30 Actresses Who Look Amazing On The Beach In 2016

With the end of summer being just around the corner, there are plenty of things to be sad about. One of the main reasons may be that you won't be able to lounge around on the beach anymore. But even if you're not a beach fan, it's clear that some of the sexiest women in the world tend to love doing that very thing.

Below we've found the 30 best beach bodies from 2016. This isn't just another list about sexy swimsuit photos (though those are below), but it also captures 30 of the best women from this past summer. Heck, some of these photos are from earlier this month. With a mixture of Instagram and professional shots, there is no shortage of photos that will leave you really missing the beach.

We've broken down our 30 women into 3 categories: model, musician, and actress. 10 of each, but which group do you think will have the most beautiful women? Is your favorite star below? There's only one way to find out!

30 Doutzen Kroes - Model

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Doutzen Kroes has been a model since 2003, so she definitely is no stranger to keeping her body in tip-top shape. Kroes was born in the Netherlands, so perhaps you aren't shocked to find out that the above photo was not taken in North America. Kroes was out in Formentera, Spain on July 25th, but it was not far enough to escape the paparazzi. Kroes' popularity may have peaked a few years ago as she was model of the year in 2005, but it's clear she still looks as gorgeous as ever in 2016.

29 Miley Cyrus - Musician 

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To be honest, of everyone that is on this list, there may not be anyone that is more "out there" than Miley Cyrus. Yet in the above photos, the most wild thing may be the fact that she's making a silly face. The photo on the right was posted to her Instagram on July 25th. While she looks nice in the photo, you also have to point out that her swimsuit seems to have a picture of Seth Rogen's character from Pineapple Express smoking weed. But hey, when you have money why not spend it on ridiculous things like that.

The tamer photo on the left was posted to her Instagram on June 30th. Perhaps because her friend isn't in the photo she decided to not bust out the fancy suit.

28  28. Matilda Ward - Actress

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When you look at the above photo, you definitely might not immediately recognize Maitland Ward as the character Rachel from Boy Meets World. And while we got to know her almost two decades ago, the above photos from August may make you realize you'd love to also get to know her in 2016. Ward has taken to her Instagram to post countless swimsuit photos, as well as several of her cosplay costumes; showing off that being geeky can definitely also be sexy.

27 Rhian Sugden - Model

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Rhian Sugden may not be a known name in North America, but you better believe she has a following over in the United Kingdom. Sugden has experience working as a lingerie model, a glamour model, and a Page 3 girl. For those not up to date with British tabloids, Page 3 was a former feature of the British tabloid The Sun that would feature a topless, bare breasted model. While the feature no longer appears in tabloids, it's clear from the above photo that Sugden still looks absolutely gorgeous. The photos were taken on August 18th when she was vacationing in Turkey.

26 Lady Gaga - Musician

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You may be so used to seeing Lady Gaga in elaborate costumes on stage, that seeing her wearing a simple pink bikini may come as a bit of a shock. But something tells us that it probably isn't a negative shock! The paparazzi was out in full force when Gaga decided to take a vacation at the Pedregal Resort in Mexico this past July.

Gaga is on this list as a musician but don't discredit her acting ability. Gaga took home a Golden Globe Award in 2016 for her role in the series American Horror Story: Hotel.

25 Dakota Johnson - Actress

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Whether you love or hated the first 50 Shades of Grey, the fact that it brought in $571 million means it was at the very least financially successful. Dakota Johnson is returning for the sequel and you saw the original, you're well aware that there is quite a bit of nudity throughout. Perhaps that's why paparazzi were close at hand when they found out the sequel was filming in France back in July. Had the rest of these photos from this set be posted here, let's just say we'd be needing some censor tags.

24 Charlotte McKinney - Model

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There are models on this list from all over the world, but how can you ignore the American knockout Charlotte McKinney. McKinney has extensive modelling experience, most of which came from her success on Instagram and appearing in a Carl's Jr. commercial.

The photo on the left was taken on June 18th when she was hanging out on a particularly sunny day in Malibu. Proving her good looks stayed consistent throughout the summer, the photo on the right was snapped on August 13th when the star was out in Santa Monica.

23 Christina Milan - Musician

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Christina Milian originally wanted to be an actress, but her talent behind the mic led her to a reasonably successful singing career. In fact, she recently worked on the song "We Own The Night" with MC Harvey which came out on August 12th. But as much as you enjoy Milian as a musician, you're probably just glad that she also looks absolutely stunning in a swimsuit. You imagine she also knows that, as she posted this sexy selfie back on May 30th. It's not the only photos of Milian to come out of her on the beach, but there's something a lot nicer when it's a personal photo and not a creepy paparazzi shot!

22 Lindsay Lohan - Actress

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Of all the celebrities on this list, there may not be a single one that experienced a bigger public meltdown than Lindsay Lohan (except maybe Britney!). But like Spears, Lohan has cleaned her life up and in 2016 appears to also be looking better than ever. The above photos were taken back in May and feature Lohan on a beach in Mauritius. While you've seen plenty of bikinis throughout this list, it's clear that you can also wear a one-piece and look fantastic. At least if you're Lindsay Lohan!

