9 Celebrity Transformations That Made Us Feel Awkward

The carriage of desire only moves upwards. The more you have, the more you want. If this bitter truth is applicable to the whole of mankind, then why would we think that celebrities will be any different to it? They are celebrated not only for their talents in respective fields, they are celebrated for their good looks too. But sometimes, even the boldest and most beautiful ones are not satisfied with how they look. They want to alter their looks to be perfect. At times, these endeavors go well, but sometimes the results are terrifying.

For a really long time, celebrities have been altering how they appear, with the help of plastic surgeries. They are beautiful, but they all want to be better. The practice of getting help from cosmetic surgery has been going on for a long time. There are very few celebrities who have never gone under the knives, even for once. Whether it is a little face uplifting with Botox, or making lips fuller with body fat. Now, the main reason behind doing them is to be more beautiful, but for few celebrities, the procedure had gone so wrong that they ended up looking repulsive.

Although, the craze of plastic surgery is not just found in the womenfolk. Many male celebrities have tried to transform their looks as well. A few looked younger and more charming, but a few unlucky ones looked bad after their transformations. Sometimes, even transforming the look via other changes, such as hair color or style changes, have gone wrong too. I know seeing the pictures and reading the description of disastrous celebrity transformations will be a frightening experience for many of us. But still, we have managed to find 9 celebrity transformations that made us feel really awkward.

9 Katy Perry

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She is the teenage dream of a million boys, and the whole world heard her roar. But this singing sensation has a habit of getting a bit too carried away. It seems Katy Perry has a habit of making some irrational decisions when it comes to her hairstyles. We all know that she is very beautiful, but even the most beautiful ones don’t look good in the shades of electric blue.

She has been experimenting with her hair styles and colors from the beginning of her singing career. Some looked cute and some looked scary. Her electric blue hair color with fringe cut definitely falls in the category of scary, and this is why her hairstyle deserves a spot on our list.

8 Britney Spears


She is the actual example of singing divas. She has power in her voice; she's got good looks; she throws around tantrums and at the same time, she is crazy. Britney Spears always kept doing what was unexpected, whether it was a nude photo-shoot or going on an irrational rampage. She always knew how to be the center of attraction for the paparazzi.

But in 2007, she ended up doing something that no one ever dared to imagine. She cut off her beautiful hair and went completely bald. It certainly wasn't her most attractive do, as her pretty face couldn't even overshadow her hairless head. This is why Britney's bald head comes in at number 8 on our list of celebrity transformations that made us feel awkward.

7 Courtney Love

Another beautiful woman who practically destroyed her face in a desire to look better. Courtney Love wasn't only pretty, she was seen one of the most talented women in Hollywood. She is a talented musician, songwriter, model and also an actress. Other than being involved in an uncontrollable wave of controversy over her husband Kurt Cobain’s death, she is criticized for her drastic outcome of plastic surgeries.

Like many other unfortunate ones, her surgery didn't go so well. Her cute visage was transformed into something rather creepy. Her lips are too puffed up, her jaw look stretched and even her eyes have become uncomfortable to look at. This is why Love's transformation merits a spot on our list.

6 Mickey Rourke

As I have mentioned before, in Hollywood, men are also obsessed with 'look improving techniques'. Like in female celebrities, it has gone awry in menfolk too. Mickey Rourke is one of their victims. When he entered the acting world, he had both good looks and charm. He was a boxer, so he had a good figure as well. But only very few can be satisfied with what they have. Unfortunately, Mickey Rourke couldn't control his desire to look younger and better. So, he went under (a few) surgeries. The result, as we know, wasn't exactly a success. Rourke seemingly lost his vivacious looks and started looking bloated and scary, and this is precisely the reason for his number 6 spot on this list.

5 Joan Rivers

She was another multi talented, beautiful lass of Hollywood. The late Joan Rivers was not only beautiful, she had a great sense of humor too. She wrote many bestselling books and was part of many hit shows. Her talents might have remained the same, but just like all of us, she was losing her good looks as she was aging. To restore it, she took the help of plastic surgeons. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to improve the situation.

Her surgery went wrong in many ways. But her lip-job seems to have gotten the worst of it. Well, a little pout in the lips is good, but a total duck face can be downright creepy.

4 Pete Burns

The tradition of going under the knife and ending up even worse, isn't just found in America, it is seen on the other side of the Atlantic as well. English people have made similar mistakes too. Pete Burns is the burning example of that. This talented woman was a songwriter and an author. But maybe for the purpose of becoming prettier or more successful, or maybe just cause she thought it would be rebellious, she ended up doing various facial reconstruction surgeries. But at the end, she ended up looking like she had just arrived from the set of a horror movie. This is why her failed transformation merits its spot on our list.

3 Michael Jackson

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“If you are thinking about my baby, it doesn't matter, if you black or white”- This is the line from one of his most famous songs. Even though he was saying that to the world, he in his heart, Michael Jackson couldn't believe that. He was a charming young boy with darker skin, but he seemed to think that the world would love him more with a lighter complexion. He went through surgery after surgery, to be white.

His complexion changed, but it took away the sweet looking face he once had. His whole look started changing too. He got involved in many controversies, but more importantly, he started to look a little strange. This is why he comes in at number 3 on our list of celebrity transformations that made us feel awkward.

2 Donatella Versace

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She is the pioneer of style and fashion, and the owner of the world famous brand, Versace, but perhaps lacked knowledge of her own aesthetics. She was beautiful, but she wanted more. She had the money, so she kept on pouring it on expensive facial surgeries. But sometimes, even all the money in the world cannot bring you what you seek. The story of Donatella Versace is the burning example of this true fact. She went through plastic and cosmetic surgeries multiple times, and every time she did, they seemed to make her look worse than before.

1 Jocelyn Wildenstein

She is a socialite with a lavish lifestyle, and she doesn't think twice before spending on something. If this is true, then why would Jocelyn Wildenstein spare any expenses when it comes to spending on her beauty? Then again, even if she could control what she spent, she could not control the actual results. And the results were horrific. Her surgeries had gone bad. She went through surgeries many times, but the outcomes were seemingly worse than the previous ones. Yet, she kept having them, as she herself, confessed she was addicted to it.

God made everyone beautiful, but after seeing her, post surgery results, we all got a little scared. This is why she is number one on our list of celebrity transformations that made us feel uncomfortable. .

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