20 Hot Photos of Natalie Dormer That Will Blow You Away

Natalie Dormer made waves when she starred as Margaery Tyrell in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. But that probably isn’t the only place that you know this English actress from. She also starred in the super popular program The Tudors (as Anne Boleyn) and she was in The Forest, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, as well as several other stage, TV, film, and music video productions. So, as you can see, this 34-year-old celeb is everywhere, and everyone wants a piece of her. And why not? She is so gorgeous, petite and slender but with a small frame that makes us want to just scoop her up and cuddle all night long. Plus, she has killer fashion sense and all it takes is one look from her deep blue eyes to feel as though she is the only girl in the world. Sorry, Rihanna.

We needed to compile a list of sexy pics of this actress, so here we go: 20 hottest photos of Natalie Dormer that are going to get you feeling all hot and wild. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Whether this woman is wearing a trench coat, a sweater, or an evening ball gown...whether she has a simple ponytail, a full Brazilian blowout, or a half-shaved head...whether she is barefoot and makeup-less or dressed to the nines in smokey eyes and stilettos, Natalie is one of the most attractive actresses of our time. We are more than happy to dedicate an entire list of 20 photographs to this lovely lady, and we’re pretty sure that you will appreciate the gesture, too.

20 Sly Siren

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In this gorgeous photo, we see Natalie looking at the camera with the cutest little coy smile we have ever seen. It’s as if she is hiding a secret behind her back and it’s just for us. One can only dream, right? This photo perfectly shows just how kissable Natalie’s lip are, and she expertly pulls off the hair falling in the face thing. And can we just talk about her outfit for a moment? First of all, the blush pink color is super sexy, and she strategically wore a huge pendant necklace so that our eyes are instantly drawn to one of her greatest assets. Well, her two greatest assets actually. There is no denying that she is going braless in this photo, and we are for sure not complaining about that! Now we understand why she is wearing that cheeky smile on her face. What a sassy tease! Can you believe this is only the first photo on our list?

19 Esquire Photo Shoot

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An Esquire photo shoot is bound to be extremely hot, and this image of Natalie is no exception. Natalie’s petite breasts look absolutely perfect in a strapless push-up bra all decked out in leopard print. Plus, she has matching leopard print panties to go with it. She’s roaring in this lingerie! Natalie completed her sexy ensemble with an easy-going blouse in a peachy-keen shade. The photo is in a washed-out tone, which makes this look as though Natalie just woke up and is getting ready to stretch out for the day. Oh, if only we had the opportunity to wake up next to Natalie Dormer. What a dream that would be! She seriously looks great in this 2014 photo. We have a feeling that she did some hardcore working out, and my, the results are to die for. Her sleek physique makes her look like a female Adonis, and she has the ideal flat tummy that still looks ultra feminine.

18 Subtly Sultry

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You know those girls who are experts at pulling off the “I’m sexy and I know it but I’m making it look so low-key and effortless”? Yeah, Natalie Dormer is definitely one of those girls. She just looks so at ease in this picture and yet she is also emanating the attitude and beauty of a blonde bombshell. Of course, there are plenty of elements in this photo that help make her sexy allure stand out even more. For one, Natalie is decked out in a seductive smokey eye which really helps to make her blue eyes stand out in the photo. Secondly, she is wearing a slinky black tank top and a light sweater that is nonchalantly slipping off of her shoulder. This picture is a prime example of how showing less is actually a great way to boost your sex appeal. Sometimes it’s nice to see a woman who leaves something up the imagination, and that is exactly what Natalie did in this photo.

17 Sparkly Seductress 


Asymmetry never looked so good! Just take a peek at this outfit on Natalie Dormer in our next photo. Wherever she was going in this little number, she must have been the star of the show because it would be impossible to look at anyone other than this sex kitten. This image shows Natalie dressed up for a night on the town or in the club as she wears a mini dress with an asymmetrical neckline going into one side long-sleeved and one side sleeveless. Ooh, la la! Not only that, but this mini dress also has a sideways hem, so that we get a lot of leg action from Natalie’s killer glutes and quads. Like we said, this woman has got to work out on the regs. Finally, some cut-out accents give us some glimpses at her toned obliques and even further up her one thigh. Smoking hot lady!

