15 Hottest Images of Ruby Rose You Need To See

Who is ready for some of the hottest pictures of a red-hot celebrity? We’re talking about Ruby Rose, the star who plays Stella Carlin on Orange is the New Black, the celeb with an Urban Decay cosmetics line and the gal who teamed up to create her clothing line, Milk & Honey. Ruby Rose is an actress, social justice advocate, recording artist, model...the list goes on and on. She is a huge public figure for LGBTQA rights and awareness, and she is admired by people of all genders and sexual orientations. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she has a lovely inside to match. So let’s get started with our list of the 15 Hottest Images of Ruby Rose You Need to See.

There could be so many different reasons why you like Ruby Rose, whether it is her amazing sense of fashion or her great acting skills. It could be that she is so comfortable and confident with who she is as a person and that she fights for those struggling with their identity or with mental illness (she created an organization, Headspace, for youth with mental illness). Or maybe you like Ruby Rose because she is freaking gorgeous and is a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. That’s good enough reason for us, so we hope you enjoy looking through these awesome Ruby Rose images!

As you go through these pictures, be sure to admire the stunning artwork on her body; Ruby Rose is the queen of tattoos, and she is like a walking piece of art!

15 Tough And Edgy

Via beautyandthedirt.com

Who can pull off a head-to-toe patterned look? Ruby Rose, of course. She posed for this photo while wearing a get-up that not everyone would look hot in, but for her, it was spot-on. Rocking the tough and edgy look is what Ruby Rose does best, and she hit the nail on the head with this one! Her matching leggings and jacket were littered with colorful patches and patterns. Underneath, Ruby Rose had a simple white tank top and in her hand...a gun! Surely that was a prop, but it added to the super-tough chick vibe that she has perfected over the years. As she reclined on the sofa, Ruby took off her jacket to reveal her tattooed arms, which added even more color to the vibrant photo (our fave is her koi fish tat). With the addition of some intense makeup and her signature coif, she was ready to steal the spotlight.

14 White Tux

Via thr.com

Leave it to Ruby Rose to show all the other celebs out there how to rock a white tuxedo outfit. This was a contemporary take on the tux, and it was a new and sexy way to show some skin while still looking elegant and put-together. At the GLAAD Awards, Ruby Rose was the epitome of a successful celeb who doesn’t meet the gender norms. The GLAAD Awards recognize public figures who are making strides to change the perspective of LGBTQA people. Ruby Rose is a huge proponent of LGBTQA rights, and she is one of the most famous gender non-conforming celebrities in Hollywood. For her appearance at the GLAAD Awards, she showed up in high-waisted pants and a bandeau crop top with an oversized jacket on top. The skin she showed gave us a peek at some of her tattoos, and matching strappy shoes completed the look to a T.

13 Nude Tuxedo

Via peoplegreece.com

Leave it to Ruby Rose to take an already sexy piece of clothing - a tuxedo - and flip it on its head. Going against the grain is what this gal does, and she’s quite good at it. In this photo, Ruby Rose posed in just about nothing at all, just a skimpy pair of black panties and a tuxedo-style bib over her breasts. Bonus points for the sideboob action we can glimpse. Ruby Rose is seriously inked, and we got to see all of that sexiness on full display in this photo. Her right arm is completely sleeved with tattoos, while her left arm is heavily covered with portraits and intricate designs. She also has some ink on her lower abdomen and on the right side of her collarbone. Ruby Rose’s compromising position might make it seem as though she is being vulnerable, but her tough-girl hair and makeup and a look of sheer determination and confidence turn the tables.

12 Leather Lady

Via hdwallpapersact.com

There is no doubt that a girl like Ruby Rose would look smashing in a leather jacket, so you can bet that this photo is smoking hot. Ruby Rose had her signature hairstyle; slicked back hair with some razor-shaved portions. The sleek look was paired with the best makeup for this photo shoot, heavy brows and a nude lip. The emphasis was on how Ruby Rose is naturally beautiful and has an attitude that can’t be denied. Her leather jacket was the piece de resistance with multi-layered zips up the front and a high and wide collar that she flared out behind her neck. Panel detailing on the shoulders and arms made it look as though Ruby was going to hop on a motorcycle right after this shoot was over. Hey, maybe she did! Would we really be surprised? Ruby’s expression in this pic is saying “Don’t mess with me, but you may admire my looks.”

