The Most Haunted Homes in the World

You’d think a haunted house would be less sought after in this market, but you’d be wrong. In some cases, the “haunted” aspect of the house makes it even more valuable and interesting, especially if you like creaking noises at night.

These are ten of the scariest homes found in the world today. Although it’s doubtful you’d ever want to live in one, dropping by for a visit shouldn’t hurt. Who knows? You just might see, hear or feel something supernatural.

10 Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall is where the ghost photo of the “Brown Lady Descending the Stairs” was taken. The image was taken during the days when Photoshop just wasn’t possible, lending credence to the sighting. After the image went public however, no other sightings were reported in the building.

9 McPike Mansion

This ghostly mansion rests in the heart of a haunted town in Alton, Illinois. The town proclaims itself as the most haunted settlement in America. Visitors of the mansion report that they can feel hugs from the mysterious lady ghost and hear giggles from nonexistent children. There’s no specific back-story as to why ghosts wander the place.

8 Whaley House

In 1852, a man nicknamed Yankee Jim was executed by hanging with his feet still grazing the ground. A few years later, Thomas Whaley bought the property and built his house on the grounds. The ghost stories started however when Whaley’s daughter revealed she could hear boots walking around the house. When the Whaley couple died, it was their ghosts that started to wander all over the rooms.

7 Gardette LaPrete House

Found in New Orleans, this home earned its haunted reputation after witnessing several murders. A Turkish tenant was killed in the backyard through live burial. His entourage was murdered outright and left to be discovered by authorities. Today, the building still stands with reports of music wafting through the walls of the unoccupied home.

6 Borden House

The home of Lizzie Borden when she supposedly killed her parents, the Borden House now stands as a bed and breakfast. According to reports, the couple Andrew and Abby were hacked several times with an ax and left to bleed. Today, lodgers confess to seeing the couple walking around the house.

5 Myrtles Plantation

The plantation now operates as a bed and breakfast for people who don’t mind lodging with ghosts. According to stories, a slave named Chloe decided to murder the wife and children of the boss whom she was having an affair with. When she confessed, her fellow slaves hanged her than dumped her body in the river. To top it off, there are also rumors that the plantation stands above an ancient Indian burial ground. Sounds of laughter, footsteps and other supernatural events were reported by guests.

4 Franklin Castle

Complete with gargoyles, turrets and a creepy history, the Franklin Castle actually sold for $260,000 during 2011. It was originally built in 1864 and according to stories; the house witnessed many murders within its walls. Previous accounts reveal that you can hear babies crying and people walking all over the house not to mention the sudden slamming of doors.

3 Stanley Hotel

Not really a home, but scary nonetheless. The Stanley Hotel inspired the famous The Shining ghost story and is still in operation today. Some of the rooms there are not safe to use and guests report hearing the sound of children laughing or waking up with their blankets folded beside the bed.

2 LaLaurie House

The LaLaurie House gained its haunted reputation after being occupied by serial killers during 1834. Delphie LaLaurie and her husband were socialites in New Orleans known for torturing and killing their slaves within this very mansion. After being discovered, they fled the area and the house has passed ownership since. It was said that the cries and screams of the slaves can still be heard from rooms at night.

1 Winchester House

The Winchester House takes the top spot because it goes beyond creaky noises and slamming doors. The original owner of this mansion is Sarah Winchester, the wife of William Winchester who started the Winchester Rifles. She has a liking for séances and believed that evil spirits were after her. To confuse them, the widow turned the house into a maze by putting doors that lead to a wall, stairs that go nowhere, secret panels and more. Today, it is her ghost that haunts the original house but the utter confusion you get in the building increases the fright.

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