17 Instagram Stars Who Are Hotter Than Any Kardashian

Are you tired of seeing the same girls on your Instagram feed over and over? Are you fed up of the same celebrities in every magazine and on every television station? Well lucky for you, there are literally plenty of girls you can look at on Instagram that will blow your mind. The world is filled with millions of stunning women and Instagram is a platform for these ladies to show off their extreme beauty.

It is sad to admit it but our world is almost obsessed with vanity. This is why we at TheRichest thought it would be fun to find a bunch of Instagram stars who are hotter than your average celebrity. Although the task was hard, after some careful consideration, we have come up with the 17 hottest women to follow on Instagram. From blondes to brunettes and even redheads, we got a lady of every type on this list. Each of the following ladies would be any man's dream girl. This list was not designed to objectify women, but hey, when you are that hot (and you know it) you should expect this attention based on your looks. However, a lot of these women are more than just a pretty face; from entrepreneurs to writers and photographers, these girls are really the complete package.

17 Jen Selter

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Jen Selter is the definition of a fit woman. The social media fitness princess has gained a huge following from her daily posts. Not only is she known for her incredible physique, she is known for one thing in particular - her booty! Selter posts countless workout routines and promotes a healthy and acting lifestyle. Selter's photos mainly consist of her being at the gym, or working out in an unusual place, all of which are meant to motivate her followers. Currently, she is living and working out in New York City. It is pretty obvious that Miss Instagram herself would make the list. She has used her brains, beauty and booty to get the attention of millions and she is not even close to the finish line. Selter is hoping to create a fitness empire to help people all around the world love themselves.

16 Cindy Prado

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Cindy Prado is a blogger and model living a far from average life in Miami, Florida. This stunning young model has managed to earn over 250,000 followers on Instagram due to her incredible good looks. Although she is born and raised in the United States, Prado is of Cuban and Spanish descent, which explains her exotic beauty. This young girl loves to have fun and her Instagram page is a mix of business and pleasure! She posts a lot of pictures from different photoshoots but also does not shy away from posting a selfie with her and her friends painting the town red! Not only is Cindy building a career as a model, she is also quite intelligent. She is currently studying Public Relations and Marketing in college. Cindy Prado is the complete package and us at TheRichest have a feeling she is going to make it big!

15 Josephine Skriver

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This model is beyond breathtaking, just take a look at her Instagram you will see what I mean. The Danish beauty has over 2 million followers and there is no secret as to why. Skriver is one of those girls who looks beautiful in every light, at every angle, with every hair colour. Skriver is an active, happy and positive person to follow on Instagram and she is far from being just another pretty face. Josephine Skriver has passion, something many of this generation lack. She is passionate about not only the world around her but about events that have touched her. Recently, after the horrific attacks in Orlando, this beauty wrote a piece which was published about how these events made her feel. Her words more beautiful than her (if that is even possible) showing to the world that her insides match her outside appearance.

14 Sahara Ray

Via lifewithoutandy.com

Sahara Ray has one of the most visually appealing pages on Instagram. Her unique look and style is portrayed through her photos making her not only one of the hottest but also one of the coolest girls on Instagram. With close to a million followers Sahara Ray is definitely a fan favorite. Her beauty can be compared to a young Scarlett Johansson but not as refined. Sahara is one of those people who clearly marches to the beat of her own drum. Ray looks like she can be a doll, with her big lips, piercing eyes and perfect body, so it's really no surprise why she made this list. Sahara Ray is beyond beautiful and is pulling off pink hair extremely well. Her captivating smile captivated the hearts of countless fans and Ms. Sahara Ray is on her way to being a star.

13 Emily DiDonato

Via fashion101

Emily DiDonato is that girl that every guy can't help but fall in love with and every girl can't help but want to look like. The American-born beauty spends days posing in front of the camera. This model has earned herself quite the following on social media. This 25-year-old sensation is currently living in New York City. Her piercing eyes and innocent air are just two of the reasons why the world is falling in love with her. She has been featured in Sports Illustrated and has graced to cover of Vogue and she has only just begun. If you have not followed her yet, you should. Her Instagram is filled with daily posts and glimpses into her life which is actually quite lavish! She has a very bright future and we at TheRichest can't wait to see what else she has coming!

