The Most In-Demand Home Features For The Rich

Most of us wouldn’t even dream of the kind of houses that feature lavish add-ons like pools, fully stocked chef’s kitchens, and acres of land with beautiful landscaping. But for the select few out there who can afford mansions with every amenity they can dream up, and more, there is plenty of selection.

Realtor.com recently conducted a survey targeting specifically people who are in the market, or might soon be in the market, for a luxury home, and the results are in. 13% of the 1500 participants reported that they are in the market for a luxury home right now, and another 26% said they plan to start looking in the near future. Some of the reasons for a current interest in the luxury home market included a recent career success, a recent retirement, and a desire to start investing in real estate.

So, what are the most in-demand features for people who have everything? Here are some of the top must-have’s for the house hunter with millions to spare. And for the rest of us, well, we can always dream.

8 Custom Built-in Technology

This apartment at 151 E. 58th Street. New York City, NY is listed at $98,000,000

7 A Magnificent View

This property at 240 N. Kanan Dume Rd, in Malibu, CA is listed at $36,000,000

Wouldn’t you like to wake up in the morning, and sip your mug of gourmet coffee, while gazing out the window at a gorgeous view? 44% of the respondents to Realtor.com’s survey said a great view of the ocean, mountains, or city scapes surrounding their home, was an important feature. Some people are content with little more than the view of an alley way from their living room, but luxury home buyers expect a little more. The mansion shown above features ocean, mountain, and canyon views all the way around, and even has a rooftop viewing deck to appreciate them from. Can’t forget to put that private sunbathing area to use too.

6 Gated Entry

This property at 144 Hopewell Rd. Alton, NH is listed at $25,000,000

When you are wealthy enough to be able to afford anything you want, you also have to spend a little money to protect your money. A gated entry and a long winding driveway is the perfect deterrent to your everyday burglar. A house well protected by a heavy duty fence and guarded gate most likely also has a state of the art security system, so not many thieves are going to make the extra effort to get inside. A gated entry also offers a lot more privacy. Must be why celebrities favor gated entry. Perfect for keeping the paparazzi out.

5 Extravagant Landscaping

This property at 1400 Brackett Point Rd. Orono, MN is listed at $24,000,000

Sometimes you can create your own custom view through landscaping, and that’s exactly the option luxury home buyers like to have. When you have acres and acres of land, the possibilities are endless. Immaculately maintained grass? Beautiful flowers? Strategically placed trees, and pathways? It can all be yours in a house like the one seen above. Realtor.com’s survey revealed that 19% of respondents were looking for a countryside property, meaning landscaping would probably be a huge part of their decision.

4 A Chef's Kitchen

This property at 88 W. Grand Regency Cir. in The Woodlands, TX is listed at $16,800,00[/caption]

For the home owner who likes to entertain, a huge, state-of-the-art chef's kitchen is a must. I mean, where else would the Michelin star chefs you hire to cook dinner for twenty of your closest friends and family, work their magic? Sometimes, like with the house above, a regular kitchen isn't enough, and you need a separate catering kitchen (for the staff), equipped with a walk in refrigerator. According to Realtor.com's survey, 54% of luxury home buyers consider the kitchen a huge factor in their consideration of a property.

3 A Pool

Just a pool may not seem that luxurious at first, but a millionaire doesn’t have just any pool. These pools are complete with a state-of-the-art filtration system, surrounded by immaculate landscaping, lounging options, and breathtaking views. A real sign of luxury is the highly sought after infinity pool, like the one in the house above. The infinity pool creates the illusion that the water extends out towards the horizon, or to infinity, which is pretty much a metaphor for the luxury home buyer. They want to feel as though they have it all, and there is no better way than relaxing by your own personal infinite body of water.

2 A Master Suite Fit for Royalty

This property at 294/296 Draw Dr. in Aspen, CO is listed at $14,950,00

The master bedroom is meant to be the place in your home where you are most comfortable. But the rich don’t have just a master bedroom, they have a master suite. The master suite is pretty much a full sized apartment within a house. Some mansions could house a family of four in their master suites alone. The house above has two master suites (one is for your most important guests), that come equipped with his and her closets, steam showers and private sitting ares. Regular people often can’t fit one king sized bed in their master bedroom, but the rich prefer a bedroom that allows enough space for anything, their thinking more along the lines of, why have just a bedroom, when you could have a suite. 36% of Realtor.com's survey respondents listed the master suite as an important factor in their home buying decision.

1 A Media Room

This property at 85 Vintage Way, Guntersville, AL is listed at $1,385,000

It doesn't get much more luxurious than your very own home movie theater. As if a plain old big screen TV isn't enough, you have to have two rows of reclining Lazy Boys, lights that dim at the tap of a button, and of course, surround sound. You could watch any movie you want in the privacy of your own home. That means no listening to obnoxious laughs, loud crunching of popcorn, and no missing the best part because someone just had to squeeze by you to go to the bathroom.  The home theater in the house above, would be the perfect place to have a romantic date night, without ever having to change out of your pajamas. Now that, is luxury.

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