21 Liziane Gutierrez - Model

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You might not be able to see unless you're staring very closely at certain areas, but Liziane Gutierrez is actually sporting little pasties of Donald Trump over her "areas." As well as a hat, Guitierrez also put one on her rear that came on and off throughout the day.

The photos were taken on July 28th when Guiterrez was on a beach in Los Angeles. Gutierrez is a Brazilian model who also gained popularity after she sued Chris Brown who she alleged hit her after he kicked her out of his Vegas party for being too ugly (his words!).

20 Taylor Swift - Musician

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These photos were definitely a much happier memory for Taylor Swift when they were taken with her then-boyfriend Calvin Harris. Relationships can fall apart though, especially if you're Swift and now she's hooking up with Tom Hiddleston. Perhaps he's got some of those Loki powers that he uses in The Avengers?

The photos were posted back on March 15th, but by June 15th it was Hiddleston that was keeping Swift warm at night. Maybe he saw the photos and wanted to make sure he dated her while the weather was still warm?

19 Jennifer Lawrence - Actress

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Who hasn't fallen in love with Jennifer Lawrence in the last few years? Whether it's with a bow in her hand or an Academy Award, there is little that Lawrence can't pull off on the big screen. So are you really shocked she can also pull off a swimsuit? The photos were taken back on March 4th when Lawrence was hanging out in the Bahamas. If we looked that good on the beach, we'd spend our time vacationing there as well!

18 Bar Refaeli - Model

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Bar Refaeli may be best known by many people as the ex of Leonardo DiCaprio, but when you look at the photo on the right that was taken on April 25th, you can understand why she's also had such a successful career as a model. The photo on the left was taken without any makeup on, back on March 25th. It is clear that makeup is far from a necessity for her! Sadly for you, those are the only two months of the year where you get to see Bar showing off her curves. She recently gave birth to a little girl, Liv, with her husband Adi Erza.

Talk about an eventful 2016!

17 Selena Gomez - Musician

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Of all the photos we're going to show you, Selena Gomez's two images may show the most diversity from one photo to the next. The one on the right was taken on January 3rd and is clearly a candid and fun photo of her and her friends in Costa Rica . The one on the left is a fun throwback twist to the 80s with a denim bikini that had a zipper which goes past her navel but exposes her stomach and shows off just how gorgeous Gomez can look during a photoshoot.

No matter which image draws your attention first, we're sure you'll be keeping a close eye on Gomez for the beach in 2017.

16 Jessica Alba - Actress

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Jessica Alba may not be acting nearly as much as she used to be, but the above photos definitely show that it's not because she isn't still absolutely gorgeous. The two photos were actually taken only 2 days apart (on July 18th and July 16th) when Alba was out vacationing in Hawaii. Perhaps she knew the paparazzi were going to be lurking around every corner so she made sure to have two outfits ready to help add diversity!

With no acting projects under her belt, we can only hope there will be other avenues in Alba's life that will allow her to stay in the public image.

15 Kelly Brook - Model

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If you're the owner of the calendar in which the photo on the left was taken, then you already know how gorgeous Kelly Brook is. Brook is an experienced model, so perhaps you're not shocked she looks so fantastic when posing for a camera. Yet the photo on the right which was taken on July 16th also goes to show that Brook can pull off a swimsuit even when it is the paparazzi doing the clicking. You may also be happy to know that Brook also helps produce a line of swimwear, New Look, which she has also been a model for.

14 Nicki Minaj - Musician

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Whether you love or hate Nicki Minaj, there aren't many people that would argue with you if you said that the girl loves getting attention. And what better way to do that than to step out on the beach in a bright yellow swimsuit! The photos were posted to Minaj's Instagram back on May 5th, 2016. You can imagine her followers, which now amass 64.4 million on Instagram alone are all eager for the star to step out on the beach and take some more photos before the summer is over.

13 Hilary Duff - Actress

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You may not be able to hear the name Hilary Duff and not think Lizzie Maguire, but seeing her looking gorgeous in a bikini is definitely one way to alter those childhood thoughts! Duff also gained further notoriety as the wife of hockey player Mike Comrie, but the two divorced earlier this year. One way to help cure some relationship blues? Get out on the beach! Duff was seen strolling around in Maui back in February.

Duff is currently the lead on the television series Younger, so you can imagine we're going to be seeing a lot more of her going forward.

12 Pascal Craymer - Model

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You know how a woman knows she looks good? She's got no shame sitting on a rock and busting out her phone for what we are sure was an epic looking selfie. Pascal Craymer is a former international gymnast but has now taken on a pretty fantastic modelling career. While we are sure Craymer has no shortage of professional looking photo shoots out there or selfies on her Instagram, but you may agree that one of her best photos from 2016 comes from the paparazzi taking the photo this photo on August 15th.

11 Katy Perry - Musician

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Katy Perry may have a huge smile on her face in the above photo but maybe that's because she spent the day hanging out with Orlando Bloom, and Bloom spent the day without pants! Of course, the paparazzi was there to catch Bloom hanging out, but you have to admit Perry looks pretty gorgeous too. There were also photos out there that showed Perry also getting into the naked trend, but you'll have to settle for the yellow and black bikini.