11 Chandelier Shimmer

Just to show us all that she can pull off looks other than the tough rocker chick, Ruby Rose gave us quite a treat with this Instagram snap. She was decked out in a shimmery and silvery minidress that looked as though it had chandelier pieces dangling off of it. Ruby looked like pure perfection in this photo, in which she had flawless makeup that made her skin look so dewy and fresh. A smokey eye and some heavy lashes gave her the appearance of a rock star queen. Her dark hair was styled in a more wild and crazy way while still looking put together. As she tilted her head to one side, her neck tattoo was visible for the photographer. As for her ink, Ruby herself has lost count of how many tats she has! But it's definitely more than 30 and a recurring theme in her tattoo art is love, dedications, and cartoons (like Sonic the Hedgehog and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

10 Vixen in a Vest

Via i.ytimg.com

Perhaps cheekily hinting at her sexual orientation and rampant sexuality, Ruby Rose posed with another female model for this photo shoot. In it, Ruby was bare-breasted and was covered with a light-colored denim vest that left little to the imagination. Some tiny denim short shorts were paired with the vest, and the model behind her was draped over her shoulder with one thumb looped in the belt loop of Ruby’s shorts. Sexy and serene, Ruby looked so gorgeous and alluring. She was clearly the subject and focal point of this picture since the other model’s face was shrouded in shadow. Sorry, maybe next time! We can tell that this was an earlier photo of Ruby Rose because her right arm is not totally tattooed yet. We wonder how many tattoos more she wants to get? We also wonder who this other model is and what it’s like to pose with the famous Ruby Rose!

9 Old School Cool

Via cloudinary.com

We thought that a black and white photo would not do justice to Ruby Rose’s full beauty, but it does and this image is proof! This is a black and white version of a previous picture on our list, in which Ruby Rose was wearing a matching jacket and legging outfit that was patterned with colorful blocks and designs. This time, Ruby is sitting up on the sofa and has a toothpick in her mouth. Edgy. She still has the gun in her hand and this time around we can see that she is wearing some striking pointed-toe booties. Ruby’s facial expression in this image is glaringly intense; it looks as though she is in character and may be summoning her role of Stella Carlin on Orange is the New Black. On the contrary, Ruby Rose is not a criminal, in fact, she is a huge public figure in the LGBTQA movement continues to inspire countless people.

8 Bikini Body

A post shared by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

Ruby Rose was on a beautiful vacation this past summer, and she pulled out all the stops. She shared some lovely pictures of herself near the sea so that her fans on Instagram could see what she was up to. For this photo, Ruby was looking like a bikini model (which isn’t too far from the truth). Her fans commented and loved it, complimenting her on her “ripped” physique and how she was a “walking tattoo goddess.” Well, we can’t disagree with them! Ruby showed us her sense of humor as she captioned the photo and said that she was practicing to be the next Bond girl. Of course, she was just joking, but she was tickled by how serious she looked in this photo. We must say that she would be able to pull off the whole Bond girl thing very well, especially with that little blue bikini of hers!

7 Pretty As A Sculpture

Proving that she is a sculptural beauty, Ruby Rose posed for her followers on Instagram yet again with this photo. She was chilling at her home and was standing in a large sculpture of a head. Sounds weird, but when you see it you’ll realize that it’s actually a pretty cool juxtaposition. As Ruby stands there in a skimpy yet gorgeous bikini, she seems to be posed as a ballet dancer or Virgo the Virgin. She used the photo to give her followers some love while also telling them that she was suffering from tonsillitis and had to take some time off from work. If we could look like that while having tonsillitis, then infect us immediately. Ruby Rose is just that badass that she can look flawless even while struggling through a throat infection. Just for the record, Ruby has an incredibly busy schedule. Besides being an actress, she is a recording artist, model, and businesswoman.

6 Lounging Around

Via vanityfair.com

In this laid-back image, Ruby Rose is rocking a different hairstyle. She has black hair that is cropped above the nape of her neck and falls in heavy bangs across her forehead. It was a departure from her usual slicked back hair, but it still looked fabulous. In this photo, Ruby was reclining back on a bed, just as if she were lounging and watching TV or chatting with a friend. In true Ruby Rose fashion, she was wearing tight leather jeggings and black industrial boots. A bandeau bra was visible beneath her muscle tee gym shirt. The all black ensemble was anything but depressing as we could see all of Ruby’s awesome tattoos, which add color and spice to her flawless skin. A bulky chain choker added a bit of an homage to her Orange is the New Black character, Stella Carlin. We’re not gonna lie, she looks like Angelina Jolie in this picture, but that is far from a bad thing.

