Hollywoods Most Expensive Spec Houses up to $55 Million

There is a new trend emerging among homes that are being built in Hollywood these days. Many international transplants are looking for spacious new properties that they can purchase in the greater Los Angeles area. Instead of nine foot ceilings, many buyers in the area are starting to demand 22 feet ceilings throughout the home. The work sites for these homes often expand over an acre. Still, many of the new buyers in the area say that these additions simply aren't big enough for them.

Though some people may question how these houses are being sold, it is clear to the developers. Many foreign born investors are looking for ways that they can buy up local real estate in the L.A. area. This is because other major metro areas like New York City and London are becoming prohibitively expensive. There are many people flocking to buy newly constructed homes around L.A. as a result. Some builders are finding that they can construct and sell many spec homes in excess of 13,000 square feet as a result.

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