Mark Zuckerberg Buys Four Neighboring Homes for $30 Million

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has purchased four more homes in California.

Already owning a home in Palo Alto, California, he decided to add to his collection by purchasing the four homes that surrounded his initial property. The total of this spending-spree was $30 million, with one of the homes alone costing $14 million. Altogether, though, it's a figure the well-known tycoon did not mind spending.

Although it may seem like a rash move to those who do not have that kind of money to burn, it was stated that the purchase came after he learned about a development company wanting to buy the homes around his original property. The developer was allegedly going to create a larger home and market it as being close to Zuckerberg's property.

Whether he wanted to create his own mini paradise, or simply avoid new neighbors, the developer's plans seem to have been shot, thanks to Zuckerberg's determination (and spending power).

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