Sexiest Celebrities Spotted Wearing Bikinis

Many people marvel at how immaculately fit female celebrities are. The truth is any person would probably have six pack abs and muscular thighs if they had the money to hire a professional chef and the free time to do yoga or pilates eight hours a day. Still, these celebrities do work hard and are very entertaining so it’s important to give props where they are due.

 One of the main spots that a celebrity goes to show off is the beach. The celebrity might act like they’re appalled or that they don’t appreciate the lack of privacy but many times paparazzi are tipped off by publicists who want to get their client noticed. Having a female celebrity on the cover of supermarket tabloids who has shed maternity weight or gotten into incredible shape is a great way to market their brand. No matter what the motives, everybody can revel when these celebrities are spotted wearing the sexiest bikinis.


10 Elin Nordegren


She may no longer be married to the world’s best golfer but Elin’s bikini body is more than up to par. Perhaps not having to travel to hubby’s golf events all over the world has allowed Elin more time for circuit workouts and toning. It could be said that the $100,000,000 she received in her divorce from Tiger Woods goes a long way in purchasing gym equipment for the mansion. Either way the 33-year-old mother of two should keep doing what she’s doing.


9 Bar Refaeli


Wives around the world are lucky girls that look like Rafaeli don’t show up to the actual bar as they’d never see their husbands. Many adolescent males around the world have the Bar Refaeli yacht bikini pictures imprinted in their brains. Even though she has been linked to Leonardo DiCaprio in the past, Bar was last seen making out with an overweight nerdy kid in the Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial. So you're saying there’s  a chance?


8 Demi Moore


Sorry but she still has it going on and people have to remember that she’s 50 years old! Demi lost some weight and was looking pretty stressed out after splitting up and getting punked by Ashton Kutcher but reports are she’ll be ready for the next Hollywood bikini season, which is all year long. While most women in their 50's are content with browsing Pinterest all day, it appears that Demi is completely ‘Moore-tivated’ to work out and keep her body in shape.


7 Nicole Scherzinger

The lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls has a body that resounds the fact that she spends   her days rehearsing dance acts that have burlesque themes. The beauty has also appeared on Dancing With the Stars but most people would request that she does more dancing on the bars. Nicole has taken a break from performing with the Dolls but has launched a successful solo career and has landed a job as a judge on the X-Factor. The only question to ask of this rising star is, “Don-Cha think you should be spotted in a bikini more often?”


6 Jessica Biel


Some times a girl with muscles can be scary but Jessica Biel pulls off the fit look with the same beauty and style that she brings to the movie screen. Adam Sandler should have won an Oscar for playing a gay man who thwarted Biel’s advances in ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.’ Even though she's off the market after marrying Justin Timberlake in 2012, fans can still root for the inevitable Caribbean vacation in which Jessica frolics on the beach in her revealing bikinis. It’s not sure if the couple plans on having kids in the future, but knowing Jessica's drive and desire to keep her body in perfect shape she’ll return to optimum bikini shape before the youngster is even crawling.


5 Katy Perry

It’s well known that Katy’s father is a devout pastor but members of his congregation had to be at least a little intrigued when her song ‘I Kissed a Girl’ debuted in 2008. Katy has natural curves that go for miles and despite being raised very religious she isn't afraid to show off her body. Katy is so sexy that she even made cartoon Smurfette seem hot as she voiced her in the 2011 Smurfs movie. Celebrities are granted one mulligan in their careers and it’s best to forget that Katy’s marriage to Russell Brand ever happened.


4 Kelly Brook


Kelly has never quite made the leap to success in the United States even though she's achieved great popularity in her native England. One thing’s for sure, she has the body to win over American male fans. In the movie Survival Island Brook appears in a bikini for approximately the entire movie and the film to this day is known as the Citizen Kane to bikini lovers. Kelly has even abandoned the bikini, posing nude with her body covered in paint that looked like scales for a PETA campaign.


3 Jennifer Lawrence


Nobody is hotter than J-Lawr right now, both career wise and body wise. Lawrence  She recently won her first Academy Award at the age of 22 and her Hollywood star is only shining. Jennifer has the athletic body that makes a person believe she could actually win an ultimate survival game, as she did in the Hunger Games movie. With two sequels planned in the near future fans are left to ask when Jennifer is going to have time to strut around in her bikini for the world to enjoy.


2 2.Brooklyn Decker


If there was a fantasy league for drafting Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, fans would repeatedly select Brooklyn Decker. This model has appeared on the cover of the annual homage to bikinis and fans enjoy that she is not shy about being photographed in a bikini. It’s still a mystery to Hollywood experts how Adam Sandler signed off selecting Jennifer Aniston over Brooklyn Decker at the end of ‘Just Go With It,’ a movie he helped write!


1 Julianne Hough


The directors of Safe Haven knew what they were doing putting a shot of Julianne in a bikini in the trailer for her movie Safe House. Advanced ticket sales after the debut of the trailer actually outsold any of the latest Madea movies. First gaining fame as the dance professional on recurring seasons of Dancing With the Stars, it appears Hough's celebrity status is only starting to rise. She is even recently single as she told her long time TV host boyfriend – Seacrest, out!

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