16 Golden Beauty


What do you get when you mix a beautiful Brazilian blowout with some sky-high stilettos, and Natalie Dormer's luscious body? You get this wonderful little treasure: a gorgeous photo of Natalie in a slinky golden gown looking at the camera with a face that exudes confidence and inner radiance. Well, and outer radiance as well. After all, Natalie is super attractive, and we’re sure she also has a heart of gold (no pun intended). Anyway, in this photo, Natalie has a form-fitting dress in a natural golden hue and glittering striped accents on the cap sleeves and long hem. A subtle slit up the left side adds extra sex appeal (not that she needs it) and the shape of the dress hugs her contours perfectly. Natalie is a very petite woman, but she still has those lovely feminine curves. Hips don’t lie, and this photo shows us that Natalie is a smoking-hot mama that you would be lucky to meet.

15 Daredevil Dormer

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On January 18, 2014, Natalie Dormer made a daring strut along the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. This hottie with a body showed off more than her killer figure; she was debuting a tough-girl hairstyle that was sure to turn heads and have the paparazzi going crazy. Come on, any time a female celebrity changes her hairstyle there is loads of news in the fashion and gossip magazines. Natalie had one side of her head shaved, while the other side of her head had long cascading locks; her signature golden-blonde tresses. Gorgeous! And what about her outfit? Not only did Natalie emanate pure confidence with her hairdo, but she was wearing a lovely ball gown that showed off her assets in the best ways possible. Her floor-length, crisp white gown featured a type of lacy structured boa that hung around the back. This whole ensemble came together to look very futuristic.

14 Seductive In Summer

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This photo from last summer is drool-worthy. Natalie is looking at the camera in a very come hither kind of way and it turns us on - a lot. First of all, she is in satiny black lingerie, and her skin looks like perfection, just like a porcelain doll (but not in a creepy kind of way). Anyway, this photo has her long blonde hair cascading down her back and shoulders, and she is seductively slipping one of her lingerie straps down over her shoulder. Can you feel the temperature getting hotter in here or is it just her? The U.K. actress is seriously reminding us of her seducing allure in The Tudors, in which she played the character of Anne Boleyn. And most people will definitely recognize her as Margaery Tyrell from the HBO series Game of Thrones. We can definitely see why she was chosen to play an object of adoration.

13 Smarty Pants

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We so totally love this photo shoot because it is so clever and it works perfectly with Natalie’s siren-like beauty. As an actress on Game of Thrones, Natalie knows that the premise of the show is ultimately about the characters being used as pawns in a game; a game to win the Iron Throne. Well, whoever came up with this photo shoot idea is a genius. In the image, Natalie is standing next to a small side table that holds a chess board. The pawns and pieces are all set up and ready for a game. Checkmate! Natalie is holding up the white knight (is that some symbolism?) and she is looking intently into the camera as if she knows something that we don’t know...and that something is pretty serious. Anyway, in our opinion, Natalie looks intelligent, sassy, and serious all at the same time in this photo. We absolutely adore it.

12 Slick And Sleek

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For this fashion magazine cover at the beginning of the year, Natalie Dormer helped us usher in 2016 with a bang! This cover photo made us want to cuddle up with this snow bunny as she donned a pure white shift dress and slicked back hair. She looked like a queen in an icy paradise, but in a rather good way. Her dress is such a lovely work of art in itself: exquisite ruffles line the actress’s collarbone and then they cascade down the sides of her bosom and around to the back. The ruffles add some high-class appeal to the otherwise plain dress. The neckline is lined with gorgeous diamonds, creating an iridescent look about her, and Natalie’s face looks so serene and calm. The truth is if we ever happened to have Natalie Dormer grace our presence, we would be anything but calm! The background in the photo is just a simple gray wall, and that’s all she needs because her beauty (inner and outer) stands tall on its own

11 A Treasure In A Trench

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Trench coats can be difficult to pull off, but not if you’re Natalie Dormer. This photo shoot had the English actress poised on a stool as she donned a camel-colored trench coat that looks nice and cozy. It featured quarter-length sleeves, adding a chic vibe to the whole ensemble. And if it’s what’s inside that counts, Natalie was wearing a black satin dress with a plunging neckline. Yay! Wearing neutral earth tones never looked so good! The actress’ facial expression was one of subtle contemplation and she had that ever-popular slight pouty look on her lips. What is it about that look, the halfway parted and plump lips, there’s definitely something about it. The whole look for the photo shoot was completed with a pair of sky-high heels in black, creating a look of dominance yet delicateness. What a great juxtaposition for such an accomplished actress.

