Celebrities with Big, Beautiful Butts

Girls and guys are always admiring celebrities who have been born with big healthy butts. We hate people who try to ingratiate themselves to others by kissing ass. But if our boss is someone like the people listed below, then men around the world certainly would not mind kissing ass even everyday and twice on Sundays. As Freddie Mercury and Queen once sang, these fat-bottomed girls can certainly make the rugged world go round. Here is a list of the top 10 celebrities with big, healthy butts.


10 Jessica Biel                            

We first saw the potential of her bum, or rather, of this actress when she played a role in the WB and CW drama series entitled “7th Heaven.” She has appeared in movies such as “Valentine’s Day” in 2010 and “New Year’s Eve” in 2011. She has not really achieved anything spectacular and out of the ordinary with her acting skills, though she did manage to attract the attention of heartthrob Justin Timberlake. Of course, her butt probably has something to do with it. It certainly sent Timberlake to heaven.


9 Rihanna


She is a recording artist from Barbados that has brought us hit songs like “Umbrella,” “Rude Boy,” “Disturbia” and “Diamonds.” She has the distinctive voice, sexy allure and healthy butt that men really adore. Chris Brown learned his lesson the hard way that Rihanna is one of a kind. He made the boneheaded move of hurting Rihanna. He tried going out with another girl but found himself getting into fights with the likes of Drake over his ex-girlfriend. The two eventually got back together and you can be sure that Chris Brown won’t be a rude boy anymore and will instead start kissing up Rihanna’s ass, figuratively as well as literally.


8 Pippa Middleton


The world already knew of Kate Middleton even before her royal wedding to Prince William. The big introduction that day was Kate’s sister’s butt. With over a billion people watching, the women fell in love with Kate’s dress while the men drooled over Pippa Middleton’s ass. You know her bum’s impact was tremendous when tribute pages on Facebook and websites in the butt’s honor started cropping up.


7 Kate Upton


Victoria’s Secret famously dismissed her in early 2012 because of her too blond look and a face that anyone with money can go out and buy. This is despite the fact that she had just gone from Rookie of the Year to the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated magazine in just a year. This is also despite the fact that a video of her dancing to “Dougie” and doing the “Cat Daddy” became a viral hit that men and teenage boys would watch over and over again. Isn’t Victoria’s Secret selling lingeries, including panties? And don’t those products require someone with a butt like Upton’s? What the hell were they thinking about when they dismissed her?


6 Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara has been turning heads with her extremely funny portrayal of Gloria in the hit television series “Modern Family” and her extremely large butt that is on display each week during the show. She is married to an old timer in the show, but with a big, healthy butt like Vergara’s, Viagra is not even required.


5 Nicki Minaj


The singer who gave us the hit single “Super Bass” probably should have sang the song with a silent B so it would be heard as super ass. And she is no one-song wonder who merely grabbed a glance from the public because of her rounded and healthy butt. Minaj has been able to follow up her quadruple platinum hit with other popular songs like “Pound the Alarm” and “Starships.” She has won several trophies from the BET Awards, the American Music Awards and the MTV Music Awards. The New York Times as probably the most influential female rapper of all time has considered her. The Source has named her as its “Woman of the Year” for 2012. She also now serves as one of the celebrity judges in the hit reality competition show called “American Idol,” where she is often at odds with another fat-bottomed girl in Mariah Carey.


4 Scarlett Johansson


We first saw her butt in the opening scene of the 2003 Sofia Coppola film entitled “Lost in Translation.” She was just a teenager at that time, so one can only imagine how much more rounded and healthier it has gotten now that it has blossomed into a full-blown woman. It has been in full display since that time, from the 2003 Academy Award ceremonies when she and her butt caught the attention of Benicio del Toro to the 2012 blockbuster “The Avengers” when she wore a tight spandex suit. Phone tapping is bad and illegal, but men around the world certainly forgave that hacker who stole pictures of Johansson in her naked glory.


3 Beyonce Knowles


It was her group called Destiny’s Child which sang the song called “Bootylicious” in 2001, but it was Beyonce herself who wrote that song, along with a couple other guys. While the term had been in use since Snoop Dogg coined the term a decade earlier, it was the song that catapulted the term to popular use, eventually finding its way to the Oxford Dictionary. One look at Beyonce and you will know what it really means. And the halftime show in Super Bowl 2013 confirmed her status as one of the best singers and best butt in the world.


2 Jennifer Lopez

She has brought to us hits from the 2001 “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” to the 2011 “On the Floor” and 2012 “Dance Again.” She has had relationships from big time rapper Puff Daddy or P. Diddy to big time actor and director Ben Affleck to big time dancer like, hmm, Casper Smart. The one thing constant through it all has been her big, healthy ass.


1 Kim Kardashian

The woman with the thousand curves was exposed butt naked by her ex-boyfriend who created a sex tape. The scandal has not diminished Kardashian’s appeal however. It seems like everyone from basketball players to rapper moguls has been trying to get a hand on her ass. Kanye West definitely loves his new squeeze.

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