Real Or Fake: 20 Celebs With Hollywood's Hottest Sets of Twins

Everyone loves watching a great movie or television show. They may contain some great actors in them but the reality is that a sexy woman with a nice set can make it much better to watch. That goes for music as well. There are plenty of people that watch music videos because the woman that is singing is sexy as hell. It doesn’t matter if she can sing or not or if the song is even good. People will watch.

A nice set is always a nice bonus for a sexy female celebrity to have. But everyone always wonders if they are real or fake. Sometimes you can’t tell and sometimes it’s obvious what the answer is. Do you know who is real or who is trying to fool the public with a fake pair?

Do you watch Modern Family because of Phil? Probably not. Did you go see Vanilla Sky and think that Tom Cruise was the best part of the movie? I doubt it. Did you not think that Denzel Washington's girlfriend in Training Day was hot? Of course, you did!

While we don’t have 100% guaranteed proof in most cases if they're fake, here are some pretty damn good guesses alongside some confirmed women who have gone under the knife! Then of course, we make sure to also highlight some of the women in Hollywood who are 100% real!

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20 Rachel Williams

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When Rachel Williams was named the winner of Zoo’s Great British Babe Search in 2013 her life as she knew it was over. In a very short time frame, she became a global sex symbol and one look at the beautiful brunette will show you why.

She had been doing some glamour modelling before that but she didn’t make a name for herself until a video of her was posted on YouTube that was called Slow-motion bouncing boobs – Rachel Williams bounces her fun bags in super slow-mo!!. In the first month that it was up the video was watched over three million times. There is no statistic of how many people watched the video multiple times because I’m sure they did! But nonetheless that’s a ton of hits in a very short time frame.

The 22-year-old now travels around the world for photo shoots and she makes headlines around the world when a new one is released to the public. And she isn’t stupid in her thinking about why people want to look at her. She told The Saturnalian that there was one reason that she wanted to start modelling, saying “Glamour modelling isn’t something I’ve really been introduced to, it’s something I’ve dreamed of doing since I was about 10 years old as I had developed my boobs at a young age! So as soon as I turned 18 I began the process of looking for the best agency and then it happened! And it’s the best thing I ever did!”  Many people around the world would agree with you, Rachel!

Are they real or fake? According to her, they are 100% real.

19 Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson is a beauty that has always been rumored to have an aftermarket set. There were always rumors and before and after photos of certain movies or shows. Everyone wanted to put up comparison photos of her and she would never address the question. To this day she still really hasn’t come right out and said “Yes I have done this” but there are a lot of reports and some pretty convincing photos online that certainly look like she did.

It has been reported that she did it for a 31st birthday present to herself along with a nose job. The work was reported to be done by Dr. Garth Fisher who is one of the most popular guys in Hollywood. She looked great before and she looks great now. But there are some obvious changes to her appearance that can’t be denied. Any website that claims to have her on record saying that she definitely did it seems to have a broken link or is an unreliable source. So all we can do is take the reports for what they are.

The unconfirmed reports look like they are accurate and there is certainly a change from before. So we will have to go along with the rumors that Kate Hudson is now not 100% all natural anymore.

18 Kristin Davis

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Despite being fifty years old now, Kristin Davis still has one of the nicest sets around. Whenever she is on screen she is always a pleasure to look at. She has been on television for many years and they look just as good now as they did back in the day.

You know her best as Brooke Armstrong from the old show Melrose Place and from her role as Charlotte on the HBO hit series Sex and the City. Davis also appeared in a couple of movies that came out for that show after it went off the air. In 2004 she was nominated for an Emmy Award for her work on the series’ final season.

Before getting the gig with HBO Davis played some memorable parts on Will and Grace, Friends and of course on Seinfeld as one of Jerry’s many girlfriends. In 2009 she played a funny role in the comedy movie Couples Retreat as she was matched up with funny man Jon Favreau who played the part of her husband in the flick.

Are they real or fake? The general public says that they are completely real so who are we to disagree. Take a look and judge for yourself.

