Top 10 Sexiest Mug Shots on Female Celebrities

Mug shots are photographic portraits after a person who has been arrested. It is used to give the law enforcement a photographic record of the arrested person, which are compiled for investigatory purposes. Mug shots for high profile cases may also be published by the media.

Due to their stature and popularity, celebrities often have their mug shots spread through tabloids and other forms of media. Celebrities, just like any other ordinary person, experience some bad turns in their lives. For instance, they get jailed for violating the law. They are not spared by the law even if they are well-known all over the world. They may be the goddesses of Hollywood but they are human after all and they can’t get away with it.

It’s hands down for the 26-year-old Parent Trap former child star gone wild, Lindsay Lohan, for being the most photographed celebrity in the history of the police department. However, she is not the only female celebrity who is worth mentioning and have the sexiest mug shots.

Joining her are Hollywood’s 9 other beautiful actresses who got in trouble with the law mostly for DUI. Listed here are the top 10 sexiest mug shots on female celebrities.

10 Heather Locklear

The tenth spot goes to 51-year-old soap beauty and voted one of the loveliest women in world, Heather Locklear. She was arrested in September 2008 by the Highway Patrol of California on suspicion of driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Locklear was found to be driving erratically and was reported to the police by former US Weekly report and editor, Jill Ishkanian. She looked rather scruffy and wild-eyed when the police caught her.

9 Michelle Rodriguez

The hot star of the 6th installment of the movie, Fast & Furious, Michelle Rodriguez lands  the ninth spot. In 2005, she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Hawaii. She may somehow look lost but it seemed that the alcohol had no other effect on her appearance on her mug shot. She can really be deceiving as she looked relatively fresh-faced.

8 Mischa Barton

Hitting the eighth spot is charming actress, Mischa Barton who was arrested in 2007 on driving without a valid license, suspicion of DUI and marijuana possession. Highway patrol officers caught her crisscrossing between lanes on an LA motorway. The breathalyzer test proved that she was indeed driving under the influence of alcohol and was taken to the police station for the mug shot.

7 Amanda Bynes

Landing on seventh place is Amanda Bynes. The former child star of Nickelodeon got the buzz going on for having faced with legal problems. She was arrested for driving under the influence after allegedly sideswiping a police car in West Hollywood. She was arrested again for throwing a bong out of her apartment window while being confronted by the police which she denied doing.

6 Reese Witherspoon: The Drunken Smile

Trouble becomes her when Reese Witherspoon made a spectacle of herself over media, and for this she earned the sixth spot in this list. The charismatic actress lost her charisma when she suddenly went out of the car and started speaking out her mind to the arresting police. This is after she and her husband, Jim Toth, were pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol in Atlanta. This incident resulted to her arrest for disorderly comment. Everything was caught on camera and went trending over the web. Indeed, her demeanor to defend her husband went viral – only in a rather damaging way.

5 Khloe Kardashian

Earning the fifth spot is the Keeping Up With The Kardashians sister, Khloe. She got arrested for drunk driving in 2007. Due to her weight, she is often compared critically to her older sisters. However, her mug shot took her to another level for looking rather beautiful. This Kardashian knows how to grace the cameras, even if it’s a police camera for booking.

4 Nicole Richie

She took the limelight when she starred in a reality show along with her BFF Paris Hilton. Nicole Richie takes the fourth place for this top 10 sexiest mug shots list when she got arrested for failing the field sobriety test by the California Highway Patrol and was eventually charged with DUI. With this, she took another twist in the limelight, looking fresh-faced in her mug shot.

3 Lindsay Lohan

Third place goes to repeat offender, Lindsay Lohan who has six mug shots under her name. In 2005, she got arrested for drunk driving. She had been making showbiz headlines since then for getting arrested and charged with DUI, violating her probation for failing to complete her court-ordered community service and failing a court-ordered drug test. The showbiz media is always on the lookout on what is next for Lindsay Lohan. She may be Hollywood’s wild child, but she can still put off her looks in her mug shots as she attempts to look alluring.

2 Carmen Electra

Former Baywatch hot babe, Carmen Electra, fishes the second spot for this list. Her mug shot may have been taken long ago in 1999 after being arrested by the police for battering her then husband and basketball legend Dennis Rodman. The charges were eventually dropped. Although police mug shots have improved thanks to new technology compared many years ago, the grainy snapshot of Carmen Electra still shows the celebrity’s gorgeous looks. She still is the same hot babe even in a mug shot.

1 Paris Hilton: The Glamour Shots

Lastly, finishing off the list with the top spot is hotel heiress, socialite, and reality TV star Paris Hilton. She created much hype when she was arrested thrice, in 2006, 2007, and 2010 for driving under the influence, probation violations related to the arrest, and alleged cocaine possession, respectively. In all her mug shots, she proved the world that she can still look glamorous and sultry in spite of the fact that she was under arrest. Yeah, she is after all known for her glitz and glamour.

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