Top 15 Must-See Hottest Pictures Of Ariana Grande

New kid on the block, the young singer and lyricist Ariana Grande, has already made her way into the grand realm of stardom. Even though she is still young, Grande began her career in the distant 2008 in the role of a cheerleader in the Broadway musical 13. Her breakthrough followed soon after with her landing the part of Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. The series lasted for a total of four seasons and she has since appeared in other film and television roles, as well as been the voice of several animated characters.

But what she is obviously better known for is her professional image as a popular singer. That, and the characteristic ponytail, cat ears she seems to be wearing everywhere she goes, her strong voice and controversial diva attitude that has really started to get on the nerves of some of her fellow celebrities. Her transformation from sweet, slightly chubby Nickelodeon kid-star, to stunning, skinny and hot singer apparently took its toll on her behavior towards others. Even her life coach had reportedly had enough of her arrogance and high-maintenance attitude to the point where he simply walked away from the job.

Be that as it may, we can't deny that Ariana Grande is still quite a treat for the eye and she's grown up to be a fantastic-looking woman. In this list we've gathered 15 of her hottest moments captured on camera, and we have to admit - singling those shots out from the multitude of near-perfect photos of her wasn't easy.

15 Selfie on Instagram

via instagram

Could a list featuring a young star like Ariana Grande in the age of social media possibly be considered complete without including her selfie? We didn't think so either. And thankfully, she's provided her fans with quite a few teasing shots. Like this one, where she's organically incorporated it all: the wink, the big beautiful doe eye, some cleavage and the scattered hair.

14 Capital FM Summertime Ball in London, 2015

via hawtcelebs.com

Another trademark attribute of Ariana Grande's seem to be her thigh high stiletto boots. In black. And she's paired them here with a sexy bodysuit. Also in black. This particular photo did cause some hysteria around how much exactly was shown during the Summertime Ball in London last year, and some hurried to mark it as scandalous and wildly inappropriate. Well, looks like those folks were out of luck - nothing but some pantyhose and Grande's toned legs here.

13 At the VMA's

And here they are again - those sexy thigh high boots, but this time in leather, matching that short black leather dress. Grande is really rocking the outfit, too, with that matte dark red lipstick and that sly over-the-shoulder look. You'd never think of her as the petite, cute girl from a kids’ show and having lost such a staggering amount of weight since then, Ariana Grande has proudly taken her place alongside Hollywood's hottest.

12 Hot schoolgirl outfit

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Who said you need to be wearing black to look alluring? Ariana Grande seems to be able to pull off any look and still be as attractive as ever. Granted, the school girl uniform with the mini skirt and white thigh-highs has been demonstrated over and over again in not the most modest of context, but this young lady is just flaunting it. And she also looks like she's enjoying it, which is great - because so are we.

11 At the Victoria's Secret Show in London

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Now this shot is just loaded with sex appeal. The pose, those boots (again!) and the strain she's putting on her vocal chords, which is written all over her entire body - whew, it's definitely getting stuffy in here. But we simply have got to take notice of how incredibly visually pleasing it is to be witnessing an artist in the moment, when she is completely taken by her art.

10 At the Bambi Awards

via youtube.com

Yup, it's those sexy boots again (and we don't mind one bit) - we wonder how many pairs she has, though. And she's showing off some booty, too, looking like a cat that's stretching and sharing the same feline ferocity in her expression. Grande is only missing a pair of cat ears, with which she had set a trend a little while back, but, hey - can't wear them all the time.

9 Hot in red

via instagram

Another one of her Instagram pics made it on this list, and with good reason. This photo alone gathered over one million likes! You can't really see much of the red here - it's overshadowed by the full, puckered lips, well-defined jaw and that long, thick hair, which almost always seems to be worn in a big ponytail. We have to give credit to the photographer too, though, for setting up this great composition with the pink wall that so greatly compliments the red clothes and brings out Grande's lovely features.

8 In latex!

via universalmusic.ca

And we've got to give it to her - she really knows how to press the right buttons in the heterosexual members of the opposite sex. It looks like Ariana Grande has masterfully pranced in every color of the seduction spectrum, acing every weapon of temptation and she's even gone as far as to put on a latex mask. With bunny ears! Well, at least the ears are back, even if they have been a little inflated. This image is featured on the cover of her album Dangerous Woman, and really blew us all away when it was first shown.

7 "Problem"

via youtube.com

Another picture, another cover - this time of her single 'Problem', done together with Iggy Azalea. Well, this one really speaks for itself. Her traditional, by now, thigh-highs are really doing a great job in underlining her toned legs and the provocative pose she's sitting in shows them off even better. The way she's tilted her head and has her hand carelessly fiddling with a strand of hair all oozes such sexy confidence, we simply couldn't have missed adding this photo to the list.

6 On a motorbike

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What was it we said about the seductive spectrum and using every weapon? We clearly must have forgotten about the automotive industry. Luckily for all us fans and viewers, though, Ariana Grande did not. She has swapped the omnipresent boots for a pair of simple white stilettos and the glamorous big stage for what appears to be someone's tool shed in the background. However, posing in her super short black and white checkered dress on top of a motorcycle, Grande just couldn't be sexier, with hands in her hair, showing off the tattoo on her ribs.

5 Jones Crow Photoshoot

via hawtcelebs.com

We've included yet another album cover on this list, another hit picture from photographer James Crow, who has done several pretty amazing photo shoots, showcasing Ariana Grande as well as other famous people. Featured on the cover of her album My Everything, this image portrays Grande in an unusual light of subtle irresistibility. And there clearly must be something about those white shoes, which have been seen in three pictures on this list already!

4 At the American Music Awards, 2014

via ukmix.org

Evidently, Ariana Grande isn't only toned and fit, she is also pretty flexible. And would you look at how high up she has swung that gorgeous little leg of hers! Furthermore, she makes it seem so effortless, which absolutely adds more points towards her stunning look in that coquette golden two piece dress. The shoes are great, too. They aren't white, and they don't reach up to her thighs, so all hail variety!

3 Cat ears and leather

via nylonwrapped.tumblr.com

Cat woman is back right where she belongs. In another two piece outfit - leather again - she's posing on a high chair for this photo, showing off more of her charming, toned legs. Biting one fingernail and giving that tempting look to the camera, Grande already predetermined that this photo was going to be among the hottest picks on this list.

2 Showing off her legs in the street

via nylonwrapped.tumblr.com

Legs, legs, legs. Looks like Ariana Grande is all about them, and who can blame her? This image simply screams 'sexy' and there's no way we could have passed by it. Wearing what seems to be a bodysuit with some very cute tights that imitate stockings, Ariana seems to be sliding down with her back against a massive pillar. Her long hair is for once not in a ponytail and looks wonderful. We wish she'd wear it down more often.

1 On a bed

via nylonwrapped.tumblr.com

Yes, ON a bed. And wearing leather underwear, how's that for hot? Not to bring 50 Shades of Grey into this, but we're starting to notice some sort of pattern here... Well, we've finally seen a shot revealing a little more skin than most of her photographs tend to show. Ariana Grande demonstrates an exquisite figure and beautiful face in a really compelling setting - definitely deserving of this first place.

Source: DailyMail.co.uk, Imgur, HawtCelebs, Reddit

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