Oprah Winfrey Hawaii House

"I know for sure that what we dwell on now is who we become"..one of Oprah's famous quotes that showcases her true values. A multi media phenomenon,renowned billionaire making her the wealthiest celebrity having a net worth of $2.7B. With this amount, she is more than able to acquire numerous properties with one being worth $8.8M in Maui, Hawaii. Oprah's Hawaiian abode has been her passion for quite a time.

Her personal trainer, now turned to be her property manager Bob Green painted the idea to buy a land in one of Hawaii's  islands.  After 15 years of searching, Oprah finally spotted a perfect house ,surrounded by a heavenly view of greenery and water. Who can't be mesmerize to see what was once  an ordinary gray ranch, now transformed into a contemporary American farmhouse.

The interior displays lavishness set of furniture, vast and elegant. A balcony designed with a stunning view of the sea where whispering winds and sea breeze soothes her well being.

Exquisite decorative taste can be scene  in every part of the house. Impressions of guests invited to stay could never think of leaving too soon.

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