The 10 Most Expensive Penthouses In New York City

Everyone knows that real estate in New York City is pretty much insane. The tiniest studio apartment costs what a sprawling, updated home would cost in another part of the world, and New Yorkers are often associated with sacrificing a ton in their living space (like, ahem, no stove) in order to afford to be in one of the biggest, liveliest cities in the world. In Manhattan, it can be nearly impossible to find the perfect apartment on an average size budget.

However, if you have some serious cash to spend, and if you can afford to snag a penthouse? The real estate options become truly jaw dropping. Floor to ceiling windows on the highest levels offering panoramic views of one of the most beautiful urban landscapes in the world. Luxurious kitchens that chefs in the best restaurants in the world would envy. Space galore – we’re talking thousands of square feet, bigger than the average house. If you have a limitless budget, you can snag some pretty insane penthouses in the Big Apple.

However, take note – we’re really talking limitless. It might seem crazy to spend one or two million on an apartment in any other part of the world, but in Manhattan? You’re lucky if you’re not spending nine digits. These penthouses aren’t in the range of a few million – we’re talking 60, 70, or even 100 million to snag one of these.

Here are 10 of the most expensive penthouses in New York City. Start saving up your pocket change now!

10 212 West 18th St. Apt. PH1 - $70 million

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For millionaires who aren’t the biggest fans of new construction luxury apartments, this penthouse in the Walker Tower building might just be the perfect fit – it’s housed in a renovated 1929 art deco style building. You, of course, get the entire 24th floor, and you don’t need to worry about your upstairs neighbours walking around and disrupting you with their footsteps – the penthouse is right below the rooftop garden. Five bedrooms, five bathrooms, outdoor terraces, views of the Hudson River, Williamsburg, and the Empire State building… it’s truly one of a kind. It’s true luxury living in the artsy borough of Chelsea.

9 One Madison - $72 million

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This penthouse, located at 23 East 22 Street in the One Madison building, tops one of the tallest residential towers in downtown Manhattan. It has everything that a luxury penthouse in New York City demands. Tons of space? Check – it’s over 7,000 square feet. Incredible, breathtaking views? Check – there’s a stunning 360 view of the city, including Madison Square Park. Former celebrity owner? Check – the billionaire Rupert Murdoch was the one who put it on the market. There’s five bedrooms, five bathrooms, access to a private residents-only club with an indoor pool and steam room, and a private internal elevator so you can ride up to your piece of heaven in solitude.

8 Plaza Penthouse - $75 million

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Everyone has heard of the infamous Plaza Hotel and its most notorious fictional inhabitant, Eloise. However, there are plenty of real life apartments available at the Plaza, including this pricy penthouse. This piece of luxury property was first owned by fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, and has been the recipient of a price drop – while originally listed at $80 million, it’s since gone down a few million to a mere 75. The 6,000 square foot duplex has plenty of luxury features, including a Central Park-facing terrace and a unique round turret room with a custom mural of, of course, Eloise.

7 10 West Street - $75 million

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If you’ve always wanted to live in a hotel like Eloise, but the Plaza isn’t quite your style, this Battery Park condo offers the perfect alternative. One of the penthouse units located on the highest floors in The Residences at the Ritz Carlton has the necessary 360 degree views of New York City, two floors, a stunning outdoor space that allows you to take full advantage of the view, and more. And, if over 7,000 square feet of space just isn’t enough for you, don’t worry – there are actually two units up for offer in the sale, a 7,500 square foot penthouse as well as a neighbouring 3,600 square foot penthouse. The two can be combined to create a jaw-dropping 10,000+ square foot jewel in the sky.

6 San Remo - $75 million

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The infamous San Remo building in Manhattan has been the home of countless celebrities, including Steven Spielberg, Donna Karan, Bruce Willis, Diane Keaton, Steve Martin, Demi Moore, and countless others. The average sale price of units in the building is just over $8 million, but in order to get one of the penthouse apartments nestled in the top of one of the building’s two towers, you’re going to have to shell out a lot more – we’re talking $75 million. This triplex unit has 17 total rooms spread across multiple floors, including a library, breakfast room, guest loft, entertainment room, and a staff room – because if you’re living in a space like this, you’re going to need some help keeping things clean. There are also insane terraces that wrap nearly all the way around the tower, offering absolutely insane views of Central Park.

5 432 Park Avenue PH 93 - $81 million

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The sky-high 432 Park Avenue building has its fair share of pricy units, and this penthouse is definitely one of them. PH 93 is a full-floor penthouse (that’s right – you get the entire floor, all to yourself) with humongous floor to ceiling windows and soaring ceiling heights – we’re talking over 12 feet. How much space does a full floor get you? Well, about 8,255 square feet of space – pretty much the same size as four or five regular houses. 6 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two powder rooms, panoramic views, heated floors…I mean, the view alone is worth a ton of cash, but this place is definitely fitted with all the high-end, luxury features you could ever dream of.

4 635 West 42nd Street #45FL - $85 million

The Atelier building in Manhattan’s far west side has a wide range of condos, from teeny studios to this insane unit. #45FL takes up literally the entire 45th floor of the building – although, for $85 million, it only seems appropriate that you’d get an entire floor. As if that weren’t enough, there are a few unusual luxury perks that come with this unit. The first is $2 million in construction fees, meaning you can change out that marble for even more expensive marble, or tear down a few walls to make a unit even bigger. And, to make it even crazier, the unit comes with a $1 million yacht. That’s right – when you’re not in your humongous apartment, you can be out on the water in your luxury yacht.

3 150 West 56th Street PH - $100 million

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Sure, you could get a penthouse that sprawls across an entire floor of a building, but that’s child’s play – after all, why have one floor when you can have three? This penthouse is spread across three levels, and each one has a stunning 360 degree view of the city. There is, of course, a private elevator so you can ride to your slice of heaven in solitude. In comparison with many luxury condos that are a modern, contemporary, sleek style, this one is a bit of a throwback, with ornate columns galore. Hey – different strokes for different millionaire folks, right?

2 One57 - $100.5 million

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The skyscrapers in New York City seem to send one message – bigger, and taller, is always better. There’s nothing that demonstrates that better than the One57 building. The 1,000+ feet tall building recently had one of its penthouse units for sale, and it ended up going for $100.5 million. The unit boasts some absolutely insane views, as it’s located on the 89th and 90th floors of the building, and has a staggering 11,000 square feet of space, complete with a steam room and indoor movie theatre. Soaring windows, a chef’s kitchen, impossibly gorgeous details throughout… the question is, how long does it take to ride the elevator up to the 90th floor?

1 1.Bloomberg Tower/One Beacon Court - $115 million

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If you ever wondered about how much real estate can go up in value, just take a look at this insane property. Hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen bought a duplex penthouse on the Upper East Side in 2005 for a pricy $24 million. About ten years later, he put it on the market – for $115 million. Granted, Cohen hired an architect to transform the space and likely made several luxury upgrades to the property, but nonetheless – that’s quite the price leap in only ten years. The unit is a whopping 9,000 square feet with six bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms, with a private guest wing that’s larger than most NYC single apartments.


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