15 Hottest Photos Of Ivanka Trump That Even Donald Ogles

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or undecided, everyone can agree that Ivanka Trump is attractive, and way hotter than Chelsea Clinton. Much has been made of her flowing blonde hair, svelte figure, and personal style. But she has a secret. Ivanka is not just good looking – she’s totally gorgeous! She has curves in all the right places, is blessed in the chest, and knows how to pose for a pictorial like a centerfold. So, we wanted to share her hottest pics with you because, frankly, we think her looks are getting overshadowed by “real issues.”

Let’s take a break from all the politics, the hot button issues and the hate mongering, and just focus on appreciating a lovely woman’s physique. It can’t hurt to look – we promise! Since photos of Melania Trump (in the buff) are currently everywhere, we think it’s only fair to give Ivanka equal coverage.

15 The Eyes Have It

via viprumor.com

Ivanka looks like a golden goddess in this simply beautiful close-up. It shows off one of her best assets. The assets we’re talking about aren’t her stocks and bonds – they are her eyes! And her breasts look nice as well. She’s a vision in black and white, from her hair to her glistening skin.

This is Ivanka at her best. She’s showing her off good looks, while still being classy. She’s following the golden rule of dressing: show off one good feature. Too many ladies these days reveal too much, and leave nothing to the imagination. But in this picture, Ivanka is able to be sexy and tasteful. And her brilliant eyes evoke both desire and intelligence.

14 Grab A Tool And Start Banging!

via twobillsdrive.com

Do you know how construction workers always holler at hot chicks? Well, we want to shout some lewd come-ons to Ivanka as she poses as a laborer in this pic! She looks like she’s slumming, and we love every bit of it! She’s sweaty and looks tired, but she does so while still being a perfect ten. Ivanka shows off a lot of her body in this shot, and it’s all good. She’s tall, thin and blonde. She has legs from here to ya-ya, toned arms and a cinched waist. And her face is proportional with full cheeks and full lips. Plus, she’s wielding a jackhammer while balancing in stilettos. Who else could do that?!

This photo was taken for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar when it dubbed her “the new queen of diamonds.” While the magazine hated to admit it, they made the point that Ivanka was multi-talented at real estate, branding and design. Take that, Chelsea Clinton! How’s that history degree working out for you?

13 Beach Babe

via blog.libero.it

This is a stereotypical pic of Ivanka. She poses in something racy like a string bikini, but tones it down with a tank cover-up. It’s like watching a movie trailer – you get just a taste until you beg for more! She really knows how to brand herself. In a time when young women are flashing cameras, wearing sheer shirts, and releasing sex tapes left and right, Ivanka is a shining star of subtle sexiness.

What adds to her attractiveness in this piece is that she kept her makeup natural, so that her real beauty can be seen. She’s eschewed false eyelashes, fire engine red lipstick and the smoky eye. Even her hair is soft and feminine. There’s no teasing or extensions for this girl. If anyone can afford to have a glam squad, it’s Ivanka. But she doesn’t need one, and this picture is living proof!

12 White Hot

via mrconservative.com

We’re used to seeing Ivanka in sheath dresses, ball gowns and smart suits. But she has down-home good looks in this pic. The white tank top and cut-off shorts make her look H-O-T! She looks like she should be in a country music video shaking her rear-end in a pair of boots. While most of her admirers enjoy seeing her in chic ensembles, they can certainly appreciate how versatile her looks are. Here she is in a simple number, and she still looks sexy – and then some.

This skimpy outfit shows off all of Ivanka’s curves – even her shoulders are shapely! And we love how her hand is tugging at the waistband of her pants. Have mercy! What a tease! She seems like a squeaky-clean girl since the public hasn’t seen any pictures of her drinking like a Hilton or slumming like a Kardashian. But this pic makes us wonder…

11 Back To The Beach

via theplace2.ru

This photo of Ivanka shows that she has the right stuff – which is funny since it was taken for Stuff magazine. She looks like an iconic beach babe in this one, even though she’s a big city girl. When you look at a ton of Ivanka pics like we do, you will see a common thread: her fashion choices often involve solid colors like black, pastels and primary colors, and in this case, white. She doesn’t need a loud print to make a splash. She wears the clothes – the clothes don’t wear her. This is important because it allows her true beauty to shine through.

