Into The Homes Of These "Real Housewives"

There’s no surprise that when people think of Beverly Hills, they think of two things: glamor, and money. However, with the hit show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo, we can personally see the wonderful and high-living lives of the rich and famous, and of course, their gorgeous houses.

Some key Housewives: Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Yolanda Foster, and Brandi Glanville, all have the pampered life we all could dream for, and they certainly don’t pass up on their splendor of life on their homes; or should we say, mansions. Each home is equipped to serve a full and luxurious party, maybe these could inspire you to create some new interior designs for yourself. Of course, the other housewives (Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Ohoven) are both just as gorgeous and rich, have their own glamorous homes you can also check out by watching the show.

These housewives live in the life of luxury—from season one, to its current fourth season, the parties are more lavish, and definitely more crazy. Of course, with great glamor does come with great responsibility, doesn’t it?

Each of these housewives has something new and exotic to offer in their homes; most with their own personal touches and creative details. Each of these extravagant homes has their own price point, ranging from $20-30 million each. From Lisa’s beautiful signature pink touches, to Yolanda’s very own terrace overlooking Malibu’s beaches, you’ll find something you want in your very own home.

5 Lisa’s Villa Rosa

Lisa Vanderpump was born and raised in London, and definitely brought the London “posh” to the hills. Her 10,000 square foot house even has its own name! “Villa Rosa” signs are placed near the front door to this glamorous house, making the stamp of most luxurious and most unique even more apparent. Villa Rosa—an extended name from one of their 26 owned restaurants named Villa Blanca—is beautifully decorated with neutral tones and stone accents, with touches of light pink throughout the home.

All of Lisa’s personal touches include something magical and captivating—take for instance, her use of having the TV’s look like mirrors hanging on the wall—one word for it, incredible; especially when TV’s like this go for about $5,000 a piece.

Villa Rosa was hand crafted from Lisa’s very own imagination—she put her personal touches on almost every piece of furniture in the home—to the huge walk in closet that features a separate make-up station, to the very finite touches of pink embroidered cabinets throughout her home—Lisa doesn’t skip a beat.

This stylish home has two terraces that overlook the luscious views of Beverly Hills, as well as an incredible infinity pool—did we mention she has no neighbors? Pretty sure this will be on everyone’s wish list soon.

4 Kyle’s Antique Charm

Kyle Richards was a child actor when she was younger, but she’s still got that star-like atmosphere throughout her home. This French style house holds six bedrooms with eight bathrooms—perfect space for their family (and of course, tons more space with their 6,500 square foot new living space). This stylish home holds pure elegance of old-time French with its unfinished wood touches and bright candles throughout the home.

Not only does Kyle hold elegance and lavish living within her home, but she also holds vintage charm—the clean cookie-cutter kitchen opens up and connects with her family room; equipped with a full brick wall and of course, fresh flowers in every room.

Looking through the house, one could believe that Kyle wants every room to have a signature piece of jewelry—each setting has its very own personal chandeliers, as well as its own fireplace.

Let’s not forget the amazing touch of a personal theater within their house, with a set up popcorn machine and of course, endless amounts of candy. This house cost $3 million; in case you were wondering if you could buy it for yourself.

3 Yolanda’s Malibu Dream

Yolanda Foster brings her elegance and style from her birthplace of the Netherlands, back to the trending and gorgeous spot of Malibu. With Yolanda generating more than $15 million in net worth, as well as her husband, David Foster, accumulating $30 million, you could imagine just how glorious this house can be.

This house overlooks the beautiful beaches of Malibu, inducing even more of that quiet and serene tranquility that everyone dreams of. When you first enter Yolanda’s house, you’re immediately overlooking a view of the ocean.

Her sophisticated formal living room, decorated with old family photos, and her husband’s famous piano, also connects and opens up to the backyard terrace, complete with the perfect infinity pool. The two rooms are separated by huge double doors that can fold easily within the wall, opening you up closer to nature and luxury.

Yolanda even designed her own fridge; its clear glass which lets you take a look at her home grown fruits and vegetables that were actually planted within her own garden.

2 Brandi’s Party House

Brandi Glanville is one for extravagant and exotic parties—and her house is no exception. With Brandi being worth 4.7 million, it’s easy to see where her spending ends up. This house (after moving from apparent stalkers) is within a secret gated community in Beverly Hills.

This quaint house doesn’t lose any of its luxury; with an in-ground pool and two cabanas in the green and plush backyard, it can be kind of hard to worry about all that unnecessary stress in your life.

With Brandi, you’ll always find the most luxurious, as well as edgy, pieces of furniture. One of the most interesting pieces of furniture in her home would be the stripper pole conveniently located in her master bathroom.

1 Kim Richard’s Escape

Kim Richards is Kyle’s older sister—but that doesn’t mean her house isn’t any less lavish. The older Richards spent her young adult life staring in Disney Films; Escape to Witch Mountain, and Tuff Turf. Since Kim's been in the limelight since she was a kid, she's sure to have her fair share in wealth. Kim’s net worth is around $2 million, with an estimated $1,000 paid for each episode she’s aired on.

Kim’s home features four rooms, all with their own theme and color. Her room is filled with beautiful antiques and classical touches, and of course, a beautiful fireplace in her family room. Wondering what the best room is in the house? How about the amazing pool with a complete lounge area and full bar? Yeah, we’d definitely like to tan out there too, Kim.

Kim's home isn't as grand as her other cast members, but that doesn't mean that she's not living the life of luxury. Each of her rooms has her own personal touch, whether it's a thrown pillow or specialized jewelry cases Kim doesn't forget to splurge.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a housewife? What is all this talk about living the fast life—wouldn’t you want the pampered life overlooking the ocean or the beautiful hills? Next time you go out house hunting for the perfect dream home, make sure and write down a couple of key components from The Housewives of Beverly Hills to make sure you get all you wished for; and so much more.

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