The Hottest Women in Costa Rica

Latina women are among the most beautiful in the world. It’s not just because of their exotic looks and beautiful skin; the legendary fire of the Latina Temper lurking in their eyes serves as just another factor that draws men to them. They will stand up for what they believe in, they will not back down, and this just makes them even sexier.In Costa Rica in particular, the women are a blend of the sizzling hot and fiery passionate. So, who are the hottest ticasof today? We checked the Internet to find out.

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11 Angeline Conejo

This nearly six-foot tall Hispanic beauty has become a familiar face in the runway and magazine ads and was once featured on the cover of a Maxim magazine wearing nothing but chocolate, but the funny thing was that the chocolate was just around her mouth. This native from San Jose town has hazel eyes and long blonde hair.

10 Karol Quesada

After she won Miss Congeniality in the Costa Rica Miss Teen 1997 competition, Karol Quesada is now mulling entering Journalism, but her adventurous spirit just might get in the way.

 “I love sports especially extreme ones, I’m very competitive and I try to be as disciplined as possible. I work out three times a week on specific areas. I believe in the spiritual part of people, their vibes and attitude…I admire the humble and everyone that reaches their dreams,” she says.

A professed nature lover and dog lover, she makes her hometown in Juan Vinas, Costa Rica.

9 Karla Bermudez

Another familiar face on magazine covers, this 5’6” tall model is one of the judges on the Reggaeton Goddess dance program, and once even accepted the challenge to dance on the show. This red-haired, brown-eyed beauty has vital statistics of 35-24-37.

8 Hazel Carvajal

Someone was asked to describe the 5’8” inch beauty in a single sentence and said “Hazel is one of the most attractive Costa Rican models with an amazing body and a foxy personality.” Born in San Ramon, Costa Rica in 1986, this beauty was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic in 2004 and her career is just taking off. 

“I love wearing bikini and lingerie because it makes me feel great … Modeling is a great job for people that love to travel and are adventurous,” she says.

7 Diana Salinas

This swimsuit model and cover girl was part of a Maxim search for the girl-Maxim Axe. While she was born in Colombia, she considers Costa Rica to be her home just as any Costa Rican. 

“The beauty of Costa Rica will always be in people who make one feel at home. They are helpful, attentive and we do not ever lose. The good is always the warmth of the people, the ugly is that you should always have someone in the middle to get in the way,” she says.

6 Sharon Brenes

This fashion model from San Jose, Costa Rica, has appeared in various photo-shoots. Who wouldn’t grab her for a model? She stands 5’6” inches tall and has dark brown eyes, perfect teeth and a 34-24-36 figure. Her portfolio includes lingerie shoots and art-nude shoots, so she has no qualms about taking it off for art’s sake. She has also joined the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Contest.

5 Jireh Vargas

Another native of San Jose, Costa Rica, this petite beauty has unusually Irish features, that is red hair and green eyes. Her figure is a stunning 33-26-38. She likes the English language so much she has a scholarship at the American Cultural Center in Costa Rica. She describes herself as a very happy girl who loves to spend time with her friends. She also loves going to movies and doing modeling. 

“I am a model, down to earth and very responsible with what I do, I am also sympathetic and eager to move forward and achieve many goals,” she says.

She is now rehearsing for a television pilot program on tourism.

4 Kathryn Arbenz

A native of Ciudad Cariari in the central valley of San Jose town, she started modeling as early as 15 with the AXE Modeling Agency and has appeared on countless magazine ads and television spots. She even appeared on the TV series “Retembos”. She has a bit of history in her since her grandfather is actually the ex-president of Guatemala, Jacabo Arbenz Guaman, who served in the 1950s. Despite being busy with her projects she always takes time to go to the gym. In fact she has won the gold medal at the AMED Championship of the International Federation of WABBA as a fitness model. Don’t let her good looks alone fool you; Kathryn has education in International Affairs.

3 Pamela Alfaro  

This Costa Rican model had her chance at international fame after she was chosen as Chica E for Latina America.She has also modeled for famous US swimwear labels that sponsor a gathering of many Latina models every year in Yucatan, Mexico. For some reason she had not appeared in local periodicals, maybe because of her privileged upbringing as the daughter of a dentist who caters to the elite of Costa Rica’s showbiz personalities.

2 Julissa Castro

She was the early favorite of the 2012 Miss Teen Universe and also made a big splash during a fashion event before the finals. But while she did not take home the crown –winning only second runner-up next to the winner Saskia Nikyta Tam of Panama and first runner-up Clarissa Marie Obia of the Philippines – Entrepreneur Enrique Gonzalez, who is the main organizer of the event, was quoted as saying she wowed the audience at the fashion show.

1 Nazareth Cascante

Crowned Miss Costa Rica 2012, this 5'9" beauty is no stranger to beauty titles, having already won Miss Costa Rica Teen 2008 and Miss Teen International 2009. Born in her hometown in Alajuela, she celebrates her birthday every 20th of October and studies Pharmaceutical Science at the El Tambor University in Alajuela.


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