17 Leelee Sobieski

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For many years now Leelee Sobieski (real name Liliane Rudabet Elsveta Sobieski) has been strutting around with one of the nicest sets in Hollywood. She is now 33 years old and as you can see they look as good as ever.

She got her break as a teenager and the world got their first glimpse of her in the movies Deep Impact and Eyes Wide Shut. She then did a couple of television movies that helped further her career as a serious actress (Joan of Arc and Uprising).

LeeLee was discovered while she was doing something that everyone does each and every day. She was eating lunch. A talent scout was checking out the cafeteria in her New York City private school for something that was coming up. While checking out the area Leelee was spotted while eating lunch and she was soon vying for a spot in the movie Interview with the Vampire. She was trying to get the role of Claudia but lost the spot to Kirsten Dunst.

Her work on Deep Impact was what got the attention of other directors and producers in Hollywood and after that performance, she was there to stay. But are they real or fake? We are going to go with real!

16 Pamela Anderson

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Nobody has ever mistaken Pamela Anderson for having a real set. They have been fake as long as anyone can remember. But that doesn’t mean they don’t look good. And they better look good for the $35,000 that she paid for them. But she said that she has regrets about doing it.

She told W magazine recently that beauty comes from within; it’s not what’s on the outside. And what’s on the inside dictates how much happiness one has. While pointing to her expensive set during the interview she said "Not that we need to point it out, I know it sounds like a cliché, but happiness has a lot to do with beauty. Calm, peacefulness, and not-constant stress are very, very important to feeling beautiful and confident. And that comes across whether you're wearing makeup or not."

While many others spend a lot of time denying any type of enhancements they may have had done, Anderson has never tried to hide anything from the public. She was a young beauty when she got started on Home Improvement and she became a star when she appeared on Baywatch. She had many aspects to her stunning beauty back then but there was always one thing that was very noticeable about her. And now that she is older, there still is. They haven’t moved an inch.

15 Halle Berry

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Just like Kristin Davis, Halle Berry has been known around Hollywood for having a great set for many years now. The fifty-year-old was once one of the highest-paid actresses in the business from 2000-2009. Even now though she doesn’t come cheap to filmmakers.

One of her most memorable roles came back in 2001 in the movie Monster’s Ball and her work earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Her big break on screen came while working with Eddie Murphy in Boomerang back in 1982. That lined her up for great roles in The Flintstones and Bulworth. They all set the stage for her Academy Award winning performance.

Berry wasn’t always an actress. She got started with modelling just as you might expect any beautiful woman would. That led to her entering several beauty pageants and she did quite well in them. In 1986 she was the first runner-up for the Miss USA Pageant and later that year finished 6th in the Miss World Pageant.

In the last few years, you have seen Berry in Cloud Atlas, The Call, and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Are they real or fake? We have to say that they are all natural.

14 Penelope Cruz

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Next, we talk about Penelope Cruz. She is easily one of the hottest women to appear on-screen of our generation. She's 42 years old now and still looks as great as she ever has. In 2001 alone Cruz starred in Vanilla Sky, All the Pretty Horses, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Blow. While most of those movies themselves were nothing to write home about, Blow was a great flick and Cruz was a good enough attraction to watch any of the others. Since then she has been in numerous films and been nominated for several awards.

Cruz is the first woman of Spanish descent to ever win an Academy Award and was also the first one to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

While she isn’t considered a “super model” she should be. She has worked with L’Oreal, Mango, and Ralph Lauren. In each of those ads, her beauty shines through easily and men take notice whenever she comes on their television.

Her agent, Hylda Queally, is someone that knows what a talented woman is. She also represents Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett.

Are they real or fake? We can only hope that they are real. They look real. If they aren’t then someone did one hell of a good job on her!

13 Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag was once a beautiful woman. But she wasn’t totally happy with who she was or what she had so she elected to have ten plastic surgeries in the same day. Yes, you read that right. As far as her set went she moved up from an A to DDD and then all the way up to an F. And then she had them removed.

