Top 10 Most Expensive Homes of Pro Athletes

A few years ago there was a commercial on television which showed actor Charlie Sheen driving a car through his house. At the end of the commercial he looks into the camera and states “I love house arrest.” What millionaire would not love it? They can afford homes that are unlike anything imaginable to the vast majority. Pools, spas, game rooms, and ocean views are all a part of what makes million-dollar homes so exciting. Make no mistake; many athletes have some amazing mansions. In fact, sometimes they own more than multi-million dollar estates.

There are a lot of homes owned by athletes that are currently being listed for sale. Athletes such as Deion Sanders, Jerry Rice, and Adrian Beltre have all just recently made a killing on their investments. There are numerous reasons why athletes would want to sell off their homes. They may be looking to upgrade to something bigger and better, they may need to move because of a team switch, or maybe they are just tired of paying taxes on a home they have not inhabited in years. For example Shaquille O’Neal just sold a home for ten bucks so he would no longer have to pay the taxman for the property.

Athletes have their own taste. What makes their homes so appealing is that they are very willing to add additions in order to suit their physical lifestyles. These things include full gyms, steam rooms, basketball and tennis courts, and even golf courses.

The only condition of this list is that the athlete must currently own the home. Though Jerry Rice just sold his mansion for $16,000,000 he will not be included despite some of these homes being cheaper than that price tag. The values given depend largely upon how long the athlete has owned the home. Some prices listed are based on what they purchased the home for, others are what they are listing the home for, and some prices are based on estimated value given by real estate experts.

10 Derek Jeter -- $12 Million

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To his Tampa Bay neighbors, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter’s home is known as “St. Jetersburg”. When driving through the neighborhood, one would never expect they were about to drive past a 30,000 square foot mansion owned by one of the best baseball players in recent memory. Jeter’s home is the ultimate example of a bachelor pad. It boasts seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a spa, a pool, two separate three-car garages, and multiple yacht decks. St. Jetersburg is valued at $12,000,000.

9 Chris Bosh -- $12.5 Million

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8 Anna Kournikova -- $26 Million

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7 Michael Jordan -- $29 Million

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6 Joe Montana -- $35 Million

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San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana is currently asking for a $35,000,000 check for his Napa Valley home. The estate is a 9,700 square foot Mediterranean style mansion. The home is complete with equestrian stables, a skeet shooting station, full olive farm, private pond, swimming pool, basketball court, and a bocce ball court. “Villa Montana” as it is called, sits atop a hill overlooking the California wine country. According to Montana he “can’t think of a better expression of art, architecture, and celebration of California’s wine country and equestrian life than Villa Montana.”

5 Alex Rodriguez -- $38 Million

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4 David Beckham -- $39.6 Million

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3 Tom Brady -- $40 Million

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2 Greg Norman -- $65 Million

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Golfer Greg Norman is currently asking $65,000,000 for his home in the most exclusive neighborhood in the United States, Jupiter Island in Florida. Norman purchased the home in 1991 for just $4,500,000 and has seen the real estate prices in his area sky rocket. The mansion features four bedrooms, a 17 car garage, tennis courts, pool, and an ocean dock. That of course is not to mention all the standards one would expect in a mansion such as a gourmet kitchen, library, and wine cellar. He also has a two bedroom guest house. He has set up a putting green, sand bunker, and 80-yard pitch shot course on his 5,500 square foot west lawn.

1 Tiger Woods -- $65-70 Million

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Tiger Woods is also resident of the extremely wealthy Jupiter Island neighborhood. Following his divorce, Woods renovated his Jupiter Island estate into his ultimate bachelor pad. He installed his very own 3.5 acre golf course complete with four greens, a wedge range, and different types of turfs to simulate different conditions. He also installed a full-sized tennis court, an oxygen tank room, a full gym, and multiple swimming pools. Prior to those installations, Woods purchased the home for $54,400,000. Those various upgrades put its value between $65,000,000 and $70,000,000.

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