Top 10 Hollywood’s Skinniest Celebrities

Weight is one of the things that people are really conscious about – especially women. People will always have their ideal figure and ideal body weight, which they think will make them look their best and most appealing.

This could be attributed to show business. Seeing models in print and on TV, watching many Hollywood actresses with their lean bodies and their muscles showing makes more and more women wish that they could look that way too. This does not only affect women but also the men who see these women and wish that they could be with a partner whose body resembles a model’s or a celebrity’s.

When most people strive to look like the stars they admire, it becomes a struggle to lose weight. But this can become a positive thing and make a woman get into fitness and health or it could go the other direction and cause her to starve herself and go on crash diets. Oftentimes, the pressure is so overwhelming that things will get out of hand. Sometimes the ones who end up feeling the pressure are the ones who are in the entertainment business themselves.

Here are the skinniest celebrities that Hollywood has seen:

10 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan started as a child star whose on-screen charm made her one of the most lovable girls in Hollywood. As she matured into a fully grown woman, many people noticed that she was bordering on the chubby side. After playing a role in the successful comedy Mean Girls, Lohan’s weight began to drop little by little and so did her career. As her face was on the tabloids for weeks, no one could help but notice how much weight she began to lose. The actress has had cases with alcohol and drugs which may have helped with the weight loss but she blamed stress. After going in and out of rehab, she has managed to gain a bit more weight and has been trying to get her career back on track.

9 Mary-Kate Olsen

The Olsen twins were well loved in Hollywood as they were already doing business before hitting their 20’s. Unfortunately for one of them, the pressure of staying slim may have gotten to her head. Mary-Kate admitted to be struggling with anorexia. Thankfully, she checked herself into a rehabilitation center where her illness was treated and she is now in good health.

8 Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse had a beautiful voice which helped her get into the world of show business. However, the world of showbiz proved to be lethal to Winehouse as it introduced her to the dark life of drugs and alcohol. She got involved with the police for running around the streets of London intoxicated or high on illegal substances. Even if it threatened her career, it did not stop her from living the life she wanted and she died in 2011.

7 Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson was first in the adult film industry before writing her memoir How to make love like a porn star. After starring in quite a number of erotic films, Jameson has been in the watchful eye of Hollywood fans. When she dropped from 138lbs to 95lbs, she became a target of many tabloids. Her struggles with a cancer scare, a miscarriage, and crazy love life are what contributed to her dramatic weight loss but has since then tried to live a much healthier lifestyle.

6 Courtney Love

Courtney Love has been a victim of the paparazzi and Hollywood critics for a long time now. When a celebrity who loses weight is already a favorite of the tabloids, that celebrity is bound to receive more unwanted attention. She was rumored to have lost all that weight thanks to hard drugs. However, according to Love, she just changed her diet which which was composed of fish and broccoli.

5 Kate Moss

Kate Moss is more famously known for saying “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” She has managed to stay skinny even as a 30 something year old model. Even though she is one of the thinnest celebrities in Hollywood, it is not because of anything unhealthy - it is a combination of genetics and eating really light meals all the time.

4 Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth was known as the babe who rode waves in Blue Crush. Back then, her body was toned but the body she is sporting recently is nowhere near her Blue Crush physique. Rumors have been going around that she is suffering from an eating disorder but she has denied them all.

3 Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci has admitted to having anorexia during her teen years. However, decades after, she is still losing weight and gaining it back. Her yoyo-dieting has made her a target of gossip tabloids for years. Ricci was never known to be overweight or fat. So, many wondered why her constant battle against her weight has lasted for so long.

2 Christian Bale

In order to get into character for his roles, Christian Bale does not mind going down to 122lbs in order to play his character right. For his academy award winning role in The Fighter, Bale over exercised and ate much less than what he was used to. While he did that, he still took supplements so that his body would not run out of much needed vitamins and minerals.

1 Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie’s fame began when she starred in the reality show The Simple Life, with best friend then Paris Hilton. Even though the two were completely different, it was hard not to notice how Hilton was the tall and thin one while Richie was a little more petite and on the heavier side. The show lasted for a few seasons and it began to be noticeable that Richie was getting thinner after each new season. When the show ended, Richie appeared on the covers of tabloids continuously and was criticized for losing more and more weight. She weighed as little as 90lbs until she finally faced her weight issue and sought help. Rumors had been going around that she was going through an eating disorder but the actress never confirmed nor denied them. After some time she gradually gained weight and eventually got married and now has two kids. After gaining weight she has managed to stay fit ever since and is now focusing her work on personal businesses.

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