12 Celebrity Pads We're All Jealous Of

Okay, let’s just be honest – celebrities have a ton of money. They make millions and millions for every movie, endorsement deal, commercial, etc., so it only makes sense that the majority of them end up buying ultra-luxurious homes. After all, with that type of cash, you eventually run out of small things to buy – why not spend tens of millions on a luxury estate?

It seems that celebrities’ tastes are as diverse as regular home buyers, though. The majority of celebs end up purchasing property in California, often in counties within a short drive of Los Angeles, as that’s where they do the bulk of their work. However, when you have enough money to buy multiple properties, many celebrities supplement their California mansions with equally opulent properties in other states – such as Oprah’s Colorado vacation home, a jaw-dropping complement to her already awe-inspiring property portfolio.

Whether you’re looking for 20,000 square feet of space, extra security measures, a wine room for all those expensive bottles you can finally afford, or a closet dedicated entirely to your shoes, if you have celebrity dollars to spend, chances are you’ll find a crazy property that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Here are 12 celebrity pads that we’re totally jealous of.

12 Bill Gates

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While Bill Gates might not live in the same neighbourhood as all the celebrities in Los Angeles, his home is without doubt one of the most extravagant. Located in Medina, Washington, his 66,000 square foot estate took seven years to build. As you might expect of a home owned by a tech genius, it’s filled with high-tech features including a pin that guests are given that allows the house to adjust to their preferred temperature and lighting as they move through it. Oh, and there’s also a trampoline room, an artificial stream stocked with fish, and a lakefront shore with sand that’s delivered yearly from St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

11 Oprah

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Everyone has seen Oprah’s over-the-top Santa Barbara estate, but can we take a moment to talk about the mansion she recently bought in Telluride, Colorado? A relative bargain at only 14 million (a bargain in celebrity dollars, that is), the high-tech property is 8,700 square feet, and has everything that you would want in your dream ski chalet – including a mud room, hot tub, and even a faux mining car that connects the property with a ski trail nearby. That’s right – your very own ski lift, essentially, from your house to the mountain. If you just feel like a night in, you can sip a bottle of wine from the wine tunnel, and then enjoy the 360 degree mountain view from the turret-style tower. Not a bad way to live.

10 Taylor Swift

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Everyone has seen Taylor Swift's Los Angeles pad, her original Nashville mansion, and her Rhode Island property. However, the property of hers that we’d covet is definitely the Tribeca penthouse – or, to be more accurate, the two penthouses combined into a super property. First of all, the space itself is gorgeous, with exposed wood beams and great views. It has a gorgeous kitchen, cozy vibes, a killer NYC location, and more. Plus, who knows – maybe if you had a sweet Tribeca penthouse, Victoria’s Secret angels and ultra-talented ladies would be hanging around your place all the time instead of Taylor’s casa.

9 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

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From his early years as a rapper, to his transition to the small screen in his role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and finally his various intense film roles, Will Smith has had quite the career, and has remained an A-List staple for decades. However, it’s tough to truly guess how much he has in the bank from all those years in the entertainment industry – that is, until you get a peek at his house. The rapper-turned-actor and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith live in a 25,000 square foot mega-mansion in Calabasas (the same ‘hood as the Kardashians). The property is full of character, and naturally has some pretty insane features like a giant closet and family recording studio. I mean, obviously Willow is going to put out some great tunes if she has a recording studio right there in her house. Who wouldn’t?

8 Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann

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Writer-director extraordinaire Judd Apatow and his hilarious actress wife Leslie Mann have several properties, including ones closer to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. However, it’s their Malibu home that is truly jaw-dropping – and it’s on the market for $12 million, so if you have that much loose change kicking around, it could be all yours. The home is relatively small, in celebrity standards – three bedrooms and just a little over 2,000 square feet. While it might not compare in size and features to their Brentwood mega-mansion, there’s one huge plus – it’s quite literally right on the beach. As in, you can walk off the deck and into the sand. The location also means that nearly every window in the home (and there are many) has a phenomenal ocean view.

