15 Must-See Photos Of The Hottest Marvel Actresses

When you're checking out the latest superhero movie, it can be understandable that a lot of the focus is on the males. After all, it wasn't Zoe Saldana who had to go from chubby to completely jacked for her performance in Guardians of the Galaxy! But one thing that is exceptionally clear, is that the Marvel movies are still chock-full of some of the sexiest women in Hollywood. Ranging from Best Actress winners, to up and comers, there is no shortage in the variety of women that you're about to read about.

We've tracked down photoshoots from a wide variety of sources, that all have one thing in common, they make you realize that these women could use charm as effectively as any superpower.

You'll also find out some tidbits about the series, such as who is not coming back for future instalments and perhaps more importantly, who is the new sexy star to replace her.

Agent Carter may have just been taken off the air, but you better believe that isn't the last you'll see of Hayley Atwell. And while you may think all of these women are attractive, you'll be hard-pressed to argue with our #1 photo which features two of the sexy women you see below.

Love superheroes? Love attractive women? Then look no further, and check out the 15 hottest photos of the hottest Marvel ladies!

Have a friend on social media that is also down with the MCU? Feel free to share the list. And when you're done checking out these Marvellous ladies, don't forget to check out the knockout ladies from DC in our list of 15 Must-See Photos of the Hottest DC Comics Actresses.

15 Kat Dennings

Via theappl

To be completely honest with you, we were unable to track down where this photo was taken, but are you really complaining? Kat Dennings definitely has one of the smaller roles in the MCU, often working as a comedic relief in the Thor franchise where she plays Darcy Lewis. While the third Thor movie is currently being filmed, sadly for Dennings fans, she does not appear to be attached to the project. Perhaps you can blame her hit television show, 2 Broke Girls, for keeping her so busy!

If you're looking for "good news" though, how about the fact that Kat Dennings is officially back on the dating market? Dennings had been in a relationship with singing superstar Josh Groban since 2014. Their relationship came to an end over the summer, with sources saying that "They are still friends and care about each other, but it's not the right time for them now as a couple."

We are sure there are plenty of reasons as to why Dennings would shut you down, but at least now you don't have to worry about Groban coming after you!

14 Karen Gillan

Via fabmansion

Wait what?! That's nebula? Man oh man, combined with Zoe Saldana who will appear below (spoiler alert) it's clear that Guardians of the Galaxy was totally holding back these women's full potential (you know, unless you're into green or blue people). Prior to being cast as Nebula, you may have recognized Gillan (and her gorgeous red hair) as Amy Pond who was a companion of Matt Smith on the British television series Doctor Who.

As you may have realized, Gillan had to shave off her locks in order to take on the role of Nebula, but it was something she was well aware of. In an interview, Gillan said,

"Well, I was told even before I auditioned that the actress who got this would have to shave her head, and I didn’t think I was gonna get it. So I was like, “Absolutely, I will shave my head! Sure, then three screen tests later, it was “Oh God, this might actually happen. And then I got the part, and then I thought about it seriously and I was like I absolutely want to shave my head for this. Because I mean the opportunity is too good to pass up."

13 Scarlett Johansson

Via mendaily

By the time Scarlett Johansson stepped in front of the camera for Mario Sorrenti and Vanity Fair in 2013, fans were already well aware of her ass-kicking ways as Black Widow. But when you take a look at the above photo, you can understand why Johansson would probably be able to flirt her way in, and out of any sticky situations.

This is not the only time Johansson has worked with the magazine. Later that year, Johansson was picked to be the first ever cover girl of the French edition of the magazine. Perhaps the fact that she had recently purchased an apartment in Paris was a convincing factor as to why they went with her as the cover girl. Or it could just be that she's by far one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Outside of the MCU, you can see Johansson in the 2017 film Rock That Body. The movie also stars Kate McKinnon and follows the story of a male stripper who ends up dead while during a bachelorette party weekend. Sounds like a less fun version of The Hangover!

12 Elizabeth Olsen

Via imgtc

Elizabeth Olsen took part in a photoshoot for Flaunt Magazine in which she was clearly bringing her A-game. The photos were taken by Hunter & Gatti (prominent photographers) and featured a designer look by Christine de Lassus, makeup by Hung Vanngo and hair by Paco Garrigues. Olsen is gorgeous, but there was definitely a talented team behind her to help create the best look. Olsen is just getting her start in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having only appeared in two movies as the very powerful Scarlet Witch.

Not only is the character a force to be reckoned with, but Olsen has been praised for her fantastic acting ability. It also doesn't hurt that she looks absolutely incredible as Wanda! Olsen is going to be teaming up with Avengers co-star Jeremy Renner in 2017 for the movie Wind River. While plot details are still sparse, you can imagine that the two are going to have great on-screen chemistry.

11 Hayley Atwell

Via tumblr

There is no denying that fans were a huge fan of Hayley Atwell and her fantastic portrayal of Peggy Carter. Prior to her big break in the movies, Atwell sat down for a photoshoot with Esquire that, as you can see, led to some stunning shots that you are also probably a huge fan of.