This bathing suit is really hot on her, which is surprising since it’s a one-piece. But its plunging neckline does her body good. She really fills out the top. It’s been rumored that she’s had breast enhancement surgery, but at least her chest looks “natural.” And her styling in this pic is the cherry on top. Her blonde hair is windswept, her cheeks are contoured and her brown eyes sparkle. She really should release a calendar!

10 Old Hollywood Meets New Money

via fantasygolfreport.com

This pic of Ivanka typifies her unique kind of hotness. She is dressed to kill in old Hollywood glamor. Her gown is reminiscent of a bygone era when the glitterati had sophistication and sense. She’s leaning forward with her hands on one knee, which is a nod to the one and only icon, Marilyn Monroe. But Ivanka hails a new generation of beauty by posing provocatively so that her chest is pushed together and becomes more pronounced. She also sports major bling with her statement jewelry. The backdrop of this photo is pure Trump. What better way to showcase her roots than by having her pose in front of major real estate worth zillions? She looks moneyed in more ways than one.

9 Playmate Of The Year?

via departed.co

Ivanka looks like a genuine glamor model worthy of Playboy in this pic. She looks up to accentuate her bountiful chest while she gazes seductively into the camera. It gives the impression that she’s looking right into your eyes – and your soul. It looks like she’s just waiting for you to hop into bed with her. It’s as if she’s been waiting for you all her life. Ivanka’s blonde hair is playfully tousled and her pale pink lips are parted just-so. She looks like a natural in the front of the camera!

But don’t let her seductive looks fool you. She’s quite the business woman. She studied business at the famous Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated cum laude. She put her book smarts into practice running her fashion line, which is estimated to be worth at least $150 million.

8 Fifty Shades Of Grey

via strangepersons.com

When we look at this pic of Ivanka, we can’t help but think that she should’ve been cast in Fifty Shades of Grey instead of Dakota Johnson. Ivanka totally nailed it! It’s hard to know where to look first. She’s holding a genuine riding crop, she’s wearing lacy thigh highs, and her bust is the ideal sweetheart shape. What’s the most hot is her expression. She’s making a kissy face and looks like she is ready to get down and dirty. Ivanka really looks like she’s enjoying herself. If her empire ever tanks, she could always fall back on being a dominatrix.

Her black ensemble makes this good girl look naughty. And for all we know, she is. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? The interesting thing is, for all of her hotness in this pic, she’s still pretty covered up. The only true skin we see is her décolletage and a glimpse of thigh. A girl that can turn you on showing that little skin is a true vixen.

7 Itsy-witsy, Teeny-weeny Bikini

via pinterest.com

If it’s one thing that the public loves to see, it’s a candid photo of a hottie. This one definitely fits the bill. It’s total voyeurism because we get to see Ivanka at her most vulnerable – getting dressed after a day in the sun. There’s something extra-sensual about seeing something we’re not supposed to. It’s a cheap thrill. What makes this photo extra special is that Ivanka obviously isn’t poised for a photo-op, and yet she’s still stunning.

The pale blue bikini shows off her killer rack and rounded bum. We also get to see her long limbs and bronzed skin. She doesn’t even seem to be wearing any makeup, yet Ivanka’s skin glows and her mouth is still pouty. Does this girl ever take a bad pic? If we had to guess, we’d say this photo was taken in the Hamptons. If that is the case, we all know where we are vacationing next summer.

