Trump Tower Sale Clocks In At $16.5 Million

Restaurant owner Jeffrey Chodorow recently sold his three combined apartments on the 38th floor of the Trump Tower on 712 5th Avenue in New York for $16.5 million. This is reported to be the most valuable sale of a property at this building ever since it was opened. This is an amazing value for a building that was valued by Forbes at around $320 million.

However, Chodorow did not get as much money as he had originally hoped. He asked for $18.8 million for his property with three bedrooms, a massive living room, a den and two separate kitchen spaces. Still, this is a significant profit for him as he spent $5.35 million to get these units in 2004.

Hillel Nahmad still owns the entire 51st floor of the building. It's unclear as to whether or not he would sell it in the future but it would be worth at least $20 million if he did part with it.

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