Since first appearing in Captain America: The First Avenger, Atwell has appeared in several of other Marvel movies. Atwell even landed her own spinoff series Agent Carter which ran for 18 episodes. Sadly for fans of the show, it was canceled back in May citing poor ratings as being one of the primary reasons. Rest assured, you can still expect to see her face, as Atwell was recently cast as the lead in a new ABC sitcom, Conviction. 

When talking about her time on the show, Atwell said, "It's still a much-loved show for the people involved in the making of it, and we know it has a special place in the fans’ hearts, And that’s something that I would be very happy to go back to, if the opportunity came. The great thing about Peggy is we know she lives a long life, I’m banking on when I’m in my 50s, saying, 'Let’s see what Peggy’s up to in this decade!'”

Something tells us that Penny would still be looking pretty gorgeous.

10 Gwenyth Paltrow

Via famousface

There are plenty of really awesome things that must come with being Robert Downey Jr. One of which has to be the fact that in the Iron Man films, RDJ gets to share the screen (and his lips!) with the stunning Gwenyth Paltrow. The above photoshoot may have been taken back in 2010 by Frank Bauer, but we also know that Paltrow is aging absolutely flawlessly. It is unfortunate that Paltrow's talents have been missing from The Avengers films, but back in May, RDJ went on Howard Stern and talked about how the series needs Paltrow to get back.

His main reasoning may be a little different than you expected, as RDJ said "'I gotta get her back in these movies so I can make out with her onscreen again," before later adding that he does expect her to be making a return to the Marvel Universe in the near future. Paltrow was recently announced to appear in the TV Movie, One Hit Wonders, which follows three pop stars from the '90s who have flamed out, but form a super group to try and save their careers.

9 Evangeline Lily

Via sharenator

If I am going to be completely honest here, I absolutely could not stand Evangeline Lilly's character of Kate Austen on the television series LOST. The fact that I've seen the series several times has only amplified that feeling further. But one thing that is as clear as my disdain for Kate, is how clearly gorgeous Lilly is.

Lilly is well aware of her sex appeal, once joking in an interview, "Every time I get a script, I go, 'All right, where's the Kate nudie scene?' I get so sick of the gratuitous nature of it."

Which is why you can imagine she was probably pretty pleased that her character in Ant-Man, Hope van Dyne, stays relatively clothed for most of the film and can also throw a mean punch! While it is not clear if Lilly is going to get to spend some time with The Avengers, she has been announced to reprise her role with the 2018 film Ant-Man and the Wasp.

8 Brie Larson

Via goodfon.su

Can you believe how gorgeous Brie Larson looks as Captain Marvel? Sure, it hasn't happened yet, but you can guarantee that will be one of the talking points once her movie hits theaters sometime in 2019.

Larson was a clear choice for the role, especially after producers saw her portray every emotion under the sun for her Academy Award-winning performance in Room. The above photo was taken by Mark Seliger for Vanity Fair. With a tradition that started two years ago, Selinger takes many breathtaking photos of the various celebrities as they are looking their best at the Oscars.

With that stunning pink dress, it is clear that Larson was winning in more areas than just her award. Fans are holding out hope that Larson will make her appearance in the MCU prior to her first solo film, but even if not, they should be incredibly confident in both her talent and her looks.

7 Zoe Saldana

Via blogspot

With an appearance in Avatar, you would think Zoe Saldana would be used to not having her true beauty come out on screen. And while she may still look beautiful as Gamora, something tells us that you'd rather see her in her natural skin tone, than the green makeup that covers her on-screen character.

The special-effects makeup designer for the film, David White, sat down with Allure magazine and talked more about the green look. On the choice of skin color, Green said "We didn't want to put people off with the color, and we wanted it to have vibrancy and life, which meant lots of different layers of highlight and shadow and a reflective base to give her skin tone depth and substance."

The makeup that covered Saldana's body was applied through several layers, that also included some extensive work done to her eye shadows. White said that all together, it took roughly two to three hours to complete the look and anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes getting it off.

Saldana has mentioned how with Avatar, everything was done through CGI, whereas with Gamora, she said "I would go home and soak myself in a tub of hot water and then all this green would just come out from my insides — I have no idea, like my pores were green, the pillow was green, my dog was green, the apartment that we were renting was green, I would blow my nose [it was green]!"

At least she knows what she has gotten herself into when she portrays the character for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

6 Rachel McAdams

Via pikabu

Like Brie Larson, Rachel McAdams has yet to make her first big break into the Marvel Universe. Long time fans of McAdams have known her to look absolutely stunning in past films such as Mean Girls and Wedding Crashers, and hopefully Doctor Strange will be no exception. McAdams may not appear to have any powers coming her way, but she will play an absolutely pivotal role as the primary female character, Christine Palmer.

