15 Hottest Foreign Actresses You've Never Heard Of

Here in the States, a lot of us lack the awareness of what's going on halfway around the world. Our sense of entitlement and self-concern has led many of us to walk through life with blinders on, carelessly unbothered by the concerns of the rest of the world. We know... We're starting this one off kind of grim, but it's necessary to raise awareness and take those blinders off in order to motivate the people of America to think past our own issues and take a look at the bigger picture.

Unification is the name of the game today and there's usually only a few ways to unify people that they happen to be across the globe from. Sadly, the first unification option is tragedy, like helping those affected by bombings and disastrous weather. Secondly we have food, admit it, who doesn't enjoy a good exotic meal? Regardless of where it's from, if it tastes good we're all for it. And lastly the entertainment industry. Whether it be musical, sports orientated, or in the realm of film, we all enjoy a good dose of entertainment to take our minds off things. And with entertainment comes the stigma of upholding what every country knows to be their standard of beauty. We find it to be encouraging that all around the world, the standard of beauty differs and varies from place to place. What might be one region's cup of tea, may not be another's, and variety is a wonderful thing. Different shades, body types, and aesthetics are celebrated around the world and we should recognize and do the same for all of our brothers and sisters of different nations.

With that being said, forget about the Angelina Jolies and Megan Foxs of the world, and get to know some of the most beautiful international actresses that you have never heard of before. Check these lovely ladies out and see that sex appeal is universal.

15 Sarah Gadon, Canada

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Alright, we know we said this whole thing was going to about unrecognizable foreign actresses, and Sarah Gadon doesn't exactly look like the most exotic actress we've ever seen but she definitely isn't American. She is close though, being that she's a resident to our friendly neighbors up north, Canada. Anyways, she's most notably recognized for her recurring guest appearances in the kid's TV series, Are You Afraid Of The Dark? But these days she's all grown up and has been spotted playing Robert Pattinson's wife in the film, Cosmopolis. To this day, Gadon is booking gigs and remains to have a consistent acting career while looking good doing it with her blonde locks and captivating deep, blue eyes.

14 Tena Desae, India

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Reality TV culture in the states has kind of gotten out of control. You can't make it past two channels without catching one and apparently the same goes for Indian television programming, where Tena Desae was discovered. She was originally a contestant on the show Get Gorgeous, but wasn't able to win the contest. She acquired a modeling contract from, Elite Model India Management, who just so happened to sponsor the show. After starring in over a hundred commercials she landed her first silver screen debut in the 2011 thriller film Yeh Faasley, which led to her transition from Bollywood to Hollywood as she starred in the American film, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. From the looks of Tena, we're pretty sure it isn't hard for her to get gorgeous.

13 Cristina Brondo, Spain

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The Barcelonian, Cristina Brondo, began her acting career at the tender age of 16. But unfortunately, her presence on the major Spanish screen was not enough for her to be internationally known. But when she starred in the independent horror flick Penumbra, she and the film began getting world-renowned recognition by blogs and independent hipster movie enthusiasts everywhere. She also starred in another well-known thriller film, Hipnos. If only we can get the beautiful brunette to star in the next installment of the Saw series. She seems to do a wonderful job of maintaining a horrified look on her face while remaining extremely attractive. Either way, she's one of the hottest international actresses on the planet.

12 Antonia Thomas, UK

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Antonia Thomas is the product of a Jamaican mother, and an English bass player father. She began her acting career right away after she graduated from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School with a Bachelors of Arts and instantly joined the National Youth Theatre. She got a gig on the E4 channel comedy-drama Misfits, and after leaving the show she was featured in Coldplay's 'Charlie Brown' music video. Antonia also starred in a Canadian and American Netflix Original, Scrotal Recall. She's starred in a plethora of international movies from Spike Island to Hello Carter to Survivor. In 2015, Antonia even got a gig narrating the popular children's show, The Teletubbies. To be honest, we'd much rather look at her and hear her adorable English accent.

