Top 10 Best Surprise Celebrity Hair Cuts

Celebrities love to change their hair and it always makes for big news. From the invention of “The Rachael” haircut in the 1990s (thanks to Jennifer Aniston and Friends) to what Taylor Swift puts on Instagram, haircuts are forever in the limelight. Kim Kardashian went brunette again recently. Jennifer Aniston got extensions. Eva Longoria got bangs. Rihanna stepped out with a Cleopatra-style hair cut in Beverly Hills. Harry Potter star Emma Watson got a pixie do.

One of the reasons haircuts make headlines is that fans around the world love to copy their favorite celebs and get the same – or similar – look. Thankfully most celebs these days share all the details of their new dos on Instagram or Facebook, meaning it’s easy for us to steal that style! Although a regular women’s haircut in America is likely to cost $60 to $80, celebrity hairstylists can easily charge about $1,000 for a haircut. Celeb stylist Ted Gibson, who has been known to cut Angelina Jolie’s and Anne Hathaway’s hair, charges $1,200 for a cut in his New York City salon.

Today we’ve handpicked 10 of the best and most surprising celebrity haircuts in the past couple of years. Read on to find out just how much it costs and what it takes to get your own hairdo done to perfection like some of the world’s richest celebrities.

10 Kate Middleton – Six Hour, $984 Hair Makeover

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, spent a mammoth six hours with famous London hairstylist Rossano Ferretti in 2013. Apparently she was prompted to visit the salon by her younger sister Pippa Middleton, who is a regular there.

The visit followed reports that the Princess was horrified by how badly her grey hair was showing in recent photographs. She reportedly left the salon after six hours looking amazing, having had her long brunette hair restored to its former glory for a cost of about $984. Ferretti opened his London salon in 2012 and has long been a celebrity stylist. His clients have included Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek, and he’s done catwalk hairstyles for the likes of Dior and Armani.

9 Kaley Cuoco – A Big Bang Hair Cut  

The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco is known for her long blonde tresses and doesn’t ever stray from that. However, in February 2014 the 28-year-old spent some time with Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist Chris McMillan, getting a small trim for a secret shoot. He added some blunt angles to Cuoco’s hair, to frame her face better. She let fans know about it on Instragram, saying “dreams do come true” in reference to getting a haircut from Chris McMillan. Cuoco rang in the New Year as a married woman. She tied the knot with Ryan Sweeting in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve, wearing a pink Vera Wang wedding gown.

8 Beyonce – Million Dollar Wig Collection

Beyonce has long been a fan of hair extensions and wigs, so fans were shocked when she removed her long hair extensions and posted an Instagram pic of her short pixie cut on August 7 last year. However, it didn’t last long because just a week later Beyonce was spotted in vacation in Miami with a new do – a shoulder length bob – which could’ve been a wig or extensions.

Her wig collection was once reported to be worth about $1 million (or $10,000 per wig). Fans got a good look at her pixie cut when she hit the stage at the V Festival in London the following weekend. 

7 Nicki Minaj – A Rainbow of Colors

You name it, and rapper Nicki Minaj has probably had hair that color. Pink, blue, orange, blonde, green, turquoise, red and more – she’s been there, done that and kept fans entertained along the way.

Her long-time celeb hairstylist and wig creator, Terrence Davidson, reportedly quit just days before her American Idol judging debut. She told Allure magazine that she thinks she has about 100 wigs and chooses which one to wear based on her mood. Last year she even revealed her real hair color, which is black.

6 Anne Hathaway – From Long to Gone

This British Les Miserables actor ditched the long, princess-like locks in 2012 in favor for a super short pixie cut in 2012. The big difference was that Hathaway got the hair cut during the actual shooting of the film, when her destitute character, Fantine, had her hair roughly chopped off in order to sell it. The 30-year-old apparently was horrified after the scene when she took a look in the mirror and saw her lack of hair. It was the first time she’d had short hair in her life and she did it all for the sake of art. This is definitely one of the most expensive hair cuts on record – not because of a fancy stylist but more because Hathaway was reportedly paid about $8 million for her role in Les Miserables. 

5 David Beckham – A $6 Million Contract to Cut

The only male to make our top 10 list of surprising celebrity haircuts, David Beckham has a long history of experimenting with his hair. He’s had cornrows, a ponytail, a mullet and a Backstreet Boys style middle part. He’s had it all shaved off and he’s had it long enough to need a headband. His hunky long locks were likely the key reason that he was offered a four-year (and $6 million) contract with British hairstyling company Brylcreem in 1997 – but perhaps they weren’t expecting him to shave his hair off completely in 2000 and put the contract in jeopardy. Thankfully when multimillionaire retired from the game in 2013, he retired in style with a classic cut. 

4 Jennifer Lawrence – Fixed Her “Fried” Hair

In November 2013, 23-year-old Jennifer Lawrence had a blonde pixie cut, apparently because her hair was so damaged and “fried” after being dyed dark for filming of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She debuted the new do in true celeb style – via a photo on Facebook.

This wasn’t the first time Lawrence had stepped out with a new haircut in 2013. In March she showed off a wavy bob at the GLAAD Awards, thanks to celeb hairstylist Mark Townsend who is based in New York City and charges at least $300 for a basic haircut. Lawrence got plenty of attention for the bob too, and she even sparked an admiring tweet from Miley Cyrus.

3 Selena Gomez – Super Long Hair Extensions

While other celebs were busy getting their long locks chopped, Selena Gomez went the opposite way. She stepped out just before Valentine’s Day 2014 wearing dead straight hair extensions that were long enough to reach below her waist.

Fans spotted her new look after a visit to West Hollywood’s Nine Zero One salon, where a basic cut is thought to cost $175 and up. Her long-time hairstylist, Riawna Capri, is based there. Before the cut, Gomez had just shoulder length hair and she was obviously happy with the results because later on she posted a pic to Instagram where she was wearing a flower crown and showing off the waves in her new long locks.

2 Rihanna – Cleopatra-style Bob

Can’t Remember to Forget You singer Rihanna is one of those celebs who’s always changing her look. She’s had a pixie cut, long red locks and more. She’s shaved the side of her head, gone blonde and had curls.

In February 2014, just before her 26th birthday, she paid a visit to Yves St. Laurent in Beverly Hills, and on the way out she was snapped with a Cleopatra styled haircut. It’s dark, sleek, mid-length bob with bangs. Her hairstylist Ursula Stephen is one of the best and Rihanna reportedly spends as much as $22,000 a week getting her hair looked after.

1 Taylor Swift – Hair Cut with an Audience

Pop star Taylor Swift showed off her new bob via Instagram in February 2014. The 24-year-old posted a pic revealing a short bob falling just below her chin, styled with a slight curl in the front. This is a starkly different cut from her signature long, wavy locks. In her Instagram message to fans she said “PS: short hair, don’t care”! She also posted a short video, showing a huge entourage of about 30 people watching her getting the haircut backstage at O2 in London. Her audience reportedly may have included her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles, as well as Cara Delevingne and Ellie Goulding.  Swift, who is thought to be worth about $150 million, may have started a trend among celebs to get their hair chopped in front of an audience judging by the furor this caused.

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