The above photo was taken back in 2012 for Glamour magazine and helped show the world a sexier, albeit also more playful side of the former Notebook star. At the time of the photoshoot, McAdams was romantically linked to actor Michael Sheen who she met on the set of Midnight In Paris. Their relationship ended in 2013, so you definitely can't blame Sheen if he doesn't like to look at photos from this photoshoot. McAdams is not currently linked to anyone, but her co-star in Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch, has been married since 2015, so hopefully she isn't getting any ideas!

The photos being set in the kitchen may also be a "sexy angle" but if we're being honest, sucking on a spaghetti noodle like that is probably not all that pleasant!

5 Natalie Portman

Via cloudpix

Many of the photos that you have seen, and will continue to see, are from photoshoots for various magazines. In contrast, the above photo was taken as part of Portman's promotion deal with Dior perfume. In the ad, Portman plays Miss Dior, and is walking down the aisle but then realizes she's making a huge mistake. As a result, she strips off her wedding dress (which you can still partially see) to reveal her slim, black dress. Portman then jumps in a helicopter, has her neck felt up by the pilot, and the ad ends.

What? When talking about the ad, director Anton Corbijn said "The story is about escaping, about getting away from all the things that tie you down in life."

The ad aired on February 3rd, 2015. What a cheery message to remember for Valentine's Day!

Portman definitely appears to be done with the Marvel Universe and in the past had expressed frustration over her character's lack of substantial dialogue. As a result, the primary lead female in the 3rd Thor movie will be Tessa Thompson.

Don't know what Tessa Thompson looks like? Don't worry, we've got you covered below.

4 Jaimie Alexander

Via egotastic.com

Jaimie Alexander plays Lady Sif in the first two Thor movies, and to say the character would be comfortable in battle is an understatement. Which means at least if you were to ever try and hit on her, you better bring your A-game. Fans of Alexander will be disappointed to hear that she won't be reprising her role in Thor: Ragnarok, but perhaps for good reason as Alexander is starring in her own television show, Blindspot. 

When talking about the character of Sif, Alexander said, "I genuinely love the character Sif. Each time I get to play her, there’s this growth in the character and we find out more of who she is. That is a blast, because I’ve been able to slowly create this woman while still taking directions from all the comic books that existed before my performance," so you can better believe she wishes she could be out there for the 3rd instalment.

Alexander is also going to be mixing Marvel with DC when she co-stars with Cara Delevingne in the 2016 movie, London Fields. Delevingne is getting her first break into the comic book world playing the role of Enchantress in Suicide Squad. 

You may also be curious to learn that Jaimie Alexander was one of the front-runners to play Wonder Woman, which eventually went to Gal Gadot.

3 Cobie Smulders

Via culture

2012 was a pretty fantastic year for Cobie Smulders. She was still filming her television show How I Met Your Mother, appeared in The Avengers and oh yeah, looked like she does in the above photo! Smulders was one of the most recognizable faces of 2012, which perhaps makes it no surprise that when Maxim put together their list of the top 100 hottest women, Smulders came in at #65. Sure, it's not #1, but being the 65th hottest celebrity is still nothing to sneeze at!

Smulders is not currently linked to any upcoming Marvel project, but she does have the hilarious looking movie, Intervention, coming out later this month. The story follows 4 couples who go on a weekend getaway, but in reality, it is a marriage intervention (which one couple does not take too kindly too!).

2 Tessa Thompson

Via fashionbombdaily

Tessa Thompson may be a relatively unknown face right now, but you better believe you'll be searching her name after you see her appearance in Thor 3. Thompson was cast as Valkyrie, who in the comics is traditionally a blonde, caucasian character (which as you can tell, Thompson is not).

Race-swapping is always a controversial decision, especially with a series that people follow so closely, but you should have no doubts in Thompson. When talking about his decision to cast Thompson, director Taika Waititi said "People forget [race]. Die-hard fans will say, ‘That’s not really authentic to the comics,’ but as soon as they watch the movie, and they’re involved in the story, and actually what’s happening, everybody forgets. The fact that we even have to keep having this conversation is ridiculous, because we keep forgetting. Unless it’s the topic of the film, it just shouldn’t even be — what do we even care?”

There will definitely be no shortage of gorgeous women appearing in the movie, as Cate Blanchett has also been tagged in to play the character of Hela, the Goddess of Death.

1 Johansson and Portman

Via tumblr

How do you get to the number one spot, and not include the image that features two of the sexiest women from the MCU? The above photo was taken back in 2008 for W Magazine as part of the promotion for the upcoming movie The Other Boleyn Girl. The two women play siblings in the movie - talk about having some good genetics if those are your daughters! The actresses were only 23 (Johansson) and 26 (Portman) at the time of the photoshoot, but it is clear that as their careers have continued to blossom, as have they.

Portman's biggest claim to fame may be the 2010 movie, Black Swan, in which her performance earned her Best Actress at the Academy Awards. While Johansson hasn't blown audiences away quite yet in that regard, at least she's got plenty more ass-kicking as the Black Widow ahead of her!

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