The 15 Most Expensive Homes For Sale In The US

The real estate market fluctuates up and down with the economy. We all remember the housing crisis that nearly brought the world economy to its knees. The housing market isn't just represented by the mere listing and selling of homes. It is an integral part of business. There are different types of real estate markets. The housing market can be divided into the normal market where laymen buy and sell homes and the exclusive residential market where the wealthiest of the wealthy spend ridiculous amounts of money to buy dream estates.

The wealthiest people in the world have high-priced needs that far exceed the realities of “normal” folk. The rich have the kinds of amenities reserved for royalty , whether they need them or not. And in essence, that's what they are- royalty. They buy and sell massive estates that exceed the gross national product of many small countries. These eight and nine figure estates are created with such glitz and perfection, no single human could possibly enjoy and appreciate the amazing beauty these sanctuaries offer. Unlike most residential homes, these high-priced gems often sit on the market for extended periods of times, with a very limited and very exclusive buyer list. But make no mistake about it that they are nothing short of amazing. With more acreage than zoos and more square footage than huge museums, these exclusive homes are a majestic sight to behold. These are 15 of the most expensive homes for sale in the USA.

15 NYC On My Mind

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What does it cost to live in the heart of New York City? I guess that all depends on the real estate. How about if you want to own the entire floor of a condo complex? That's what a cool $85 million can get you. Located on west 42nd street, this 45th floor Midtown apartment is no ordinary NYC pad. The exclusive property includes all nine units which allows someone to spread their wings in the gorgeous property. The property overlooks the harbor and the seller has included some insane perks to entice buyers. If you splurge on the ideal spot you get a $1 million yacht with bordering fees for five years, two Rolls Royce Phantoms, a year of courtside seats to the Brooklyn Nets and a paid summer rental in the Hamptons. Most people just ask for agent fees to be covered in their perks but these are the kinds of kickers that come with exclusivity.

14 “I Got You, Babe” In Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills still draws quite the crowd of rich and famous. The mecca of Hollywood’s elite has laid claim to some of the biggest celebrities throughout recent history. This is where the iconic Beverly Hills estate of singer/actress Cher hits the list. The singer of such hits as “I Got You Babe” and “If I Could Turn Back Time” and star of the movie Moonstruck has had quite the career and amassed a fortune. Her former Beverly Hills estate can be yours for an easy $85 million. The property features a massive 16 miles, five horse stables, miles and miles of trails and two fenced in walking plots. The main home is a paltry 20,000 square feet and there's an additional guest house on the property. This home is perfect for the outdoor lover...that is if you have nearly a $100 million burning a hole in your pocket.

13 Sunset Dream

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Another Los Angeles, California suburb property comes in on the list. Nesting in the exclusive portion on Sunset Boulevard in what is referred to as the “Platinum Triangle,” this property is busting with glamour. The three-acre property has a massive 30,000-square foot main home that features 17 bedrooms (never know when you may have a few dozen guests who want to sleep over). With 22 bathrooms and a 6,000 square foot home theater, you can literally hold movie premieres at this exclusive estate. The outside features five glamorous gardens, an enormous pool and perfectly manicured foliage. Owned by fashion designer Max Azria, this lavish property is indicative of the many homes of the LA rich and famous.

12 Florida Oasis

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Key Largo, Florida has long been known as a hot destination for some amazingly pricey homes. This massive estate follows suit. Originally priced at a whopping $110 million, the amazing retreat has since been dropped down to a measly $95 million as it has sat on the market for two years. The 5,000-square foot home may not overly impress on the size of the main property, but with numerous cottages on the land and a 20 slip-boat marina, there are a lot of possibilities with this gem. This spot is an idyllic location to host large parties and have overnight guests. With the potential to maximize the marina, it truly is a Florida oasis. Anybody who wants South Beach living to go along with a virtual compound of homes, would truly enjoy living in the “Sunshine State.”

11 Exclusive Vineyard

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Martha’s Vineyard brings about thoughts of the US President taking a holiday retreat. Martha’s Vineyard is a timeless sanctuary of beauty and elegance. The primo real estate is located in Massachusetts and many of the properties are ocean front. This particular beauty is surrounded by acres of gorgeous nature. Much of the acreage surrounding the home is conservation land, guaranteeing private sanctuary for the future owner. The 312-acre home is referenced to as an “oceanfront kingdom,” has a large main residence with a guest house. In addition to the main residences, the property boasts an amazing 1,200-feet private beach and amazing amenities. There’s a tennis court, pool, horse trails, and a 35-acre pond. This amazing find can be yours for just $100 million!

10 Long Island Living

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Long Island, New York is a place with insanely high real estate costs. Located in Kings Point, New Jersey, this eight-acre residence sits squarely on the Long Island Sound. The King Point estate sports a massive amount of amenities. There are three palatial residences and with these amazing structures comes numerous indoor pools, a lazy river, a bowling alley, a tasting room, a hair salon, a wine vault with tasting room, and of course, a casino. To top it off there are 13 total bedrooms and 35 bathrooms. And in case you want to hit the water, you can head out on your boat with the private yacht pier. At $100 million, the high cost is off-set by the magnificent New York skyline.

9 Welcome To Neverland

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Being sold as the “Sycamore Valley Ranch” property, it is in fact the infamous Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch property. The residence used to boast exotic animals and a whole slew of amusement park rides. But since the death of its famous owner the Estate has turned from what once was a Disneyland-like playground into a more normalized massive property. For $100 million a buyer can get a 12,000 square foot epic home that includes tennis courts, a 50-seat movie theater, two lakes, a basketball court, a pool, a guest house, and naturally, railroad tracks and a train station. There's also a giant Floral Garden that spells out Neverland which is a nice treat if you like that sort of thing.

