Celebrity Beauty Tips for Less!!

We can all agree that celebrities have an image to portray. To be a star means to look a way that seems almost unattainable. This article will let you in on little tricks that will get you looking fresh and well groomed like the celebrities we all love.

If you do not have the financial means to keep up with celebrity beauty regimens, that does not mean you can’t get their look, it just means you have to find a way to keep yourself looking like a star for less.Take some time to spend on yourself. At the end of the day, you need to make sure you feel good about yourself. This is about taking your beautiful self and making you the best you can be.

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4 Skin

Radiant skin: Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry and Rachel McAdams

I will speak to you on behalf of my skin; I have very sensitive skin, it has taken me a while to figure out how to control it and here are the best steps to take if you are dealing with sensitive skin or any other types.

Think about all the things you touch a day, dirt, germs, perfumes etc. They are all bad for your skin. So try to keep you hands away from your face. If you are using an antibacterial then REALLY do not touch your face! Try to wash you’re your hands when possible with gentle, fragrance free soap.

Everyone is different, so you need to take it upon yourself to determine your skin type then follow beauty regimens according to your skin type.

Sensitive skin: You should be using hypoallergenic products that are alcohol and fragrance free. You should be washing your face in the morning and at night. Be careful, as some products are strong and may cause dryness or irritation if used too much.

Oily skin: You may have excess oil in the T-zone part of your face which causes blackheads or breakouts. Keeping with the sensitive skin routine. I would make sure the moisturizer you use is specifically made more oily skin types, not to add any more to your skin. Try a home facial to open your pores,do this once a week for best results. Wash your face, then begin to slowly fill up your sink with hot water, place your face over the sink (away from hot water) and put a towel over your head and sink locking the steam into the small distance from your face to the water. Stop the water at the right level for you and stay there in the steam for several minutes or until you see fit. Then slowly let the water start to drain out. Remove the towel once the water has cleared  and then lift your head. Follow with a toner to remove and excess from your skin and then apply moisturizer.

Dry skin: If dry skin is a problem for you, your body might be telling you to drink more water. It is also very common for women in their 30’s to start having dry skin. The best tip for dry skin is to clean your face with a very gentle cleanser and if you can, try to use hypoallergenic products. Moisturize minimum twice a day on damp skin.

Acne prone skin: The best suggestion is to consult your dermatologist, this way the doctor can ensure you try a product that is designed to help your skin.

 Tip: Moisturizing is important, especially during the colder months. My trick is to only moisturize on wet or damp skin, that way the product can be better absorbed and won’t leave a greasy residue!

Tip: Using a face mask and exfoliating can do wonders for your skin. Try to keep this routine down to once a week, and if you would like to do both, make sure you do them on separate days.

If you haven't gotten the hint about the importance in moisturizing then please get it now!! It is so important for your skin!


3 Perfect Eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows: Kate Middleton, Eva Mendes and Reese Witherspoon

Getting the perfect shape to your eyebrows may be a difficult task to take upon yourself. Here is a method you can try to get celebrity looking eyebrows.

Threading: Threading is dermatologist approved because it does not irritate the skin the way waxing can. The cost will run you from 4$ to 10$ depending on the place. It takes about five minutes and will leave you with a perfect symmetry to your brows. I have been going for about a year now and it has changed my face! I used to pluck and found myself always taking too much off of one or not being able to maintain a balance to my eyebrows. No matter where you live, there will be a few threading places within a 20 minutes commute.The trick is to find a place that is well recommended.

You should mention the look you want. Don’t be shy, this is your face. You can even bring in a picture to provide an example of what you want. Do not be discouraged if it takes a few tries until you get the exact look you want.


2 Thicker Fuller Eyelashes

Beautiful full lashes: Eva LongoriaAishwarya Rai and Jennifer Lopez.

We all want ravishing lashes to contour and brighten up our eyes; we are just thrown about which products actually work. Keep in mind most celebrities are wearing false lashes (lash extensions) what I will provide you with is the same look for less!!

I am a firm believer that the mascara brush has 70% to do with the results of your lashes. The bigger/fuller the brush, the bigger/ fuller your lashes will look, not to mention the longer they will look too.

First, take a damp cloth and go over your eyes with it, wiping from inner corner to the outer part of your eye. This will help with getting your lashes to naturally stand where you want them. Now as per the first coat; start with the outer corner of your eyes , begin to apply the mascara from root to tip with a gentle application. If you get any clumps, remove some mascara off of your brush and repeat from root to tip to separate the lashes. Once your lashes are separated the way you like, wait a couple minutes and re-apply the mascara over your lashes from root to tip. For added thickness you may repeat a few more times.

If you want the look of false lashes, but don’t want to buy them, then a fiber mascara is a useful alternative.

Fiber mascara:  They come in many forms, some are a mascaras that have these tiny fibers made with made of materials such as silk or rayon that will result with a build up giving a look of much thicker and fuller lashes. Or the jar can come the tiny fibers inside. I use the fibers that come on their own. For this type, you start with clean lashes, apply your regular (large brush) mascara, and apply the fibers onto the lashes. They will cling to the lashes because the mascara has moistened them. Reapply once more and finish with regular mascara to lock them in.

Tip: When applying fiber mascara,  try to keep your face facing  downward as to not get any fibers in your eyes. Once you are done, you can lightly dab your lashes with a Kleenex to remove any excess and lightly go over your face with a damp cloth to wipe any fibers off your face.


1 White Teeth

Bright and pearly white smiles: Britney spears, Penelope Cruz and Sofia Vergara

What you will need: toothpaste, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide.

Lets start off with me telling you a little secret about whitening toothpaste: the ingredient that gets your teeth white is hydrogen peroxide!

If you are having problems with yellow or stained teeth, then try a home remedy. It will cost you close to nothing and does not add much time to your daily routine. Keep in mind make sure you have no allergies or intolerance to any of these products.

This was one of the best recommendations made by my dentist; take your toothpaste, place some into a small jar/cup, add one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, half a teaspoon of water and one teaspoon of baking soda. Properly mix all the ingredients together, add to toothbrush and brush well for 2 ½ minutes. Repeat this once a week for a brighter radiant smile!

Once you have obtained whiter teeth, bring this method of brushing down to once a month.



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