10 Celebs Who Own Their Own Luxurious Private Islands

Celeb Luxurious Ilands

We all deserve an amazing vacation every once in awhile. Whether you want to spend your hard-earned vacation days backpacking around Europe or experiencing an entirely new culture, the occasional vacation is much needed and usually much deserved. Wherever you choose to spend your time off, there is just something about a beach vacation that spells relaxation. Getting away from everyday life to relax on a beach somewhere and forget about all your troubles is always a good idea. There is nothing better than soaking up the sun and wading in the waves while sipping on a cool and refreshing beverage. What makes the image of sitting on a beach with your toes in the sand even better, is if you happen to be enjoying your vacation on your own private island. For the celebrities listed below, the dream of jetting away to a vacation filled with total and complete privacy is a reality. All of the celebrities listed below have each shelled out some big bucks in order to purchase their own private getaways. Some of these celebrities have opened up their islands to other famous friends, others choose to vacation on their own, and one celebrity received her private island as a gift from a former lover. So to make your future vacation plans feel sub par, below is a list of ten celebrities that own their own luxurious private islands. Let us hope that somehow, someway, we score an invite to one of these fabulous celebrity getaways.

10 Eddie Murphy 

9 Nicolas Cage 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Nicolas Cage is the former owner of Leaf Cay, an Exumas Island. Apparently, the actor was planning on developing the island but was banned from doing so because his island contained an endangered Iguana species. The actor purchased the island in 2006. According to Private Islands Magazine, the island is located around Nassau next to another private island that is owned by none other than Johnny Depp. Cage purchased the island for $3 million but managed to put it on the market at $7 million. Today, Nicolas Cage is pretty close to going broke so we're thinking that he won’t be buying any more private islands anytime soon.

8 Mel Gibson 


7 Tyler Perry 

6 David Copperfield 

5 Pamela Anderson 

Most guys get girls flowers when they want to win them over, but apparently that is just not rocker Tommy Lee’s style. The musician bought his ex-wife, Pamela Anderson an island in Dubai in order to win her over. Apparently Anderson was planning on turning the island into a resort. However, things didn't quite work out as planned. After the news came out in 2008 that Anderson was planning on making an eco-friendly hotel, not much else was ever said on the subject again. We’re thinking that finances might have played a big part in the delayed construction of Anderson’s beach resort.

4 Tim McGraw and Faith Hill 

Power couple Tim McGraw and Faith hill are the proud owners of their own Bahamian island named Goat Cay. The couple’s island is located in Exumas, an area that many celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and Johnny Depp seem to enjoy. Reportedly, the island is fully developed and boasts beautiful sandy beaches, and trails throughout. Although the price of the island is not clear, it’s obvious that the couple had to shell out some big bucks in order to purchase their own private paradise. Let’s hope that our future vacations will be as romantic as a stay on Goat Cay is sure to be.

3 Shakira 

Although many celebrities choose to purchase a private island all on their own, Shakira made the decision to buy her own paradise with some close friends. The singer shares ownership of Bonds Cay with Roger Islands and Alejandro Sanz. The island costs $16 million and is located in the Bahamas. It boasts 700 acres and already has private beaches, art galleries, and luxury hotels. But the trio isn’t done developing their island just yet. Apparently the group wants to turn the island into an artist’s retreat. They are continuing to develop the future artist’s paradise.

2 Johnny Depp 


Spending your days on a private island with Johnny Depp is something dreams are made of. For one special lady, Amber Heard, this dream is a reality. Her husband Johnny Depp owns an island called Little Hall Pond in Exumas. Apparently, the actor fell in love with the island after filming one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies there. According to Forbes.com, the actor purchased the island at $3.6 million. Regarding his island, Depp told Vanity Fair, “I don’t think I’d ever seen any place so pure and beautiful. You can feel your pulse rate drop about 20 beats. It’s instant freedom.”

1 Leonardo DiCaprio 


Leonardo DiCaprio purchased his beautiful island in 2005, for a reported $1.75 million. The island is located between Belize and Ambergris Caye, boasts 104 acres, and is right by the famous Barrier Reef. The star, who is passionate about the environment, plans to turn it into a prime example of sustainable development. Luckily for us, DiCaprio even plans to open up his island to the public. He is in talks with Fours Seasons Hotels and Resorts to create a green hotel. So who knows, maybe one day you will be vacationing on the beach with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio by your side.

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