It was a crazy ride for her and she recently told People magazine about the toll it took on her life saying, "I was in way over my head with the surgeries. I had no idea what I was getting into or that it was a lifelong commitment. It was very challenging, both physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, on my husband and on our lives. It was a huge turning point for us in such a negative way. There was a fallout with The Hills and a lot of backlash with the things we were doing. We spent more money and it was so unnecessary. Sometimes I can't believe I did that to us and to me. It's been a lot to overcome."

Now she is back to normal and she is once again a beautiful woman. After all, that’s been done though it’s hard to tell if she is all real again. All that work had to take some kind of toll on her body so we are going to say that she might still have a fake set. But they look much better than what she had done before.

12 Jessica Alba

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It’s hard to believe that Jessica Alba is now 35 years old. She got started in television and movies at the age of just 13 in The Secret World of Alex Mack and Camp Nowhere. She went on to a Golden Globe nominating performance in the series Dark Angel and that’s where the world first got a glimpse of her as an adult.

The stunning dirty blonde then moved back over to the silver screen and was a part of box office hits like Sin City, Honey, Into the Blue, Good Luck Chuck, Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

More recently you have seen her in The Killer Inside Me, Valentine’s Day, Machete, Little Fockers, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, A.C.O.D., Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame to Kill for.

Her performance on screen has not always been a favorite of the critics. While she was on Dark Angel she won a Teen Choice Award for Choice Actress and also the Saturn Award for Best Actress. She also won an MTV Movie Award for her work in Sin City for the “Sexiest Performance”. But she has been nominated five times for the Razzie Award for the Worst Actress. She hasn’t won that one yet but five nominations isn’t a good sign. But at least she’s good to look at!

Are they real or fake? We’re guessing fake. But we could be wrong.

11 Eva Mendes

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The 42-year-old Eva Mendes made a good name for herself doing “B” movies. Usually, in those the acting is bad but the women look good. However, Mendez brought both beauty and skill to the movies that she appeared in. Her better-known works are Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror and Urban Legends: Final Cut. Her career changed though with her appearance in the Denzel Washington smash hit Training Day.

Since that memorable role she has gone on to play parts in The Other Guys, Hitch, Stuck on You, We Own the Night, Ghost Rider, 2 Fast 2 Furious and All About the Benjamins. Mendez and her beautiful set have also been in several music videos and appeared in commercials for Cocio, Revlon, Magnum Ice Cream, Cartier, Calvin Klein, Pantene and Rebook among others.

Askmen.com releases a list of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women each year and Mendez was #4 in 2008 and #1 in 2009. Maxim named her at #7 on their 2007 Hot 100 list and #11 on the 2010 list. In 2012 People magazine also named her on the list of Most Beautiful at Every Age. Just look at her and you’ll see why she is on all of those lists.

Are they real or fake? Unfortunately, we think they are fake. But they are still great to look at, aren't they?

10 Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway has made a name for herself across many different platforms and not all of them good. But it wasn’t her fault that she fell in love with a con artist who was ripping people off across the globe. To her credit, she got as far away from him as she could, as quickly as she could, when she found out what was going on.

Take a look at her and you can see why he wanted to be with her. The 33-year-old actress was gorgeous then and she still is today. Her on-screen roles have related well with children as she has been in The Princess Diaries, Nicholas Nickleby, Hoodwinked!, Ella Enchanted, and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

She went on to take roles in more adult-themed movies and she was just as successful. Some of her best work came in Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada, Rachel Getting Married, Bride Wars, Valentine’s Day and The Intern.

In 2006 People magazine named her as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People and you can see why she was an easy choice. She could be on the list every single year. But are they real or fake? They have to be completely real.

9 Heidi Klum

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Heidi Klum is 43 years old now and she still looks as good as she ever did. She is most known as a model but she has done plenty of other work as well. She’s done television hosting and producing, fashion design, and some acting.

She was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue one year and in 1999 she was the first ever model from Germany to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Once she finished with her modelling career she turned to television and she hosted and was a judge on Germany's Next Top Model. If watching the beauties that were on the show wasn’t enticing enough for viewers, having Klum on the show definitely did the trick. She also worked on Project Runway and won the Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program award in 2013.

