Lisa Hochstein of ROM Gets Real About Her Cast Mates As Well As Beauty Rituals

Lisa Hochstein who is a popular and well-known star in the sitcom, “The Real Housewives of Miami” got up close and personal with OK magazine recently, and spoke in detail about her fellow mates on the show as well as the beauty rituals that she follows to keep looking the way she is. Lisa came across as open and honest and never made an attempt to hide anything much. She was happy to talk about her skin care regime and also the efforts she has been undergoing recently to achieve fertility.

Lisa Hochstein spoke elaborately about her recent obsession for green juice. There is a place in Miami where she procures cold and compressed green juice daily and drinks these twice a day at least. Speaking highly about the nutritional value of leafy greens, Lisa said that it was the green juice that made her skin radiate and glow like never before. Admitting to not being much of a water drinker, Lisa said that she had made a resolution at the start of the year to drink at least eight glasses of water in a day if not more and has been doing that ever since. According to Lisa, drinking water and green juice is a better way to take care of your own skin instead of applying creams over the face.

She talked about this skin care regime that she is known to follow, and how her husband laughs at her over this, since she diligently applies toners, masks and creams to her face for half an hour at least before she goes to bed at night. She is trying to come up with the name for a serum after which she intends to release it in the market.

Lisa also spoke about her love for fellow housewife Karent, making it evident that it was Karent who was her favorite housewife on the show. She talked about the necessity for certain people to create a lot of high drama to draw attention to themselves. Karent is not like that and generally likes to stay out of these things. It was simple for her to become a target for these nasty people, Lisa says. In her view, Karent was a scapegoat but Lisa’s faith in her own life and herself allowed her to never fall into the clutches of individuals seeking to create high drama.

Lisa admitted to getting to know herself better after she watched herself in the show on television. She said that she spent most of her time on the show speaking to Karent, Adrianna, Joanna and Leah. By viewing herself on the show, she actually got to realize how she was around other people. It was an eye opener for Lisa Hochstein. She enjoyed the experience quite thoroughly indeed.

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