The photos were taken on August 8th when the two were out in Italy.

10 Kelly Rohrbach - Actress

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I'm not sure how you complete a list about the best beach bodies of 2016 and not include Kelly Rohrbach. If you're not aware of who she is, Rohrbach has experience modelling but also has an acting role in a movie that has just a small focus on swimsuits, Baywatch. It is clear that Rohrbach is up for the challenge of stepping into the shoes of C.J. Parker who was previously played by the blonde bombshell, Pamela Anderson.

The above photos were taken by Norman Jean Roy for GQ Magazine and were published in their August edition.

9 Nina Agdal - Model

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Now when it comes to sexy models there is definitely no shortage of photos of them on the beach, but how do you not include a photo from the Sport's Illustrated swimsuit edition like the one on the right? The one on the left is actually also from Sports Illustrated but was a behind the scenes shot.

Agdal is only 24 years old, but she has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on several occasions. In fact, she won their "Rookie of the Year" award after her debut in 2012. Perhaps not shocking then that she returned for the 2016 edition that featured many tantalizing images. Take us at our word when we say the one we're showing above is one of the safer ones you can look at, at work!

8 Iggy Azalea - Musician

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When Iggy Azalea turned 26, she decided to go out and party with her friends on a boat. Which thankfully for you, means she also happened to be wearing beach appropriate attire! Iggy has come under fire this year after another selfie showing off her booty caused fans to believe that she's had surgical implants, but we'll let you be the judge of that. Either way, it's clear that Azalea's career is not slowing down anytime soon. We can only hope that she'll invoke a similar tradition when she turns 27!

7 Margot Robbie - Actress

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It is clear when you look at the photo on the left that Margot Robbie is absolutely gorgeous. Yet photos from that day on July 19th went viral not for her looks, but because the paparazzi also caught photos of Robbie surfing where she looked slightly less graceful.

They weren't the only photos of Robbie to be snapped of her on the beach, as earlier that week (July 14th) the photos on the right were taken. At the risk of sounding too perverse, photos from the day on the right definitely got viral because the paparazzi also happened to get some photos of Robbie sunbathing without a top!

6 Emily Ratajokwski - Model

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You might not be able to pronounce her name, but Emily Ratajowski is still one of the most beautiful women in the modelling industry. Ratajkowski definitely has no shortage of past modelling experience you'll love looking over (including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues) but the above photos were both posted to the stars Instagram this past August. The photo on the right is the most recent photo on this list, being posted to her Instagram on August 24th and highlights the Greek coastline as well as a cheekier side of Ratajkowski.

5 Jennifer Lopez - Musician

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Back on May 6th Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram to welcome in the sunny weather. She definitely also gave people who had forgotten the benefit of summer a friendly reminder by showing off her looks in a simple white bikini and sunglasses.

Lopez must love that combination because roughly 3 months ago she took to Instagram to show off the photo on the right, featuring a different but just as captivating swimsuit. Along with the photo (that got 648,000 likes mind you), JLo added the caption "By the pool for my girlie Tera's Bday!!" and the hashtag #lasvegas. It definitely helps paint a picture of a pretty great night out with JLo and her friends followed by lounging at the pool.

4 Ariel Winter - Actress

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Ariel Winter may be thanking Modern Family for her break into acting, but we're probably all just thankful it was so hot this summer and Winter decided to hang out in swimsuits. The photo on the right was posted to her Snapchat and twitter on August 6th. The other...cheekier post made its way to her Instagram on July 5th. Winter (the season) may be coming soon, but at least we have these photos to remind of us of her summer.

3 Sara Underwood - Model

Via Instagram

Sara Underwood made sure to show off her patriotic spirit this past July. It only takes a few seconds on her Instagram page, which boasts a following of over 4 million viewers, to see that Underwood is no stranger to showing off in swimsuits. She's gone all over the world for photo shoots, with the above one was taken in Grand Teton National Park.

Underwood has also been on the cover of Playboy several times, including being Playmate of the Year in 2007. Underwood also appeared on the television show Attack of the Show, but it was cancelled in 2013.

2 Britney Spears - Musician

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Britney Spears may have had a public meltdown in the past, but she's definitely back and stronger than ever in 2016. Along with performing in Vegas, Spears clearly has time to hit up the beach and show off that putting on a successful show definitely leaves you in pretty good shape. The photo was taken by paparazzi when Spears was hanging out in Hawaii back on May 8th. We can only hope Spears makes sure to put on sunscreen and to not fall asleep on the beach or those tan lines would be absolutely brutal! Even Spears isn't immune from the power of the sun!

1 Kim Kardashian - Actress

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When Kim Kardashian stepped out on the beach on August 19th, the paparazzi was probably pretty happy they were nearby. There were several photos taken of Kim throughout the day, enough that she was able to show off two styles of white swimsuit. Kardashian was vacationing in Monokini with her family. Even if you cannot stand Kardashian, at least in the above photo it becomes very evident that she has the assets to try and keep the public eye captivated for at least one more year.

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