Waitress From Hooters Behind the $1 Billion Cinnabon Franchise

Although her last job was working as a waitress at Hooters, Kat Cole now is behind a $1 billion chain with Cinnabon. The company is run by this genius mastermind who has developed a number of great treats and delicacies, and the signature cinnamon bun, which is known not only in the U.S., but worldwide as well.

She came to the company three years ago, after having worked as a waitress at Hooters, and other restaurant chains in Jacksonville, Florida. Today, she has made her way up the chains, and is a vice president with the company, earning much more than she could ever imagine when she waiting tables at the famous Hooters restaurant chain. Although the chain is most known in malls and airports, Cole has promoted the sales in supermarkets, and other retail outlets as well, in an attempt to create a more universal brand, and one people can get anywhere.

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