How To Get Celebrity Looking Hair


Celebrity hair is something that is envied amongst women everywhere. Even if you don’t have your own personal hairstylist to do your hair every day, here are some tips  to keep your hair looking celebrity fabulous.

Most popular celebrity hair requests:


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7 Kim Kardashian Hair

EVERYONE wants Kim Kardashian’s hair! She's the Farrah Fawcett of our time.

For the Kim Kardashian look you will need:  4 big (ceramic) brushes, hairspray, styling paste or styling cream.

1. Air dry hair until it is 80% dry (lightly damp).

2. Split your hair into four separations, starting by splitting the top and bottom of your hair from tip of ear to the other ear. Take those two separations and split them in half.

3. It’s best to start with bottom sections, drying one at a time, whilst pinning up the rest. Blow-dry the section completely, once dry wrap the section with your brush, (using your brush as if it were a roller) leave the brush in while drying the remaining sections.

3. Once all the hair is dry let it sit with the brushes in for about 5-10 minutes. Your hair will begin to take the shape of the brush.

4. Remove the brushes (gently) and flip your hair upside down.

5. Grab a little bit of styling paste or cream. Run it through your hair and finish with a light holding hairspray.

Then voila!  You’re done!! All in about 20 minutes!


6 Kim Kardashian Ballerina Bun

This is how to achieve the perfect ballerina bun you see Kim sporting all the time.

You will need: bobby pins, a pair of scissors, hairspray and a sock, try to get one that is similar to your hair color. H&M has the "bun sponge" (picture below) which is a great alternative to using a sock.

1. Take the sock and cut off  the top part where your toes would normally be.

2. Roll it down until you make a doughnut shape.

3. Take a brush and comb your hair into a high tight ponytail.

4. Hairspray to ensure the sleekest look.

5.  Bring your ponytail through the sock and let it fall around the doughnut.

6 .Once u have done this, take an elastic, bring it around the crown of the bun, then bring in the hair underneath the sock, tightening the hair around it. Take the remaining hair twist it around the bottom of the bun and bobby pin to secure it.

Extra tip: If your hair is long enough you can take the remaining hair braid it and bring it around the bun for a more dramatic look and then use some hairspray to finish the look.


5 Taylor Swift Wavy Locks

To obtain the Taylor Swift look, you will need a 1" barrel curling iron, or a curling iron wand that can provide many different sizes.

1. Section off your hair into two parts starting at the tip of your ear to the other ear. Now you have a split going from ear to ear and you can take the top part of your hair and clip it or pin it up for the time being.

2. Take an inch section of hair to start with.  Turn your curling iron upside down , curl the section around the iron and hold it there for a few seconds (five full seconds). Take the tip of your hair (the image above)  off the curling iron, tug on the tip to relax the curl .

3. Repeat until you have curled all of your hair.

4. Use your fingers comb through your curls to break them up.

5.  Simply use a light movable hairspray and you're done!


4 Beyonce Curls

If you want Beyonce looking curls, simply follow the same steps as the Taylor Swift Curls. The only difference is to finish off by flipping your hair upside down and spray with hairspray. Stay upside down for a few seconds then spray once more,  come back up and you're done!


3  Miley Cyrus Loose Braid

Long or short, we always love Miley Cyrus's hair!

Tip: Best look would be on curly or wavy hair. For straight hair let the hair dry naturally before braiding.

1. Take your hair and separate into three sections, does not have to be even pieces.

2. Take the three pieces and begin to incorporate them into a braid, you do not need much tension, as the messier in this case the better.

3. Take an elastic and tie at the end of the braid to secure the hair.

4. For an added effect you can gently tug on the sides of the braid to give it a fuller effect.


2 Kate Hudson Sexy Beach look

Kate Hudson, always sporting the sexy beach look. To get this look, you will need a blow-dryer with a diffuser and salt spray. If you want to make your own salt spray you will need a spray bottle, fill it with water and add 2 to 2 ½ tablespoons of sea salt.

1. Let your hair dry naturally (for straight and wavy hair).

2. Salt spray from roots to ends, enough that the hair is evenly damp, even a little more moist is okay.

3. Take the diffuser and scrunch your hair up while drying to get the perfect beach look.


1  Jennifer Anniston Straight Hair

To get Jennifer Anniston's perfectly straight hair you will need to.

Wash and condition your hair.

You will need a comb, flat iron and blow-dryer.

1. Pin up your hair, take down sections of 4 inches, fully dry each section before moving on to the next.

2. Take your round ceramic brush and begin to blow-dry each section. Hold the brush downward in order to create no volume if you want to get the really straight look.

3. Once the hair is dry, you will begin to flat iron your hair. Taking small sections of hair (like picture below) use a comb and place it underneath your iron then very slowly comb and iron your hair, going straight down and repeat if necessary.

4. Spray a light hold hairspray and you have your Jen's straight hair.

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