Home of the Future Being Built On Roof Of Chinese Mall

Do you already have in mind what your future home will look like?

With an avant guarde, fantastically futuristic design – this eerie but insanely heavenly-like home is dubbed the “Home of the Future” – incorporating technology, nature and men.

The concept was designed by Australia's Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Asia Pacific (LAVA), a visionary architecture company, giving you the feel as if you are on the set of Jurrasic Park or Avatar. It is built on the roof of a furniture mall in Beijing, China.

According to the press release, "LAVA's Home of the Future is a showcase for future living, with nature, technology and man in a new harmony." The dome was constructed using the Ethylene Tetrafluroethylene, ETFE, a plastic designed for resistance that supports a wide range of temperatures and provides “a year-round microclimate that opens up the home to a garden filled with sun, light and fresh air."

It has "sunken bedrooms with dream inducing lighting,” "internal/external bathroom zones" and tropical indoor garden.

In the evening, the place transforms into "an otherworldly experience, with the underlying technology, the electronic veins of the system, coming to life."

LAVA Director Chris Bosse says, “The Home of the Future acts as a metaphor for the questions of our times, our relationship with nature, with technology and with ourselves.”

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