Kate Middleton Stuns All With New Look Post Babymoon

Action on Addiction,  a well known residential treatment center, experienced a dose of glamor when their much loved patron, the Duchess of Cambridge, turned up, sporting blooming baby bump. Back after a relaxing vacation in the Caribbean, a healthy and tanned Kate Middleton looked simply splendid as she charmed the audience at the venue. Kate 31, who was recently vacationing in Mustique wore a MaxMara Studio dress of a grey color with pearl drop earrings accentuating the outfit. She created a style statement with this beautiful look. She looked relaxed and stress free before the camera, the happiness of being pregnant evident on her face.

According to Judy Wade who is a writer for the Observer Magazine, Kate looked so relaxed at the venue that it seemed that she was almost happy to show off her baby bump. Meeting the chief executive of “Action on Addiction” Nick Barton, Kate was all smiles for the camera. She claimed that it was lovely being back also stating that it was really the perfect day for it.

Chatting with all those present at the venue, Kate spoke about how happy she was to have a baby and what a wonderful experience it was turning out to be for her. She also revealed the feelings that she had about having a baby in the first place and how the experience of giving birth is going to change her for the better. Indeed, it was very interesting to hear the Duchess speak about child birth. It was impossible not to notice the sparkle in her eyes as she spoke of her unborn child and the overwhelming experience she was undergoing to bring the baby to the world.

Lisa, 34 who is a mother of three children and one of the many people who were present at the venue asked Kate whether the Duchess had felt nervous at the prospect of giving birth to a royal. Kate responded that it would be unnatural to not feel nervous, since it was only human to feel nervous prior to giving birth to a baby. Kate’s simplicity and girl-next-door characteristic appeal was evident in her behavior at the end. She succeeded in warming up all the people present. Another woman, at the venue, Natalie 28, was also completely charmed by Middleton’s behavior. After speaking to the Duchess of Cambridge, she told People Magazine, that Kate had been feeling rather unwell of late, which is typical of all pregnant women, but is now doing much better than she was before.

In the mean time, the Palace is getting ready to make an announcement regarding the various charities as well as interests that the Duchess is going to support over the next few years. This announcement is sure to hold interest for the fans and supporters of the Duchess of Cambridge, who are eagerly waiting to hear what her highness is going to be up to next.

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