Necker Island: A Secluded $60 000 Per Night Paradise

Richard Branson is one of the most successful and popular entrepreneurs in the world. He is the Head of Virgin Group. In the last few years, Richard Branson has acquired numerous assets in almost every part of the world. His portfolio includes everything from airlines and real estate to telecommunications and media companies.

One of the smartest early purchases by Richard Branson was Necker Island. This island is located in the Caribbean and spans over a 74 acre area. Richard first visited Necker Island in late 1970's and instantly fell in love with it. It was not long before Richard bought the island.

9 Necker Island’s Financial Value

Branson first visited Necker Island when he was just 28 years old. At that time, this island was owned by Lord Cobham. He asked $5 million for this huge uninhabited property but Branson was bold and his counter offer was just $100,000. The landowner felt insulted and Richard was quickly escorted out.

Richard Branson was still interested and kept increasing his offer over the next few months. After some time, Richard got lucky and Lord Cobham needed some short term cash. Finally, he accepted Richard’s offer of $180,000. It was over a 95% discount on the initial asking price.

However, the purchase came up with some stipulations. According to the Government, a foreigner purchasing this land was supposed to build a resort. Otherwise, the Government had every right to reclaim ownership.

Richard Branson took over $10 million and five long years to construct and build his island haven. It was a completely worthwhile and fruitful investment. Although some part of the resort was destroyed in a fire, the overall value of the island has appreciated quickly. According to reports, the destroyed part of the island was rebuilt for $10.8 million. For visitors, rent per night for staying in Necker Island is $60,000.

Over the years, guests have received ultimate enjoyment and fun on Necker Island. In addition to this, Necker Island’s value has grown over $65 million. This is a significant 33,500% increase over what Richard Branson initially paid to buy the island from Lord Cobham.

8 Amenities 

  • Gym
  • Gourmet Kitchen
  • Tennis Courts
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Pool

Crystal clear fresh water turns into a whirlpool on the terrace. This water flows into an enormous pool and gives you the time of your life.

7 Flight Details 

Here are some flight details regarding Necker Island.

● This island is about 13 miles from Beef Island Airport.

● Currently, 8 airlines operate from Beef Island Airport.

● Non-stop flights to 7 cities are functional from this Airport.

● Around 294 international and domestic flights depart from Beef Island Airport every week.

6 Staff 

● 60 members

When you’re living on Necker, you have the chance to dictate the mood and pace of your life on the island. Your family members and friends will be able to have a memorable and fun time. There are endless choices of things to do, eat, see and drink.

5 An Overview of Necker Island 

Necker Island is located in the world famous British Virgin Islands. This has always been an unexplored and uncensored area in the Caribbean. You can easily reach Necker Island via St. Thomas, San Juan, Barbados or Antigua followed by a regular connection flight to Beef Island Airport. A private launch will take about 30 minutes to transfer you from Beef Island to Necker Island. You can even take a helicopter ride to reach Necker Island.

4 Perfect for Every Guest

Necker Island has always been a symbol of privacy. This island is available for exclusive use by a single family or an entertaining party. It is a perfect destination for anniversary or birthday celebrations, executive retreats and family gatherings. Accommodations include three Balinese houses and one ten bedroom Main house. They include a stunning and exceptional view of the ocean.

3 The Majestic Main House

The Main House on Necker Island has always been the center of recreational and social activity. It includes outdoor and indoor dining areas, Balinese-style interiors for reading and lounging and a perfect games area with recreational games like snooker, video games and so on with 60 staff members to keep the guests pampered all the time.

The Main House includes Balinese art and furnishings of the highest quality. It consists of ten guest rooms with terrace views of beautiful surrounding ocean and islands. The second floor features the spacious master suite with a huge terrace and jacuzzi for panoramic views of the sea.

The gallery lets you take a look at the beautiful interior garden with lush green grass and exotic flowers. Just a short walk from The Main House, there are three additional Balinese houses for guests. These houses were dismantled in Bali and reassembled on Necker Island.

2 Special Kitchen for Mouthwatering Delights 

The experienced kitchen staff in Necker Island is supervised by Chef Lee Cowie. For every guest staying at Necker Island, meals are an important part of the whole experience. They’re served whenever and wherever you want. An informal buffet is also organized daily in the evening by the sea. Champagne is served on the beautiful terrace. Some specialties on Necker Island include Sambuca Souffle with Ice Cream and White Chocolate, Banana Caper Relish with Coconut Tempura Shrimp and others.

1 Other Recreational Activities

Vacation is the best time to indulge in recreational activities, and here you get plenty of options to explore your inner self. Outside the villa, you will find a variety of places to spend a peaceful time with your loved ones. The patio is set for dining al fresco, galleried terraces of York Stone and the furniture laid is designed to provide you with the best comfort. The water from the upper terrace is as clear as Baccarat crystal. The sound of the falling water will leave you enchanted for sometime.

Other Recreational facilities offered at the island include: sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, wind surfing, and fishing. You also get the facility to dine-in amidst the beach pool with a waterfall and swim up bar, located at the new beach pavilion. If you’re looking for a sporty evening, feel free to use the full-sized English snooker table and showcase your talent.

Necker Island subsequently offers the best of both worlds. It is an ideal pick for recreational pursuits for the athletically inclined people, and also for those who are looking to spend some private and privileged time with their loved ones in a relaxing environment.

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