5 Hot Head Shot

Via hairworldmag.com

Those gray-blue eyes, the pouty nude lips, the smoldering stare...Ruby Rose makes one iconic head shot that we will be admiring for years to come. On top of that, she is one of the most prolific and adored LGBTQA advocates and celebrities in Hollywood history, so she is bound to never be forgotten. In this image, Ruby was in her full fabulousness as a rough and tough celeb with a feminine touch. She has made the androgynous look her main attraction, and it has proven to have some serious staying power. Ruby showed off her lovely dark cropped hair with the razored edges and her strong brows. Can we just say that her little ears are downright adorable? Anyway, leather outfits seem to be a staple in Ruby’s wardrobe as she is often spotted wearing at least one leather piece, be it a vest, a pair of boots, her pants, or a shirt.

4 Easy Breezy Beautiful

Via nwonline.com.au

This photo of Ruby Rose looked as though she were posing for CoverGirl! Of course, the makeup brand would be wise to bring Ruby Rose onto their cosmetics campaign. Besides, Ruby has already modeled before and she has worked with designers. There is no doubt that she would be a great brand ambassador. In fact, Ruby was a spokeswoman for Urban Decay cosmetics, so in your face, CoverGirl! An Urban Decay makeup line inspired by Ruby’s tattoos was released and is sure to be a huge success for the celeb. If this image is any proof, Ruby is a pro with makeup. We can see her wearing fresh-faced foundation that makes her skin look so dewy and peachy. Her eyes are really brought out with some dark thin eyeliner and her lips are smoothed with some subtle red color. Her dark brown cropped hair is side swept and hanging on the side of her face.

3 Don’t Mess With The Best

Via wordpress.com

For a second there we were mesmerized by all of the cool tattoos lined up along Ruby Rose’s arms. But then we were brought back to the subject of this picture: Ruby Rose herself. This up-close photo is zeroed in on the celeb’s lovely face, down to her shoulders. Plus, the photograph is in classic black and white, giving it a cool vibe that perfectly matches the low-key awesomeness of Ruby. She is staring unabashedly forward and into the camera lens, and her slight smolder is enough to drive us crazy. Her arms are lifted up with her hands behind her head. She looks like she is in control, and she is! We can see that her lips are so utterly kissable and pouty; where does a girl get lips like that? Her pixie-cut hair is another reminder that she is one of the most cutting-edge beauties of our time.

2 Luau Lovely

Via popglitz.com

High-waisted undergarments never looked so good. Ruby Rose showed everyone who’s boss with this lovely photograph in which she posed with a fully flowered lei and thigh-high tights. With one hand running through her hair and another arm wrapped around her slender waist, she was a modern-day luau girl ready to stun the crowd. We could also see her large horse tattoo on her left upper thigh and the dozens of tats lining both of her arms. With very heavy eye makeup to create a smoldering smoking hot look and parted lips, Ruby was seriously upping the sex appeal in this image. We must say that Ruby is one of the hottest celebrities right now. Her career is on fire and she has been seen around town looking drop-dead gorgeous. Even when she’s doing mundane tasks like filling her gas tank and leaving a store, she is a pure beaut.

1 All Glammed Up

Via cloudpix.co

Just to show you all that she can be a pivotal icon on the red carpet, Ruby Rose posed for this lovely image in which she was showing off her elegant sense of style mixed with her more androgynous looks. Ruby was wearing one of her favorites: a black leather jacket and she paired that with a structured black skirt made of shiny overlapping panels. Hitting a few inches above her knees, the skirt revealed what seemed like miles of long lean legs. Black pumps added more length to her slender leggies. This time around, Ruby was donning highlights in her hair to make it look a lighter shade of brown, and she was also wearing a more feminine shade of pink on her lips. Smokey eyes and asymmetrical jewelry on her ears helped to create the ideal balance of tough and delicate. Ten out of ten for this entire ensemble.

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