Will Smiths $2.5 Million Motor Home

Will Smith can now have the comforts of his own home anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to the innovation of the so-called mobile home which is especially designed for celebrities who work 24 hours shooting and no longer have time to go home.

After Earth actor Will Smith boasts of his 1,200 square foot two-storey mobile estate that costs $2.5 million. It comes with a bathroom with full steam shower estimated to cost $25,000, full kitchen with granite tops worth $150,000, sliding doors, makeup area, wardrobe room, a lounge area and a cinema room that can accommodate up to 30 people.

Will always stays in the mobile mansion during lunch break and gets to watch the latest news via his 100-inch flat screen TV while enjoying his favorite beverage. Talk about being in your real home.

The mobile home features also $3,000 worth of leather and $100,000 worth of gadgets. Will currently stays in his $42 million Malibu home with wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

American Idol and The X Factor judge Simon Cowell also owns a $2 million mobile home with an expansive studio space.

Zac Brown also has his mobile home with wooden features, leather touches and a true kitchen on wheels.

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