10 Hotels You Have To Visit When You Want To Get It On

Need something to spice up your vacation? When you want to help your girlfriend relax with a good vacation and help get you both in the mood for knocking boots, you need to spice up your hotel selection. Traveling to an exotic destination, seeing new sights, eating indulgent food, and sampling great booze will certainly help you both forget your everyday problems and focus on each other. But having a place to crash that caters to the fun stuff will only amplify your mutual desire for one another.

Whether you’re planning a spontaneous trip to get away from the noise of everyday life, or you want to plan a New Years Eve bash she won’t forget, there is a hotel that will cater to your every desire. From the Caribbean Islands to Paris, each of these ten hotels has a unique take on what will get you inspired to get it on. From posh downtown locations in hip cities, to more direct fantasy themed hotel rooms, rock n’ roll style establishments and remote destinations that could fit into any romantic novel, there is something on this list that will make you and your girlfriend melt for one another.

If all you need is a beautiful, quiet place to crash with luxury accommodations and privacy, you’ll find it here. if you want something more adventurous and suggestive, that’s here too. No matter what you’re looking for (or willing to explore), these ten hotels are a must for those vacations when you just want some inspiration to get it on.

10 Jade Mountain Resort

via JadeMountain.com

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking your lover on a romantic getaway in the Caribbean Islands, this is the place to go. With astounding natural beauty and luxury accommodations to meet all your needs, the Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia is a couple's paradise. A truly romantic destination, this resort caters weddings, honeymoons, and anniversary trips that make you and your partner the focus of the trip rather than party planning. With breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, an infinity pool, and various resort packages, the Jade Mountain resort has something for every couple to enjoy. The website notes that room rates currently start at $1,775 per night for a reservation in the two level Sky Suite.

9 Feather Nest Inn

via FeatherNestInn.com

The Feather Nest Inn provides everything you could need in a hotel getaway to get you in the mood. Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the Feather Nest Inn is just under two hours from Manhattan. The website notes that the romantic and fantasy rooms offer accommodations like a kingsize bed, a wet bar, and a two person whirlpool. The Manhattan room has a circular bed that is the centerpiece of the room with it’s bold red and black color scheme. Current room rates start at just under $145/night. Whether you’re in the New Jersey area or are just looking for an east coast getaway that will inspire you and your partner to get it on, the Feather Nest Inn will make sure all your needs are met.

8 Hotel Amore Paris

via DesignTripper.com

Bold colors, stylish yet minimalistic, the Hotel Amore in Paris France is a hypnotic and sensual experience. The hotel currently has single, double, large double rooms and a duplex available for you to enjoy. The business's website notes that current room rates with a bathroom included start around €250 and the duplex starts around €350. Rooms are available in both sophisticated and more sexually stimulating themes to match your tastes. Situated in the city of love, the Hotel Amore gives you enough luxury and space to comfortably crash after a day out exploring the city with your partner, while inspiring you amp up your intimacy.

7 Don Q Inn Wisconsin

via TripAdvisor.com

Wisconsin may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of hot sexual getaways with your lover, but a visit to the Don Q Inn may be enough to change your perspective. Tucked away in the midwestern state, the Don Q Inn provides fantasy themed rooms that allow you and your partner to live out your wildest fantasies together. Whether you want to enjoy your partner in one of the Caesar’s Court rooms, a prehistoric themed cave room, or the more obvious Cupid’s Corner, you will be met with a room that provides a whirlpool, above the bed mirrors and other themed items around the room. Standard rooms are also available, but, as long as you're staying there, why not live out a fantasy?

6 Hotel Pelirocco

via Leblow.co.uk

The Hotel Pelirocco is the ultimate getaway for Rock n Roll enthusiasts. Located in Brighton England, each room in the hotel is themed to remind you of the rock n’ roll legends that have made the genre into what it is today. The “Nookii” room may be more your style if you and your lover are up for a kinky board game. In addition to their awesome rock style atmosphere and themed rooms, Hotel Pelirocco has additional packages to amp up your stay. The Lovebird package currently provides perks like a bottle of champagne, truffles, and breakfast in bed, according to the website. Currently, rooms start at £109 and work up to £379 before add-on packages are applied. Whether you love rock n’ roll or just like to party hard, the Hotel Pelirocco is one to crash.