Klum has done work for McDonald’s, Volkswagen and also for Dannon. She has played many roles in movies and on television shows as well. Right now she is a judge on the NBC show America’s Got Talent.

In 2011 Forbes magazine ranked her as #2 on their list of “World’s Top-Earning Models” for her earnings of around $20 million. To quote a line from the show, Seinfeld, “They are real and they are spectacular!”

8 Denise Richards

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Denise Richards could never hide the fact that she got a fake set put in. The first attempt went wrong and was then followed by another failed attempt. Not failure as in bad results, in her case the results were just too big. After spending over $25,000, they finally got it right and she started enjoying the benefits of her new size. It opened a lot of doors for her as far as her career was concerned.

Things started changing for her after the first set was done but then she came to the realization that they were a little too big and she had them reduced and then even had them reduced again. Now they look normal and if you didn’t know better you might not be able to tell.

She once told Us Weekly that she didn’t do the proper research on her first doctor and he put the wrong size in, saying “When I was 19, a doctor put in bigger implants than what I'd asked for. I was in such a hurry to get them that I didn't research my doctor.” She said the only reason that she didn’t sue him was because she was preparing to film a new movie, saying “I felt very vulnerable. I was getting ready to film Wild Things and I didn't want to get into a lawsuit with some plastic surgeon. It wasn't right what the doctor did, but it is what it is.” She said that every young woman should do complete research before trusting a doctor with such a long term investment.

7 Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is a beautiful actress that is forgotten about on many lists of the hottest this or that. But at 37 years of age, she looks just as good now as she did fifteen years ago and should still be included in any of those lists.

She got started on the Disney series Kids Incorporated and she became a household name with her role of Sarah Reeves Merrin on Party of Five. She moved on to start making movies and nobody can forget her in the I Know What You Did Last Summer movies.

When she returned to the small screen she had several parts that she played for long periods of time each. She was Melinda Gordon on Ghost Whisperer from 2005-2010, Special Agent Kate Callahan on Criminal Minds and The Client List in 2012 and 2013. She is as talented as she is beautiful and it’s crazy that she doesn’t get as much credit as she deserves.

She has also done some work in the music world but she has found only medium success there. Her song called “How Do I deal” reached #59 on the charts.

She appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine in November of 1999 and again in May of 2009. Everything about Jennifer Love Hewitt is real.

6 Jennifer Aniston

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First of all Jennifer Aniston must be loving the celebrity news headlines of the last several days. Angelina Jolie has dumped Brad Pitt and Aniston must be laughing pretty hard at him. He walked away from Anniston to form the pairing that the public loves to call “Brangelina” but they are no more. Meanwhile, Aniston is happily married at the moment. Or so it seems anyway.

Even at 47 years old she still looks better than Jolie did ten years ago. Anniston is one of those timeless beauties that looks even better with age. You will never find her on a list of actresses that haven’t aged well. Well, let’s hope not anyway.

Anyone that was a regular viewer of her former hit show Friends could see many occasions that it appeared to be cold on the set. Not that anyone was complaining. Since the show has gone off the air she has gone on to make several great movies and she can play a drama role just as well as a comedy role.

Moving back to those scenes on Friends where it appeared to be cold on the set, seeing that along with some of the sexy clothes that she wears now, you can only think that they are real.

5 Shania Twain

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Shania Twain has sold over 85 million albums all across the globe. She is hugely talented but her stunning beauty certainly doesn’t hurt record sales a bit. Even at the age of 51 years old, she can still put a lot of younger women to shame in the looks department.

Overall she is the best-selling female artist in country music history and one of the best-selling female artists of all time. Most people in the business refer to her as "The Queen of Country Pop." Her first major success was back in 1995 with her second album that was called “The Woman in Me.” The album had several hits including “Any Man of Mine” and she earned a Grammy Award for it. Her next release was titled “Come on Over” and it quickly became the best-selling studio album of all time by a female artist, in ANY genre of music. It was also the best-selling country album of all time.