12 Suki Waterhouse 

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Suki Waterhouse is one of the modelling agencies' newest “it” girls and she is hotter than almost every celebrity constantly shown in the media. Suki Waterhouse is known as being best friends with Cara Delevingne and used to date the incredibly sexy Bradley Cooper. Waterhouse is incredibly attractive and is also extremely talented. In 2014, she got her first on-screen role and now she is in Insurgent, which is sure to jumpstart her career. This Instagrammer is absolutely one to follow. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of both herself and things that she loves. What we at TheRichest love about Waterhouse is how effortless she is. Her Instagram has truth and substance to it which is rare nowadays. We wish Suki a long and successful career and we can't wait to see where her talents will take her.

11 Devin Brugman

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Our next lady is what we like to call a bombshell. Devin Brugman is an Instagram sensation and her millions of followers would agree with us. Not only is she a beautiful model but she is also an entrepreneur, which makes her even sexier! Brugman is the co-founder of AbikiniADay and Monday Swimwear, which are both e-commerce sites which sell beachwear. Devin is smart because she uses her good looks and large Instagram following to promote her business. She does this by travelling around the world, with a suitcase full of bathing suits and posting pictures of them on her Instagram. Devin Brugman is hotter than any Kardashian in our opinion which is why she made this list! Brugman is a force to be reckoned with on Instagram and we are so excited to see how she creates an empire for herself out of her Instagram account because that is exactly what she is on her way to do.

10 Yvonna Ventura

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This 20-year-old Instagram sensation has over 4 million followers and with a face and body like that, there is truly no surprise that she made this list. Ventura is ridiculously hot, so hot that just looking at her Instagram is enough to make a woman feel insecure. Her incredibly obvious beauty is noticed by everyone who meets her, including Justin Bieber. In the summer of 2014, Yvonna Ventura and Bieber had been spotted on a few dates. Although the flame has dwindled since, it goes to show that Ventura's beauty is captivating to anyone who sees her. This young diva has such a huge future ahead of herself. She is more beautiful than most celebrities which is why she has become such a huge Instagram star. Yvonna Ventura is the girl of most men's dreams and has the looks that most women dream of, which is exactly why she is on this list.

9 Irina Shayk

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8 Faith Picozzi

Via c-heads

Whoever said gingers aren't attractive has clearly never seen Faith Picozzi. This red-headed beauty has found huge success as an Instagram model. Her beautiful locks and endearing freckles are the perfect contrast to her “hipster” sense of style. Her photos on Instagram are awesome and she has a gift for capturing and creating a fresh and unique vibes. She is a believer that Instagram is continuously becoming more fake and she tries to stay away from posting something that is not 100% true to her. Picozzi is an underdog on this list, however we at TheRichest see a future that is very bright for this young model. Instagram is her platform and she has used it to get her name and image out there. Now it is all about branding herself, which she is doing an amazing job at. We can't wait to see what is up next for this strawberry blonde beauty!

7 Renee Somerfield

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This Australian born model has broken many hearts just through Instagram. This sun-kissed supermodel has incredible blue eyes comparable to the sea, stunning blonde locks and one of the nicest bodies on all of Instagram. Somerfield earned a bit of fame before Instagram through modelling, however nowadays people from all over the world are starting to know who she is. The coolest thing about this beauty is not her ridiculously hot body or her perfectly structured face, it is that she is super passionate. Somerfield is a huge animal rights advocate and says that it is her biggest passion in life. She has not only put her name on numerous animal rights campaigns, she also practices what she preaches by living a vegan lifestyle. She uses her Instagram not only for her modelling but as a platform for her beliefs which makes her a great role model as well.

