Beyonce Bold New Hair Style

We have seen Beyonce spend thousands of dollars on her signature long golden locks. The biggest hair risk we have seen her take was either a short trim or a change of the shade of her hair color. One of Beyonce's wigs alone could cost more than 10,000 dollars. And her entire wig collection, it's estimated to be worth a whopping 1 million dollars.

She has spent so much green on keeping her long luscious hair up to standards from year to year. And in 2013, to stay fresh with todays hottest fashion trends, Beyonce courageously chopped off her hair!

She now rocks a short pixie cut but kept her golden color  known around the world. It is a hair style choice very similar to Halle Berry, old Rihanna, and new Emma Watson hair cut. Whether or not her style resembles other celebrities, this was still far from anyone's thoughts of how Beyonce would style her hair today.

This big change would also keep some money in her wallet now that she does not have to spend thousands on wigs and weaves anymore. Not that she needs to cut back on the spending at all, since her and her husband's net worth is estimated at $1 billion. If Beyonce does miss her long hair there should not be any problem buying another expensive wig to cover the top of her pretty head. So far, Beyonce seems to like her new look. She has been taking many pictures of the new pixie haircut and posting them on many different social networks. Her hairstylist thought that the new cut was very bold of Beyonce. She said that she was used to her long hair an that "it was like a trademark for Beyonce". But whether or not people enjoy her hairstyle decisions hopefully her decisions in music will continue to be liked.


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