Twain didn’t have the same amount of success in her marriage as it ended very publicly after many years of union. Producer Mutt Lange left Twain for her best friend who was also married. But it worked out for her in the end as Twain ended up getting married to that former best friend’s then husband. Lucky for him, they look like they are all real!

4 Sofia Vergara

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You might not believe it but Sofia Vergara is 44 years old. She certainly doesn’t look it but she has had some help with that. But it’s ok as nobody is complaining about how good she looks. Come on, do you think we believe that you watch Modern Family to see what’s going on with Cam and Mitch? I don’t think so.

Don’t take that as she isn’t talented, though. Vergara is very talented and she has made a nice career not only as an actress but she is also a comedian and producer. Her acting, however, has made her the bulk of her money. She’s been in some great movies like Meet the Browns, Madea Goes to Jail, New Year’s Eve, Machete Kills and Hot Pursuit. Ok so they weren’t all great movies but who cares as long as she is in them right?

You also see her on television all the time in commercials for Rooms to Go. She has joined up with Cindy Crawford with her own line of furniture and the two now appear together in the commercials for the company. Those aren’t bad to watch either!

In 2012 and again in 2013 Vergara was the highest-earning actress on television in the United States. And it’s a good thing because those things look like they were quite expensive.

3 Heather Graham

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Heather Graham has been a beauty for a very long time now. She got started doing commercials before moving on to the silver screen. All of her movies haven’t been box office smash hits but she has been in a few good ones. But even the bad ones are worth watching as long as she is in them.

The good movies that the 46-year-old has been in are Swingers, Boogie Nights, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, The Hangover, and The Hangover III. She also had a pretty good recurring role on the show Californication.

Graham has long been known as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood and she has appeared on countless lists of the hottest or sexiest actresses. A quick internet search will also bring you plenty of sexy photos of her. Many of them are highlighted by a nip appearance through the sexy tops that she likes to wear.

In 1988 she was offered a role in the black comedy Heathers but her parents forbade her from accepting the role. They were very strict and didn’t want her taking part in a role that was filled with swearing by her character.

Heather is all real as you can see by just about any picture of her.

2 Tori Spelling

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Earlier this year Tori Spelling told ET that her daughter Stella didn’t know that her mom had a fake set. It’s hard to tell what Stella was looking at all of these years because it was obvious to the world that Spelling has been sporting an aftermarket set for many years now.

The interview with ET confirmed what the world had already known but it was interesting that her daughter had no idea. Okay, so she wasn’t around during the Beverly Hills, 90210 years but certainly she has watched the show. You would think so anyway. But even if you didn’t see any photos or clips of her back in the days when she was hanging out with Jason Priestley and Jennie Garth, one look at her today is all you need to know. They don’t even look natural, not even close.

Spelling said that her daughter found out the bad news from a conversation that she wasn’t supposed to hear. She said that the conversation was about how she had to get her additions removed because they had expired and there was a recall on them. "[Stella] overheard and said, 'Huh, your boobs aren't real?' I was like, 'Oh my God'. It was like Santa Claus. I didn't know what to do." That’s a funny statement. I hardly think it was like the Santa Claus conversation Tori. Come on now.

1 Kate Upton

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Kate Upton is one of the sexiest, if not the sexiest woman of the current crop of young actresses. She got started as a model and she graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in both 2012 and 2013. Vanity Fair also put her on the cover of their 100th-anniversary issue.

As an actress, she is still improving. Her appearance in the 2011 film Tower Heist was decent but her role in the 2014 movie The Other Woman was great. But seriously does it matter if she can act or not? She is one of the most viewed women in the world online and one quick look at her will show you why. Any new video that she posts almost breaks the internet with the number of hits it receives.

In 2008 the now 24-year-old went to a casting call for Elite Model Management in Miami. It’s not surprising to find out that she was signed that very day to the company’s roster. You see her all the time now in commercials for the mobile app game Game of War. If you haven’t seen one of those commercials you certainly want to look them up on YouTube. And I’m not talking about for the game, although it does look pretty cool.

It’s easy to see that Kate Upton is 100% real and for that we thank her!

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