5 Andaz

via sandiego.Andaz.Hyatt.com

Conveniently located in downtown San Diego California, the Andaz hotel is the perfect so-cal getaway spot to spoil your partner. With a wide range of room options, from standard rooms that provides all your basic comforts with some perks on top, to the more extravagant deluxe room features beautiful area views and a unique spacious shower that sits in the main room. The suite option at the Andaz provides spacious 515 sq feet of space and a complimentary mini bar. As part of the Hyatt family of hotels, this place is sure to charm your partner with its posh sophistication and convenient downtown San Diego location. The website notes that standard rooms are currently going for $279 while the Andaz Suite goes for a convenient $379 per night.

4 Hotel Max

via hotelmaxseattle.com

If you're looking for a artsy yet relaxing crash pad in Seattle, the Hotel Max is for you. Hotel Max combines sleek sophistication with the vibrant pops of color that come with Seattle’s art world. Room sizes range from minimal to generous, but all rooms will provide you with the perks of the “Sweet Surrender Package” which include satin rose petals on the bed, a bottle of champagne, gourmet chocolates, a 10 ft. satin tie and blindfold, a vibrating toy, and honey body dust. With these sexy extras, you and your partner won’t be able to keep your hands to yourselves. The Max Hotel website lists current room rates as starting at just $199 for a mini queen, and up to $239.00 per night for a Classic King. Hotel Max is the perfect combination of art inspired sophistication and seductive simplicity.

3 Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay

via RitzCarlton.com

When you’re looking for romantic getaway to get your partner in the mood with stunning natural beauty and upscale accommodations, look no further than the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay resort in Half Moon Bay California. The resort is conveniently located just an hour north of San Francisco and has all the luxurious features you’d expect from a Ritz-Carton hotel, including stunning ocean views, beautiful outdoor seating, two golf courses, a full service spa and packages to suit any vacation theme. Seated on a secluded ledge that looks out onto the ocean, this romantic getaway spot saturates your senses with views of the surrounding forests and mountains. The Ritz-Carlton website notes that this year, the resort is offering a romantic S’more Winter Romance package for New Years Eve that includes a $200 spa package, a rose petal turndown, access to the Terrace Fire Pit, and a s’mores kit to enjoy over the fire. This overnight stay starts at a cool $1095 for New Years Eve night.

2 Anniversary Inn

via AnniversaryInn.com

Located in gorgeous Salt Lake City, Utah and in Boise, Idaho, the four Anniversary Inn Bed & Breakfast hotels offer a magical vacation spot for anyone who dreams of a getaway that mirrors a whimsical, storybook romance. The Inn has suites with themes inspired by famous fictional couples, such as Romeo and Juliet. If you’re looking for a more broadly themed stay, the Anniversary Inn’s Jungle Safari or the Jesse James Hideout suites will transport you to another world. With these imaginative yet luxurious suites, you and your partner can leave your everyday stress at the door and focus on creating your own romantic story.

1 Cove Haven Resort

via CovePoconoResorts.com

Seclusion, beautiful scenery, luxury, and romance make up the Cove Haven Entertainment Resort. Located in Lakeville, PA, the Cove Haven Entertainment Resort is part of the Pocono Mountains Accommodations family of resorts, which promises both a memorable and luxurious experience to its guests. The rooms at Cove Haven are regal and will make you want to do nothing more than enjoy your partner. Each room has it’s unique appeal, allowing you to reserve a room that will suit your personalities and style. The Cove Haven website notes that the Cove Harbour Suite has a two person heart-shaped whirlpool tub with mirrors, fireplace, gorgeous views and more. Another room, the Champagne Tower Suite offers a seven foot tall champagne whirlpool for two. The Cove Haven Resorts website notes that the Cove Harbour room starts at just under $295/night, while the Champagne Tower room can be yours for just under $393/night.

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