Top 10 Cutest Royal Babies Ever

Hearts around the world have been stolen by Princess Charlotte in the two weeks since her much-publicized birth. Early photos of the newest royal show an awfully cute baby that, well, likes to sleep a lot.

For now, though, it's older brother Prince George who has drawn most attention. Looking alert and adorably regal, George is the spitting image of his father, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. It is no surprise that a good-looking couple like William and Kate Middleton has spawned a couple of endearing tykes, but they aren't the only blue bloods who have brought forth a young generation of attractive newborns.

The recent birth of Charlotte offers a great opportunity to look back at other royal babies that inspired their fair share of cooing and awwing in their time. Combine a noble demeanor with a fancy outfit and some undeniable cuteness and you'll see why these 10 photogenic youngsters, who come from royal families around the globe, are irresistible in their  wee regal-ness.

10 Eloise, Claus-Casimir and Leonore (Netherlands)

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The three children of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien are, respectively, fifth, sixth and seventh in line to the throne in the Dutch Royal Family. The grandchildren of Queen Beatrix and Claus von Amsberg are separated by just four total years in age and have grown up together, accordingly. They are almost always spotted together, being playful and silly and showing just how close they all are. Sometimes, kids - even royal ones - are just kids.

9 Prince Hisahito (Japan)

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In Japanese, Hisahito means "serene and virtuous," qualities which will surely serve him well when he assumes his place as Emperor of Japan (he is currently third in the line of succession). For now, though, he is a happy, active youngster who has spent his entire life - from birth up to his eighth birthday last September - in the eye of an adoring public. The young Prince's status isn't without controversy - his birth slowed a movement to change rules pertaining to the male-dominated Imperial succession plan amidst three older female heirs. But Hisahito is too busy riding his bike to worry about any of that.

8 Isla Phillips (England)

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Isla Phillips belongs firmly within the Royal Family, even if her name carries no titular nobility to it. Back when her father, Peter, was born in 1977, grandparents Princess Anne and Mark Phillips opted to decline any titles or styles to allow their children (and later, grandchildren) to have normal upbringings. It appears to have worked, as Isla (pronounced eye-la), looks to be a normal, happy three-year-old despite her status as great-granddaughter to Queen Elizabeth.

7 Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus (Norway)

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Think you have it tough in relation to your older sibling? Try being in the shoes of Norwegian Prince Sverre Magnus, who is less than two years younger than his sister, Princess Ingrid Alexandra. Those 22 months makes a difference, though. Not only is 11-year-old Ingrid next in line to claim the throne as Queen of Norway (one step ahead of her brother), but she also carries the title of "Her Royal Highness" to Sverre's "His Highness". At nine years old, I'm sure he's not too concerned.

6 Queen Elizabeth (England)

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Yes, even the 89-year-old Queen of England was a little girl once. Remarkably, still-existing pictures chronicling the early days of the current monarch seem to depict a truly regal, steely resolve on the part of the Queen-to-be. Another quality identified in the Queen at an early age was her love of horses, as recently released photos show her enamored with both small ponies and toy horses. That passion carried with her throughout a lifetime that has included riding, breeding  and owning thoroughbred horses.

5 Princess Sofia and Princess Leonor (Spain)

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You'd be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful set of royals than Spain's Royal Family. It is no surprise that young Princesses Sofia and Leonor make for an adorable pair, given that they are the daughters of the striking King Felipe VI and the stunning Queen Letizia. They became one of Europe's youngest reigning royal families when King Juan Carlos abdicated the throne to his son in 2014. That made nine-year-old Leonor, who is 18 months older than Sofia, next in line to the throne.

4 Princess Ariane (Netherlands)

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It is older sister Catharina-Amalia who, known by the charming title "Princess of Orange", is the heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. But it is Princess Ariane who has captured the hearts of so many Dutch citizens for her bubbly exuberance, a constant glowing presence at public events. In 2007, a newborn Ariane suffered through a scary lung infection, resulting in over 30,000 letters of sympathy and well-wishing being sent to her parents, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima.

3 Princess Estelle (Sweden)

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Having recently celebrated her third birthday, Princess Estelle has quickly become a buoyant bundle of energy as an active, adventurous lover of the outdoors. Often seen with a charming bow in her hair, Estelle also happens to be incredibly cute. But don't let the cuteness fool you - she carries plenty of weight within the succession plan of the Swedish Royal Family. Second in line to the Swedish throne to her mother, Crown Princess Victoria, Estelle is the first female in Swedish history to be born with a right to inherit the crown that cannot be superseded by the birth of a male heir.

2 Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella (Monaco)

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Fort Antoine in Monaco was the site of 42 canon shots fired out on December 10th of last year, 21 for each of the twins born to Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene. Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, the elder of the twins by two minutes, added two new additions to the Princes of Monaco family tree. Their birth was such a celebrated event that when they were presented to the public for the first time on January 7th, it was declared a public holiday in Monaco.

1 Prince Harry (England)

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Like his grandmother before him, Prince Harry gets the nod despite not exactly being a tot at present time. The now-30-year-old Prince of Wales was irresistible as a precocious, curious youngster whose impish, mischievous spunk served in stark contrast to the stoic nobility of his older brother, Prince William. Sure enough, some things never change and Harry, remaining his trouble-making self, even joked to Will and Kate about teaching baby Charlotte how to be the second heir to the throne.

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