10 States With Low Housing Prices

You are just out of college or school and are at crossroads on choosing a place you would like to settle down in and maybe even start a family. Most likely, you have not gathered enough resources to live in those lavish and posh states. Hence, you may require some information about some of the cheapest states to live in while still being able to have a wonderful life. The price of housing is what drives many people to settle in different states alongside the general cost of living. The character and the culture may also be a factor when choosing a residential place. Worry less because if you read on, you will see the ten inexpensive states to live in when it comes to housing. The numbers associated with the states represent the average cost of a home in the area.

10 Mississippi: $103,000

Economic recession hit Mississippi hard accompanied by the adverse effects of hurricane Katrina in 2005. Now, things are brighter with job opportunities combined with house prices which are lower as compared to a decade ago characterizing the state. The fastest growing county in the state is the Desoto County and the average home values in this county is around $103,000. The median household income is also about $58,500. As home for The University of Mississippi, the median home value is just over $137,900.

9 Indiana: $102,900

The Hoosier state is rich and prominent because of its nature. Lake Michigan bordering the Northern part of the state and the beautiful rolling hills in the south are just some comforst of the state.

The capital Indianapolis hosts the Indianapolis pro football team besides the Indy 500 auto race among other attractions. The average value of homes is around $102,900. The median price for homes at South Bend is as low as $75,000 though the area is besieged by a university.

8 Kentucky: $137,000

This is the state boasting of its sporting and enormous cultural events. Kentucky draws people from all over the world for many activities like horse racing.

This is coupled with affordable housing with major cities like the Bowling Green offering homes valued at $137,000. The single-family homes at Lexington-Fayette Metro Area go for about $160,000.

7 Nebraska: $111,500

This is still a highly rural state, but if you want some big town there, then Lincoln and Omaha offer you everything you need including excellent urban amenities.

The unemployment rate is really low coupled with low food prices and other necessities like housing. The average homes at Omaha are valued at $111,500 while at Lincoln it goes for $125,000.

6 Idaho: $114,000

For some time now, Idaho has been overlooked and this is pretty good when it comes to the cost of living. This state lies west of Montana and is also rich in mines, ranches, mountains, deep forests, beautiful lakes and wild rivers.

This state has the finest ski sports and has open and wide spaces which is what people like about the west. The low housing rates makes the cost of living in Idaho to be low. The homes are valued at $114,000 at the largest city, Boise.

5 Utah: $135,000

This is a true western state comprised of forests, rivers, mines and ranches. However, Utah's main strength is its numerous national parks. If you like rafting and hiking, then Utah is the place.

It has two big cities-Provo and Ogden, known as the awesome places for starting over’ due to their low cost of living and good ample job avenues. The largest city is Salt Lake City with homes valued at $135,000.

4 Texas: $130,000

This state has amazing beaches providing the residents with an affordable way to withstand a day full of heat and sun.

Most of the population are students from colleges. In San Antonio, the median home price goes at $130,000 while in Dallas and Houston, house prices are around $150,000.

3 Arkansas :$100,000

This is the state which offers plenty of opportunities and is characterized by preserved forests.

The housing price in this state is about $100,000. With this home, you can still maintain a high standard of living. Its capital, Little Rock, is rich in culture and nature and houses go for around $127,000.

2 Oklahoma: $100,000

This is a mid-west state having a friendly atmosphere and low cost of living. With median home prices of about $100,000, you can live a very wonderful life in Oklahoma City.

In Tulsa city, you can also enjoy high standards of living with house prices as low as $120,000. These two cities are popular for their history and art.

1 Tennessee: $138,000

This state is known for its young population with a surprisingly varied rich culture. It has low cost of living which makes it a nice place for grads, retirees and young families to live in.

The median housing goes for around $138,000 at Statewide, most of the affordable homes are found in the cities of Memphis and the Knoxville. The residents of Tennessee enjoy four seasons coupled with mild-weather conditions.

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