8 New York, New York

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To live anywhere near Central Park costs large chunks of money. This exclusive real estate is in the heart of New York City and many wealthy people have enjoyed their main residence right in the heart of the business capital of the United States. Located on 5th Avenue, this duplex co-op features extraordinary views of Central Park and contains a massive library, sports 12-foot vaulted ceilings, has 20 rooms, and, of course, an idyllic wine cellar. This is the definition of high-priced New York City living. Everything inside is custom made with chandeliers that are to die for and interior design that is both classic and elegant. Priced at $120 million, this huge duplex shows just how New York real estate can flex its muscles.

7 Montecito By The Bay

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If you have never been to Santa Barbara, California it is difficult to describe the beauty and serenity that resides in this coastal community. Santa Barbara overlooks the Pacific Ocean and sports the most epic year-round weather with extraordinary views to go with it. This area has long been the second home of many of the rich and famous who flee Hollywood up to Santa Barbara for beautiful quiet living on large acreages of land. This particular property is located in Montecito, California in the heart of Santa Barbara. The 237-acre estate comes with a massive 30,000 square foot main home. Designed all the way back in 1931, there are ten additional cottages that go along with the main structure and naturally, equestrian facilities. Another draw is the massive amount of land- perfect for growing avocado orchards or planting a vineyard. Needless to say this property is perfect for anyone that has $125 million and wants to live in one of the dreamiest places on Earth.

6 Beverly Hills Shangri-La

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This Prime Beverly Hills real estate was owned by deceased comedian Daniel Thomas. Sitting in the mecca of Hollywood's elite, the home is a beautiful property that is perfectly manicured for anyone with high-priced tastes. With real estate at a premium this 18,000 square foot mansion has some of the most intricate interior design you can find. The design is Moorish and features intricate gold leaf ceilings along with specialized tile work and hand-painted murals to go with over $2.5 million worth of Baccarat chandeliers. The home is perfectly positioned. Seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms finish off the touches of this beautifully designed home. For a mere $135 million, it can be yours.

5 Hampton’s Estate

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The famed Hamptons in New York has long been an exclusive locale for the wealthiest of the wealthy to go vacationing. The properties are insanely valued and you need to have the richest of blood to live on these lands. This East Hampton's 11.2-acre waterfront estate is nothing short of beautiful. The main home is 10,000 square feet and features six bedrooms, handmade wallpaper for fireplaces, and masterful interior design accented by mini-French doors. There is an additional 3,500 square foot, four-bedroom guest house, which of course is larger than most people's regular homes. The property has no limit on amenities. A tennis court, a beautiful pool, a hot tub, a private pond, and even lush green woodlands and lawns surround the property for some privacy. The style of the homes are Georgian Revival but the cost is all Hamptons.

4 The Palace Of Love

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Another southern California home tops this pricing list. And once again we head out to Beverly Hills for this amazing real estate steal. Once priced at a whopping $195 million this home is now available for only $149 million! If you're thinking "flip that house," you're not the only one. The home was originally developed by mega mansion builder Mohamed Hadid. Real estate investor Jeff Greene is the current resident of the 25-acre estate. The 35,000 square foot main residence is the centerpiece of the property. In addition to the main residence there is another 15,000 square foot entertainment building that comes equipped with a bowling alley, a 50-seat movie theater, a revolving dance floor and a winery. There's also a vineyard that produces as much as 500 cases of wine a year. This property not only provides sanctuary and entertainment, it makes you a little extra cash on the side. Of course, the home does come at the cost of the gross national product of numerous small countries, but if you've got the dough this place is the way to go.

3 LA Stylin’

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If you truly want to live Hollywood style, then this Los Angeles home is just the way to go. This estate is part of the former Barbra Streisand owned "Mon Reve" compound. Now, this beautiful home in the hills offers an amazing value with modernized looks and feels everywhere you go. Outdoor fire pits are readily available around the three outdoor pools. This home is a perfect party palace nestled in the Holmby Hills. In addition to the amazing canyon views in the backyard, amenities on this exclusive property include an entertainment complex, a private theater, a wine room, a spa, and enough parking for 60 guests. This is THE ideal entertaining residence and it can be yours for just $150 million.

2 Taste Of Versailles

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The number 2 offering comes from Hillsboro Beach, Florida. This massive mansion is modeled after the Palace of Versailles! The outside European architecture gives guests a taste of luxury and beauty upon arrival with beautiful columns and ground to ceiling windows providing a mere taste of the ground's amazing decor. The 60,500-square foot main residence embodies all the beauty of the royal treatment. The 4.5-acre estate features a $2 million marble staircase, over $3 million worth of 22-karat leaf design, a huge underground garage and the first-ever privately owned IMAX theater. The property has guest homes and an entertainment center still in the plans, but for $159 million it can be yours today.

1 Florida Metropolis

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Topping our list is a mammoth $195 million estate. Located in Lantana, Florida, the private oceanfront property is a massive 16-acre estate that does not disappoint. The residence has 33 bedrooms and 47 bathrooms on-site in this massive compound. You can enjoy quiet time by the ocean with over 1,200 feet of private beach. There is even a botanic garden with over 1500 species of tropical trees and plants to enjoy in the outdoors. In addition to the gorgeous foliage, there is a sports complex, a tree house and massive amounts of property to enjoy. The main mansion was actually built back in the 1940s, home to Gloria Guinness, a style icon who was once one of Truman Capote's “Swans.” This mansion is truly grand, a compound that can host so much as long as you have the nearly $200 million price tag to cover it. And don't we just all?

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