7 Michael Jordan

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Basketball legend Michael Jordan may be looking to sell his Highland Park, Illinois mansion, but the athlete lived there for nearly 20 years. The 56,000 square foot home has 15 bathrooms, five fireplaces, a 500-bottle wine cellar, a tennis court, putting green… the features are endless. And, there’s also a cigar room with a walk-in humidor and a Jordan-branded basketball court. Frankly, we’re surprised some wealthy bachelor hasn’t already snapped the property up. Jordan’s had trouble selling the property, and his real estate agent came up with an interesting incentive – the buyer will get a pair of every type of Air Jordans there are. That’s right – they could be just like Mike.

6 Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen seem to be trying to figure out their real estate situation, hopping between Massachusetts and Los Angeles on the regular. However, when you have two humongous salaries at your disposal, why wouldn't you look at all your options? They recently sold their Los Angeles mega-mansion to Dr. Dre, and are putting the finishing touches on their custom built home in Chestnut Hill, putting down some luxurious roots in Massachusetts. While it's too early yet for the full tour, according to the floor plans, the 14,000 square foot space includes a gym, fully equipped chef's kitchen, wine storage room, library, and pretty much everything you could need. As an added bonus, the new Brady compound is in the same neighbourhood as Patriots owner Robert Kraft's. Convenient if Brady retires and decides to keep working with his beloved Pats.

5 Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy

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Despite her huge success on Homeland, and his success in the film industry, Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy are a Hollywood couple who maintain a very low profile. Sure, everyone wants to see them on the red carpet, but they're not often in the tabloids or flaunting their wealth ostentatiously. So, you might be surprised to see just how fantastic their West Village townhouse is. The two bought a four-story, 19th century townhouse for just under $7 million. The home is filled with bookshelves and has a fantastic garden in the back, complete with glass balconies that overlook them for a truly European experience. At any rate, it's a refreshing change from the Los Angeles mansions that so many celebrities have!

4 David and Victoria Beckham

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The Beckhams are pretty much royalty in the UK, so it’s fitting that they’re working on a mansion in London to house their big family. They purchased the gorgeous property with true European flavour for just over 31 million pounds, and immediately hired designer Rose Uniacke and gave her a budget of 5 million pounds to renovate. The finished product will have a gym, wine cellar, movie theatre, a shoe room, a floor entirely for the children, a security tunnel that can take the family to a second property (a small mews house located behind the main house) in safety. And, of course, for the glamorous Victoria Beckham, there will reportedly be separate rooms for getting your hair done, for manicures, for make-up, and a shoe room.

3 Jerry Seinfeld

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If you’ve watched Jerry Seinfeld’s character in his oh-so-90s apartment on the sitcom Seinfeld, it can be hard to imagine what type of house the real life Jerry Seinfeld would have. Well, whatever you imagined – it’s probably bigger. Seinfeld and his wife Jessica bought an enormous house in East Hampton, New York from Billy Joel in 2000. The home sits on 14 acres, and consists of three separate buildings – essentially, a luxurious compound. There is a bowling alley, a tennis court, indoor and outdoor pools, 13 fireplaces, a full sized baseball diamond, and a separate guest cottage for anyone visiting. So… we’re just going to go ahead and start writing jokes to see if we can become successful comedians.

2 Lady Gaga

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When you imagine Lady Gaga’s house, chances are your mind runs absolutely wild – bright colours, unconventional furniture, strange architecture… it’s easy to picture something totally out of the box. However, in actuality, Gaga’s Malibu home is a fairly low key, French Provincial-style space. The home, designed by Steve Giannetti, includes a barn for up to eight horses, a riding arena, a huge open concept kitchen, great architectural details such as wooden beans in the main living space, and… wait for it… what the former owner calls a “bat cave.” That’s right – the house has a secret door that leads to a space with a home theatre, bar, wine cellar and vintage two-lane bowling alley. Oh, and gorgeous ocean views, obviously.

1 George and Amal Clooney

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Everyone has seen (and drooled over) George Clooney’s Italian villa, and his California mega mansion, but what happens when the world’s most infamous bachelor finally ties the knot? Well, if his wife is British superstar lawyer Amal Alamuddin (now Amal Clooney), he buys a house with her in the English countryside. In contrast to many celebrities scooping up ultra-modern properties, the Clooneys purchased a 17th century manor known as The Mill House. Located on the infamous Thames River, the home features nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, beautiful gardens, a boathouse with dock, and a guest cottage that’s bigger than many people’s primary homes.


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