5 Awesome Perks At The White House

The White House is a huge part of the American culture, and is widely known throughout the world. The White House isn’t just a political platform for the President, but it is his actual home; for him and his family. This famous house has gone through many transformations for several different Presidents in order to fit their needs and their wants.

To visit inside the White House, you have to be put on the waitlist six months prior to the date you plan to visit. The White house is no joke (as it shouldn’t be), so take this time seriously. Although the White House is all about political seriousness (and essentially running the country), that doesn't mean that our Presidents can’t have a little fun now and then. With the White House’s projected worth rounding out to be about $310 million, it’s safe to say it’s had a fair share of remodeling.

Each President has added their own touches and personal embellishments throughout the years, so the White House is never the same from President to President. However, there are some major remodels that have stayed, and for particular reasons too. The first President to have moved into the White House—John Adams, the second President of the United States—was the first to create the White House’s legacy, and from there on, it’s changed and grown to what it is today. So, what are some pretty expensive (and awesome) things inside the White House?

5 Bowling Lane

The famous bowling alley was added by Richard Nixon in 1969 in the White House basement. With the price unknown, but the population knowing that Nixon’s friends had paid for the alley to be built, it was widely used throughout his Presidency, as well as allowing visitors to take a spin at knocking down some pins. Why not include your very own arcade of sorts in the basement of your home? Well, if you've got $70,000 to spare (no pun intended) then why not.

4 Swimming Pool

Of course, it’s Washington D.C., and in the summer, you're going to need a pool. The swimming pool was first put in by President Franklin D Roosevelt, for his polio therapy. It was located underneath the press room, at that time. However, it was later covered up by Nixon during his Presidency. The pool tiles have been signed by Bono, and Sugar Ray Leonard. It wasn't until President Ford installed the outdoor swimming pool (still in use today) that the pool received such attention. Want one of your own? Usually they'll cost anywhere between $20,000-$50,000.

3 Jogging Track

A quarter mile jogging track was installed around the south drive during President Clinton’s stay in the white house. The plans came about after Clinton's love of jogging caused traffic around the D.C. area, and the fear from his guards was known. Due to this, Clinton installed this track, costing $30,000 (although, it was privately funded). Must be a pretty nice track, if you ask me. Since then, an indoor gym has been created at the White House as well.

2 Tennis Court

Having your very own tennis court in your backyard could be kind of amazing, and definitely worth it. If you'd like your own tennis court installed in your home, you'd need at least $17,000 to even think about it. However, Presidents have power, and make can it happen. The first tennis courts created were during Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency, and since then, have been removed to the south side of the White House, near the pool. In 1989, President Bush enlarged the tennis courts, and later Obama, in 2009, also enlarged it to create a full basketball court to accompany the tennis court lines.

1 Movie Theatre

Having a movie theatre in your very own house could possibly be one of the coolest (and most expensive) amenities in your home. If you had the chance to never leave your house, wouldn't you take it? The past Presidents have been living the life of luxury with this awesome room (which was first a coat room for the many guests), with having the option of  watching any movie, during any day or time. Obama has hosted Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks under one roof, as well as delivered some of his many speeches, like the State of the Union Address. Before 2004, the room was furnished all in white, until it was later furnished all in red, resembling more of the ‘theatre-esq’ look. If you'd like your own personal theatre room, start saving up some pennies; it roughly costs anywhere from $2,000-$10,000, depending on your preferences.

Having the hardest job in the world, requires some much needed relaxation time. With these features in the White House, there’s plenty to do to unwind. Too bad we can't all have mansions and incredible lavish finishes in our own homes to distress after a long day. With 132 rooms, 32 bathrooms, three elevators, 28 fireplaces, and six floors, it’s easy to wish a mansion like that to appear in your life.

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