6 Inspiration And Perspiration

via yuki.la

The public goes crazy for women in workout gear, so we just had to include this pic! Ivanka shows off her lean, limber body in this yoga pose. We don’t know if she can put her legs behind her head, but we’d love to see her try! She’s a vision in white with her figure-hugging leggings and tank top. Her body is so toned that it’s a wonder she’s had three children. Ivanka believes in living a healthy lifestyle, so she works out every morning, runs with her husband, and cooks her own meals. She’s obviously pretty dedicated, because she’s managed to stay trim on the campaign trail. That’s no small feat, because politicians and their posses are notorious for eating poorly on the road, and for skipping workouts.

5 She's Got Legs

via allwidewallpapers.com

Ivanka Trump shows off one of her best features in this gorgeous pic – her legs! They are front and center in this photo. Her legs are long and lean, and she knows it. She is playing coy in this pic because she only shows a sliver of thigh. This leaves men hungry for more – they just crave having her legs wrapped around them. Ivanka looks totally comfy on this couch, and her facial expression is inviting. Maybe she wouldn’t mind sharing the sectional for some hanky-panky. Even if she were only up for a movie and popcorn, it’d be the experience of a lifetime to sit next to her. Ivanka probably smells like pink diamonds.

4 Naughty Or Nice?

via fanpop.com

Be careful how much you ogle this pic – because Ivanka was only 16 when it was taken! She’s clearly modeled after Cher in Clueless, but we have a feeling that Ivanka wasn’t clueless at all when she posed for this photo – she knew exactly what she was doing. Even as a teenager, she was raking in the dough by modeling. She walked the runway and even landed the cover of Seventeen magazine. This was back in the 90s, before the term celebutante was coined. Ivanka looks like the ideal balance between naughty and nice in this schoolgirl-inspired outfit. Her short skirt and knee-highs give a wink to sexiness, while her crossed arms and turtleneck communicate that you can look but not touch.

Ivanka hasn’t strayed much from this sort of style. She always shows us just enough to get our attention, without being over the top. Her sort of swankiness is on par with Jackie O. and Kate Middleton.

3 Double Your Pleasure

via pokazuha.ru

This pic doubles our pleasure, and doubles our fun! Ivanka and her mirror image are smokin’ hot. It’s almost a shame that she became a business woman, because we really think she could be a supermodel. She is tall at 5’11”, blonde, and has a body that is both feminine and athletic. Her face has angelic features, while her eyes are mischievous.

Ivanka does have a history of walking for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, including Thierry Mugler and Versace. She’s also modeled for Tommy Hilfiger and Sassoon jeans. Ivanka has been on just about every magazine cover, from Forbes to Elle to Golf Magazine. Maxim even named her as one of their Hot 100 in 2007.

2 Pretty And Pregnant


Wow! That’s all we can say about this pic. If you didn’t have a fetish for pregnant women before, you do now. This pic of Ivanka expecting is right up there with other groundbreaking pictorials of pregnant women like Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair and Cindy Crawford on the cover of W. The best part is that Ivanka doesn’t look like she’s taking herself too seriously. She’s smiling and laughing, and that’s always a turn-on.

Ivanka looks hotter while several months pregnant than most models do at 100 pounds. Her only bulge is her baby bump. She rocks the Playboy bunny look from ears to heels. Ivanka can even pull off fishnet stockings, which any girl will tell you is an acquired skills. She also manages to class it up by wearing black evening gloves a la Audrey Hepburn. Looking at this pic makes us wish that she posted shots of herself on Instagram more often.

1 Mixing Business With Pleasure

via theglforum.com

This is how we picture Ivanka at the White House! An oval office fantasy. She looks like she knows how to work hard, and how to play hard in a champagne dress, with her hair blowing in the wind. The way she is leaning against the desk makes it hard for us to tell if she’s going to give life-changing business advice or get busy. Can’t it be both?

This picture is surprisingly beautiful if you study it, because the front of her dress is rather short and is opened in a perfect way. Ivanka hasn’t taken any full frontal photos that we know of, but anything’s possible! If you search for pictures of her in the buff online, you will find some good photoshopped ones that will give you an idea of what she might be hiding.

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