10 Going For A Swim

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Thank you, Esquire magazine, for another fabulous Natalie Dormer photoshoot! In this image, Natalie is all dressed up to go for a dip in the pool, or just to lounge poolside and delve into a good book. We’re sure that an intelligent woman like Natalie Dormer just loves to read! But that’s beside the point right now. Let’s just focus on the hotness that is running rampant in this picture. Natalie has a red floppy sunhat that makes us want to scoop the petite actress up and put her on a cupcake. Then there is her awesome nautical sweater, featuring red and blue stripes. We would be her first mate any day! Her bikini bottoms are cheeky (literally and figuratively) and have red and blue polka dots. The adorableness is killing us! Why can’t we be where she is?! The toned beauty is someone that we would love to spend a beach day with.

9 Woman in White

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We could kind of picture this outfit being used in Game of Thrones for Natalie’s character, Margaery Tyrell. We will try not to spoil anything for those who aren’t caught up on the show (but why wouldn’t you be?) Anyway, Margaery Tyrell is out to be THE queen and she wants to sit atop the Iron Throne. Too bad she has Cersei Lannister to deal with! If looks were the only prerequisite to be queen, then Natalie’s character would have it in the bag! No doubt! Yet if you want to see Natalie Dormer in action is some other productions, then check out The Tudors, Patient Zero, or The Forest. But back to this photo shoot. Natalie is looking like a modern-day fairytale princess in a long crisp white blouse, unbuttoned down to the middle of her chest. Underneath, we can steal a peek at her pristine porcelain skin, which looks so soft and smooth. If only we could know for sure! A side braid (sort of in the Elsa style!) makes Natalie look sophisticated yet delicate.

8 Banging Bombshell

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Look at the arch in her back! She is like a beautiful dancer, waltzing across the stage and into our hearts. She may be a mere 5-foot, 6-inches, but Natalie looks long, lean, and sleek in this photo. Who will ever complain about seeing Dormer wear a form-fitting white dress that hugs every contour of her body. Yummy. The long hem and long sleeves make her look very angelic and ready to take off for flight as a lovely grown swan. Of course, we’re sure that there was never an “ugly duckling” phase for Natalie Dormer. After all, she has been capturing our hearts for the past decade in productions such as The Hunger Games, Elementary, and The Tudors. Did you know that she was also the hot chick in Hozier’s music video for “Someone New”? Really! Whether she is performing on the stage, in film, TV, or in a music video (or lending her voice to a video game,) she is so inspiring.

7 Good Girl Gone Bad?

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Let’s go again to that time that Natalie Dormer showcased a half-shaved head..and totally rocked the hell out of it! In this photo, she is sitting in the corner of a sunlit house and staring at the camera with a look of seductive and aloofness. A cream-colored sweater dress is hugging at her body as she has her tight and toned thighs on full display. Seriously, we can almost see her crotch, but you know what? She looks very classy and modern in this photo. Super lengthy stilettos adorn her feet and make her legs look even longer and more slender, plus she has red painted nails that give us this good girl gone bad vibe. We love it! The V-neck in her sweater, the shaved portion of her head, the coy smizing she’s doing...oh, it all makes us feel things. Take a look and just try to keep yourself under control.

