few decades ago, Prague’s nightlife began to flourish when thousands of tourists flocked to the city to take advantage of the extremely cheap drinks. Even though the days of super cheap drinks are over, the party life in Prague still lives on. There are so many different ways to have a night out in Prague – you can kick back at a chill bar with friends or experience a sweaty night out filled with regrets. Anything is possible in Prague.

10 Sintra, Portugal - Romance


Sintra is a historical village (yes, it’s a village) covered in beautiful palaces and surrounded by woods. Considering the area is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, any couple hoping to experience a fairytale romance should travel there. There is a reason this magical town has been named the “Capital of Romanticism.” To get the full fairytale experience, couples should visit the Pena Palace, which sits at the top of one of the highest mountains in the town. The Pena Palace offers some of the best views of Sintra.

9 Copenhagen, Denmark - Party Away

If you have ever met a Danish person at a club or bar, you will know that Danes know how to party. Even though drinks and club costs are fairly expensive in Copenhagen, Denmark, that doesn’t stop the local citizens from partying. Copenhagen is filled with after-hour places, also called “morning bars,” that open at 3 am and stay open until 10 am. If after-hour places aren’t your vibe, Copenhagen has a vibrant nightlife filled with bars, clubs, and venues that are good even to satisfy every type of partier.

8 Tuscany, Italy - Romance

There definitely is no shortage of romantic things to do when you are in Tuscany, Italy. Home to some of the world’s most notable cities and healing therapeutic waters, Pisa, Siena, and Florence, Tuscany really has become a well-known and widely loved tourist spot. It is impossible to rank Tuscany’s cities since each of them holds such unique qualities. It is no wonder the film Under the Tuscan Sun left moviegoers enticed by the Tuscany region in central Italy.

7 Budapest, Hungary - Party Away

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Budapest is quickly becoming one of Europe’s hottest party destinations – it is fun, cheap, wild, and attracts top DJs from all around the world. Budapest’s party scene is thriving all year round but, its summer festivals are some of the best in the world. In the summer, music festivals, spa parties, and rooftop bars take over the city. Budapest is also home to unique ruin bars – hybrid bars, cafes and nightclubs that are located in derelict buildings from the war.

6 Capri, Italy - Romance

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Even though Italy is home to most of the world’s most romantic cities, Capri continues to be the top destination spot for honeymoons. So what exactly is the hype surrounding this Italian city? Well, Capri is home to quaint seaside villages, dramatic mountains, secluded coves, fragrant flowers and historic sites. What makes this enchanting island truly magical are the views of the evening sunset. By then, all the day trippers have already departed on ferries back to Naples.

5 Monte Carlo, Monaco - Party Away

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Although the nightlife in Monte Carlo, Monaco is quite subdued compared to other major cities in the rest of Europe, the history and culture of this city continues to bring tourists in. Most people in Monte Carlo like to extravagantly display and recklessly disperse their wealth. Monte Carlo isn’t a place for budget-friendly travelers. It also isn’t a place for travelers looking for wild clubs and unforgettable raves. Chances are, you are probably traveling to Monte Carlo because it is the gambling center of the world.

4 Santorini, Greece - Romance

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Santorini is starting to gain a reputation as a “wedding destination” for many couples. Being the birthplace of myths and legends, there is something extremely magically about falling in love and getting married in Greece. In Santorini, you can enjoy exquisitely clear waters and bright blue skies, climb up spectacular cliffs, exchange embraces under the island’s famous sunset, and drink volcanic-soil wines. The blue-shuttered whitewashed homes and the ancient art in the museums are said to leave everyone breathless – Santorini really is a picture-perfect destination.

3 Stockholm, Sweden - Party Away


The capital of Scandinavia should be kept on your radar if you are searching for a fun night out or if you want to surround yourself with ridiculously beautiful blondes. Stockholm, Sweden has gifted the world with some of the best and most famous house DJs, like the late Avicii and Steve Angello. Even though Stockholm’s nightlife tends to end a bit earlier than other party cities around Europe – the establishments close at 3 am – The Swedes still know how to throw a wicked party.

2 Paris, France - Romance

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No romantic destination list would be complete without including the city of love on it. The eternal charm of Paris has attracted lovebirds from around the world for centuries now. Over the years, Paris has remained one of the unbeatable cities to visit with your loved ones. Eating French cheese, sharing a fresh baguette, while popping a bottle of champagne under the Eiffel tower truly sounds like a fairytale. The modern metropolis in Paris is even home to many fun and romantic activities for lovebirds.

1 London, England - Party Away

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London, England’s nightlife is one of the most well known and sought after experiences in the world. Party culture is always booming in the capital of the United Kingdom. Filled with both substance and variety, we can truly find anything and everything you want here. As a nation, England has some of the best party towns. In London specifically, you can find anything from live music, themed clubs, legendary shows, music events, festivals, jazz joints, pub crawls, and more.

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