11 Xun Zhou, China

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Xun Zhou is definitely a force to be reckoned with. She's already made her claim to fame in her home country of China with her blossoming acting career. She's won a plethora of Best Actress Awards from the Hong Kong Film Awards, to the Golden Rooster Awards, to the Hundred Flowers Awards, to the Huading Awards, raking in a total of 24 awards off of 33 nominations! She's starred alongside big names like Jet Li, as well as Tom Hanks and Hugh Grant, in the 2012 film, Cloud Atlas. With that being said, her acting career is undeniable but she also has a prestigious modeling career that is well-recognized as well. She's a brand ambassador for the high fashion company, Chanel, and has been spotted in magazines like Maxim and Bazaar. Xun is definitely the type of Asian persuasion we need in the world.

10 Stephanie Sigman, Mexico

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This particular actress you might recognize from the first season of Netflix's very own Narcos. But it was a role that Stephanie Sigman played in 2011 film Miss Bala, where she played a beauty pageant queen by the name of Laura Guerrero, who becomes a drug mule for a dangerous Mexican cartel boss. The movie gained so much exposure and earned Stephanie so much notoriety that Sigman became highly sought after not only in Mexico, but also in the United States. She's had roles in major motion pictures like James Bond: Spectre and Going Under. Honestly, we've never heard of anyone getting the James Bond girl role only after being in show business for under five years. We look forward to seeing more from her as Valeria Vélez in season two of Narcos.

9 Elodie Yung, France

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Elodie Yung may have the strangest family lineage being that her father was a Cambodian immigrant and her mother was French born. Elodie also has one of the rarest hobbies on the list that has allowed her acting career to propel her to the top of prominence. Yung has been studying karate for over ten years, even after receiving her master's degree in law from the University of Paris. One day she was approached and proposed an acting opportunity and before she knew it, she had a lead role in the French movie, Les fils du vent, which is reminiscent of Romeo & Juliet but just a more hardcore version. Later she was able to score a role in the movie, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. That later lead to her playing the role of Elektra in Marvel's Daredevil. With her athletic build and resilience, she's made a name for herself in the American market.

8 Nadia Buari, Ghana

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Nadia Buari is the daughter of a Ghanaian musician, Sidiku Buari, and a beautician, Hajia Buari. This African beauty got her big break in Nollywood (Nigerian cinema) when she first appeared on the Ghanaian TV series, Games People Play in 2005, in which Nadia earned a nomination for the best actress award. She later received her first major motion picture role in Mummy's Daughter and went on to do 20 more movies since then. She even played Beyonce, in the Ghanaian film, Beyonce: The President's Daughter. In 2013, Nadia Buari was granted a Pan African Actress Award at the annual Nigerian Entertainment Awards [NEA Awards] in New York City. These days, Nadia is raising twin daughters of her own and hopes to step back onto the set of a new film very soon. Nadia's glow and elegance is so charismatic and captivating it's hard for her to be forgotten.

7 Carmen Soo, Malaysia

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Carmen Soo, also known as Soo Wai Ming, has made quite the name for herself all over the eastern hemisphere. She began her modeling career at the age of 17, which allowed her to travel all over China, landing her in magazine photo spreads and commercials all over the country. Carmen later went on to begin a serious acting career which brought her to the Philippines where she picked up her fourth language of Tagalog, behind Cantonese, English and Malay. In 2008, she starred in a hit television series that aired in both Malaysia and the Philippines by the name of Kahit Isang Saglit, that later went on to earn an International Emmy nomination. Since then, Carmen Soo has had a steady flow of acting gigs and even starred in Malaysia's first 3D horror film, The Hunter 3D. Hopefully, Carmen's presence can grace the screen of the western hemisphere some day.

6 Bella Heathcote, Australia

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You might actually know this cute face, but never really knew her name... Well, ladies and gentlemen, introducing Bella Heathcote. She began her acting career in 2008, when she starred on the hit Australian television series, Neighbours (as did Margot Robbie), and afterward her career as a thespian just took off. She's actually had some major roles in American films like Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, where she played Johnny Depp's love interest. She also played Brad Pitt's love interest in the film, Killing Them Softly. But we'd have to say our personal favorite work of Bella's has to go to the medieval, zombie thriller, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. There's just something about looking into those sky blue eyes while she has a mouth full of blood and neck veins that's just so sexy.

