Pop Sensation Lady Gaga Supposedly Undergoing Surgery at the Moment

There is sad but hopeful news for fans of the singer Lady Gaga, an unconventional artist, who has succeeded in winning the hearts of many worldwide. Gaga’s claim to fame lies in the outrageous outfits that she wears during her live performances and her music videos as well as the lyrics of her songs and even the content of some of her videos, which are quite explicit and have even angered the Catholic Church. This superstar is now undergoing surgery. Her fans are waiting in anticipation to see how it is going to turn out.

The singer injured her hip during a performance recently. Doctors informed her of getting this mended through surgery instantly as otherwise there was the risk of her not being able to perform again, a risk that Gaga could just not take for the sake of her musical career and fans. Gaga is indeed a unique artist because of the way she dresses and the approach that she has to life in general. One can tell that there is something very different about her, which sets her apart from all other actors and musicians in America and other parts of the world. It is not just always the façade which Gaga portrays that makes her come across as strange or weird or even amazing to some of her fans. It is the way she is, her approach, her views, her thoughts, her attitude that have a significant role in winning her a large number of fans across the world.

The injured hip of Gaga worried her producers to no end who felt that a lot of profit would then be compromised if the star did not go in for surgery instantly. The actress did not demonstrate fear of any kind before going in for surgery. Instead she sent a thank you message through her twitter and facebook.com accounts to her fans, telling them that she loved them and that she was really grateful for the support that they had shown her for this surgery. She said she would be dreaming about their good wishes while in surgery and felt a lot of gratitude to have all of them in her life.

Gaga admitted to not being able to say much about the condition that she was in since it had overwhelmed her as much as it had overwhelmed her fans. Gaga had secretly hoped that the hip would heal on its own. She didn’t want to bother the people around her about this and she certainly didn’t want to disappoint any of her fans whom she calls amazing and the reason behind her success.

Of course Gaga has been very brave through this entire physical ordeal and has come up with interesting ways to approach this problem with humor. For instance, she has named the wheelchair that she is using to move around from one place to another, Emma, which is quite a novel thing to do.

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