6 Hippie Chic

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Well, this is a bit of a departure from what we typically see from the lovely English actress. Natalie is all decked out in a boho chic look that sort of makes her look like a flower child in New York. Peace, love, and happiness? We are A-OK with that! Especially if Natalie Dormer is leading the movement. Just take a look at this picture and you will think twice before you make fun of 70s throwback styles. Proving that she is totally unafraid to push boundaries and try something new (she did shave her head after all,) Natalie donned a long overcoat with a psychedelic pattern. And is that...a fuzzy trim on the collar and cuffs? We aren’t completely sure what is going on here, but we think we like it. We especially like Natalie’s hip hugging jeans, all faded and ripped and her midriff-baring tank top, black and edgy.

5 Old School Cool

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So this is what happens when you photograph Natalie Dormer in a splayed out position on the floor of an upscale luxury condo. Or at least, this as close as you would get to such an endeavor. This photo shoot must have been steaming up the room because Natalie was looking super hot and spicy! The blondie was looking like a straight-up bombshell is a slinky and swanky little black dress that featured an asymmetrical neckline (we love what she does with asymmetry). The front of the dress on the left side started at her shoulder and slunk down, across her chest and then ended on the right side of the front in a low-lying neckline. Yup; lots of boob action in this shot! Who’s complaining? Natalie was also in a somewhat compromised position (must have been a bit uncomfortable) but she pulled it off with grace and elegance. A great blowout and some bare feet make her look ready to snuggle under the covers with someone special.

4 Blazing Beauty

Stare deep into the blue pools that are Natalie Dormer’s eyes and let her know how much you love her. That’s exactly what you’ll want to do when you see this alluring photograph. In the picture, Natalie is shown in a close-up shot from the bust up and her plump red lips look good enough to plant a kiss right on them (but what else is new!). She is also showing off her lovely blonde locks, which are blowing outward to reveal her flawless face. The bone structure, the clear skin, the mix of femininity and dominance...we’re in love. We also adore the juxtaposition of her bright red lips and her stunning icy blue eyes. What a wonder she is! Her outfit is just as stunning - a canary yellow dress that shines brightly against the flash of the camera bulbs. It’s also off the shoulder and showcases the actress’ creamy skin tone and seductive figure.

3 Modern Day Aphrodite


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You know the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who was the deity of love? Well, say hello to your modern day Aphrodite: Natalie Dormer. One look at this picture, and you will think that you died and went to heaven. In this image, we see a sleek and slender Natalie all dressed up in a lovely white wrap dress that is pulled and scrunched in all the right places to expertly show off her luscious curves and body. The neckline features a gorgeous V that provides a slight peek at her skin underneath the fabric. With some smart accent jewelry like a slim gold bangle and chunky cocktail ring, as well as a dark smokey eye and slicked-back hair, Natalie looks ready to accept an award at the Golden Globes. Hey, maybe one day in the future, she will! After all, she has no shortage of roles in which she's shown off her skill.

2 Cuddle Buddy


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Don’t you just want to cuddle and snuggle up with Natalie Dormer when you see this picture? We sure do! Plus, she has a look on her face that seems to say “come on over!” Well, don’t mind if we do! Her fuzzy striped sweater and pajama pants just make us want to hop into bed for some Netflix and chill time. You know what we’re saying? If you have any weird fetishes about furries (you know who you are) then this photo may just get your motor running. Plus, let’s just admire Natalie’s style sense in this picture. She has gorgeous nails painted in fire engine red, as well as an expert lipstick job and her hair is pulled back in an effortless chignon that in actuality would probably take any other girl 3 hours to achieve. You want perfection in a pair of pajamas? Then you’ve got it right here!

1 Sleeping Beauty


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Finally, we end with a photo of Natalie Dormer that makes her look like a real-life Sleeping Beauty. This image gives girls everywhere an A+ lesson in how to wear a bulky sweater. What’s black and white and hot all over? Natalie Dormer in a striped sweater. It’s a cute joke, but we are dead serious when we say that this is our all-time favorite photo of Natalie Dormer. This is the one that gets us hot under the collar and you may agree with the 5,000+ people that liked it on Instagram. Her beautiful body is adorned in an oversized sweater so that her toned thighs are glowing in the picture. One of her shoulders is exposed and just seeing her clavicle and neck is enough to make any man go wild. Her hair is side swept and voluminous, and her face is serene yet seductive, just asking for someone to spend the night with. Us! Pick us!

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