5 Priyanka Chopra, India

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Not only is Priyanka Chopra a well-renowned actress in Bollywood for her work in films like, Aitraaz, Barfi! and Fashion, that earned her the National Film Award and Filmfare Award, for Best Actress, for her role as a troubled model. She is also the former Miss World of 2000! On top of that, she's dabbled in the music industry and has had three popular hit singles (so far). It doesn't stop there though, she was named the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights in 2010. She's immersed herself in activism and fights for the rights of women, the environment, health and education. She's recently transitioned into Hollywood with the TV hit Quantico, and she's also in the upcoming Baywatch film.

4 Sarah Kazemy, France

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Sarah Kazemy might have one of the most bizarre success stories out of the entire list. Not only is Sarah an Iranian immigrant who grew up in France, she also didn't have any acting experience before her first breakout movie role. Sarah's first movie role she played a controversial role of a lesbian living in modern day Iran. Sarah prepared for the role in the movie Circumstance, by living with her relatives in Tehran, Iran. She did so well in the independent film, about the fictitious character based around discovering her sexuality and maintaining relationships, that Iran eventually banned the movie. Instantly, she was booked for the female lead role in the movie Kanyamakan, and later had a role in the 2014 film Salaud, on t'aime. The 28-year-old actress has so much potential, we hope that she continues to raise awareness through the art of cinema as her career advances. Oh... and she's hot, too.

3 KC Concepcion, Philippines

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Now we have the Philippines' very own KC Concepcion next on the list. KC was actually born into a life of fame being that her father, Gabby Concepcion, was the country's 80s entertainment industry heartthrob and her mother, Sharon Cuneta, is notoriously known as the 'Philippine Movie Queen'. KC might have been born into fame, but she's not using her platform to pull a Paris Hilton and ride the wave of mommy and daddy's hard work. In 2008, KC starred in the Philippines' highest grossing movie of all time, For The First Time, she released a self-titled album, KC, and hosted the Philippines' version of X-Factor. It doesn't stop there, KC is also a widely recognized humanitarian and is a National Ambassador Against Hunger of the United Nations' World Food Programme. Not only is she extremely gorgeous, she's multi-faceted, and has taken on the huge responsibility of defeating world hunger. Keep an eye out for KC, soon she will be world-renowned.

2 Ashley Madekwe, UK


Ashley Madekwe is an English-born actress by way of her Nigerian-Swiss father and English mother. She was able to land a huge first motion picture on Woody Allen's 2007, Cassandra's Dream, alongside Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor. Since Madekwe's first major gig, she's been able to land consistent gigs on British television and American television, including the British TV show, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, the short-lived CW TV show The Beautiful Life, and ABC's drama series, Revenge. Not only is Ashley Madekwe landing acting gigs, she's able to do some very risque modeling with the not so risque sneaker and apparel company, Reebok. Not only do we want to just stare at her on screen, we also want to hear her sexy English accent. We hope to hear more from Ashley in the near future... literally.

1 Adriana Fonseca, Mexico


You know how passionately we feel about the telenovela circuit, here at TheRichest, right? Welp, if you don't know, now you know because Adriana Fonseca is one of the hottest actresses on the face of the planet in our humble opinion. Anyways, this caramel cutie is a People en Espanol’s '50 Most Beautiful People' high ranker, year in and year out. She's made appearances in countless telenovelas and from the looks of things, she isn't slowing down anytime soon. From her role on the late 90s show, La usurpadora as Veronica Soriano, to Contra viento y marea as Sandra Serrano Rudell, to her most recent and one of Telemundo's most successful telenovela to date, Corazón Valiente as Angela Valdez, Adriana has made a lane for herself and will go down as one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Mexico's entertainment industry.

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