6 Rosie Roff

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With over a million people following her on Instagram, it really does not come as surprise that Rosie Roff made this list. This 26-year-old is in insane shape and her Instagram is filled with pictures that display just that. Roff may not be a celebrity but she lives a life as scandalous as one. There was a rumour that Roff dated Djibril Cisse the soccer player, while he was still married. During these rumours in 2012, Cisse and his wife ended up getting a divorce and although everyone involved denies the affair photographs of the love birds surfaced later on that year. However, this list is not about her personal life but more about her incredible good looks. There is no denying that Rosie Roff is deserving of a spot on this list, just look at her, she is breathtaking.

5 Emily Sears 

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Emily Sears is one of those girls that is extremely hot and knows exactly how hot she is. Sears is one of those Instagram girls who made a name for herself solely through her looks and that is kind of what this list is about. Sears, who has over 3 million followers, shows off her awesome body and flawless face all over the internet. Sears is a knockout who has the ability of getting attention from anyone she wants. She is more beautiful (but less talented) than most women walking the red carpet which is exactly why she is on this list. She is also hilarious, she recently linked inappropriate photographs sent to her by men, so that their girlfriends can know these men are dogs! If you have yet to follow Emily Sears, check out her Instagram, we can almost promise you will follow her immediately!

4 Ines Helene

Via connerhy

There are so many women on Instagram that to stand out as much as this next lady does must mean you are beyond hot! Ines Helene is a stunning Instagram model who has over a million followers. Her magnificent curves and even more mesmerizing face are the two main reasons why she has found so much success in this industry. It is no secret that big booties are all the rage nowadays and this Instagram goddess has one of the biggest and baddest booties around. Ines Helen is an obvious person to put on this list, I mean look at her, she puts Kim Kardashian to shame! Although we are unsure what she does besides “Instagram model” we at TheRichest have the biggest crush on her. If you don't know why it is because you have not followed her on Instagram yet, follow her! Trust us you will not regret it!

3 Marilyn Hue

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Marylin is actually not an Instagram model, she is a freelance photographer and graphic designer. But she is so stunning that we couldn't help but include her on this list. Her page is one of the coolest on Instagram. Her unique style and incredible vision is demonstrated through her daily posts. Marilyn Hue is sexy, smart, talented, unique and unapologetically amazing. There are so many reasons to follow her but since this article is about looks, we will focus on how insanely hot she is. Her face, her body, her booty, all three are beyond perfection and her 312,000 followers would agree with us. Not only are the photos she posts of herself extremely sexy, but the photos she takes of other woman are just as fine. Hue is one of those girls everyone needs to follow immediately. Trust us on this, we know what we are talking about!

2 Alysha Nett

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Alysha Nett is a model, blogger, and photographer who has found a huge amount of success throughout the wonderful world of Instagram. This tattooed diva has a huge following on Instagram and the LA living beauty shares her life with her followers through her photos. Nett tries to avoid using talent agencies and tries to create her own shoots rather than use professionals. This allows her page to be an absolute statement to her as a person. She views Instagram as a stepping stone and hopes to be able to move into the entertainment industry. The thing we love about this gorgeous model is that she is her own person, with her own vision and her own dreams, which is extremely commendable. She is definitely a girl that we should all be keeping our eyes on over the next few years because big things are coming her way and she is going to run with them!

1 Demi Rose

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Demi Rose is a South American beauty who became known when she became one of Taz's Angels. Although no one is really sure what Taz's Angels do exactly, we know that being part of them means you are fine as hell. Demi Rose was not only one of Taz's Angels, she was THE angel to many fans and when she left, millions of hearts around the world broke. However, luckily for the world, she is extremely active on Instagram and has managed to become even more popular. Demi Rose is without a doubt one of the hottest girls alive at the moment, forget on Instagram. The latest news on Demi is that she is now dating Tyga. Fans around the world are freaking out, comparing Kylie Jenner to Demi Rose, and sorry to break it to all the Kylie fans out there, but Demi is hotter. Demi Rose is on the path to becoming a household name and we can't wait to see how Kylie is going to react!

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