15 Hot Photos of Danica Patrick That Will Rev Your Engine

Who is the most iconic and sexy female NASCAR driver? Well duh, it’s Danica Patrick. The 34-year-old has been a mainstay on the race track for years now, and she has even been able to play nice with the big boys of the Sprint Cup, Daytona 500, and other pivotal races. Danica is short and petite, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t pack a whole lot of hotness into a small package. Danica is so sexy that we had to compile a list of The 15 Hottest Images of Danica Patrick You NEED to See.

These images include bikini and beach shots of Danica, as well as stunning photos of the racecar driver posing coyly with antique hot rods. Of course, she is the hottest one here, and she is not only an iconic driver, but she has become a role model to people all over the world. She has won a number of awards and recognitions, and she makes the lists of female role models in sports time and time again. We suggest that you head on over to her Instagram, because that is where you can find plenty of hot Danica Patrick photos. She also lets us in a little bit to see what her daily life is like. For the record, she has two of the cutest dogs we’ve ever seen.

So we hope that you enjoy looking at these fabulous photos of Danica Patrick. Even if you aren’t a NASCAR or racing fan, you are going to find a newfound appreciation for the sport after seeing these pics.

15 Beach Babe

Via si.com

This delightful photo shows Danica lounging on the beach looking hot from head to toe. The NASCAR driver is clad in a stunningly white bikini that shows off just how toned and tanned she is. Her arched back is extremely seductive, and her over-the-shoulder glance is alluring, especially as one of the straps on her bikini falls off the shoulder and grazes her arm. She has a look of come-hither hotness that would get anyone excited to see a NASCAR race. Danica also has the ideal blend of muscle and sleekness. It is obvious that she works out, and yet she has none of the bulky muscle mass that would take away from her femininity and charm. Instead, she looks as though she is ready to be featured in a pin-up calendar spread for Sports Illustrated. This 2008 photo is one that we’ll look to again and again.

14 Hot Rod Hottie

Via quintafeiradoze.blogspot.com

Danica was definitely being playful in this photo shoot, which showed the NASCAR driver posing seductively at the back of an antique muscle car. Not only that, but the racecar hottie was dressed up to kill with just one look. Danica is wearing a lace-up tight red corset clad in leather, which leaves little to the imagination. Her top is paired with tiny booty shorts in black leather, creating an ensemble that is both parts tough girl and dainty beauty. Danica somehow manages to get the perfect stride between dominating at a “man’s” sport and still being absolutely gorgeous. How does she do that? A better question would be, where can we find more photos like this? Keep reading to see even more hotness from Danica! As far as we’re concerned, she can ride in the back of our car anytime she pleases. The brown-eyed beauty is certainly the steamiest star on the NASCAR track.

13 The 2009 ESPY Awards

At the 2009 ESPY Awards, Danica was a sight to behold as she took the red carpet. She had to be one of the hottest women at the Los Angeles event, which recognizes sports figures and athletes and is presented by ESPN and ABC. Back to Danica, though. She stepped out wearing a sparkly minidress that expertly showed off her sleek and svelte figure. The racecar driver’s dress also featured a deep V-neck that revealed a bit more of her chest, and the delicate lacy fabric around the neck and chest was a nice touch. With her hair in an elegant updo, Danica looked the picture of a lovely and respectable sports figure, and it was definitely a departure from the racing suit that she needs to wear when she’s on the race track! Without all of the gear on, we can admire her delicate brown eyes and dark alluring hair.

12 A Kid At Heart

We loved seeing Danica Patrick show up to the 26th Annual Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in 2013. It just goes to show that she is a friendly person to everyone, no matter their age. Besides, we have a feeling that Danica is a big kid at heart anyway. That’s what is so great about her; she can be silly and kid-friendly, but she can also be a total sex kitten. Now that is the kind of girl we would like to have in our life! To attend the awards show, Danica opted for a teal blue strapless dress that had vertical ruffles and a cinched waist. It helped to accentuate her hourglass figure while still being age-appropriate for the Nickelodeon event. Some fun lipstick and a high ponytail added to the fun-loving vibe. We loved that this look showed some skin without being too much. Besides, sometimes less is more.

11 Woman In White

This dress seemed to be made for Danica. The NASCAR driver made waves as she stepped onto the red carpet at the 2014 ESPY Awards. This was one ensemble that would set Los Angeles on fire with her hotness! Danica wore a mini dress that featured an asymmetrical hem as well as an asymmetrical neckline. Asymmetry looks awesome on her, by the way. She has a body that would look good in a potato sack, but we were especially happy to see this outfit. Danica’s legs looked toned and lean, and her matching white high heels certainly did the trick. Horizontal ruching was another detail to her dress that helped us appreciate her tight and toned figure even more. This woman is definitely in shape, and it showed on the red carpet! Those calf muscles were something else! And yet, she was one of the sexiest and most feminine stars at those ESPY Awards.

10 Red Hot Driver

Via mycarheaven.com

Wow, forget Driving Miss Daisy; we want to drive Miss Danica! The celebrity driver showed off her body and left little to the imagination when she posed for this 2011 picture. She was clad in a teeny weeny bikini in smoking hot red, and she was wearing a leather collar with delicate chains hanging off of it. This definitely would give some people ideas of S&M, but whether that was Danica’s intent, we aren’t sure. After all, she was also posing in front of an antique hot rod with its hood up, so it looked as though she were working on the car when someone decided to ask her to pose for a picture. Danica’s look is intense and straight-forward; she is staring at the camera and her eyes are like two huge brown disks. Her luscious lips are glossy and parted and send off a very come-hither vibe.

9 Posing With Her Pooches

Ooh la la! We told you that Danica Patrick worked out hard, and she showed it when she posted to her Instagram account this past August. While smiling up at the camera, Danica took an expert ab shot with her lovely dogs, Dallas and Ella, in the background. Aw, it looks like they were all working out together! How sweet! Even sweeter is that six pack on Danica, and it’s all thanks to those tough workouts she does: bench presses, assault bike, and tabata sets to stay tight and toned! Even without makeup or an expert photography crew behind her, Danica is still a beautiful sight to see. Plus, we give her mad bonus points for including her furry friends in the picture and caption. Her post has nearly 14,000 likes on Instagram and was praised by 500 users! This girl is most definitely a lady boss if we ever saw one!

8 Pretty in Pink

Via 4.bp.blogspot.com

Nothing like showing off your feminine charm while also proclaiming that you are a total boss when it comes to NASCAR. That is exactly what is happening in this photo of Danica as she poses in front of a bright pink Camaro that is all decked out for the Chevy Making Strides breast cancer campaign. Danica herself is clad in a hot pink polo shirt with her sponsor logo, Go Daddy, and she paired the top with some form-fitting black pants. Sleek, sophisticated, and super sexy. She was shining bright with her top-notch car. The truth is that whether Danica is revving her engine or just taking easy off the road, she always looks like the picture of perfection. We also love that she donates and get involved with charities and organizations such as Chevy Making Strides. Now that’s the type of female solidarity this world really needs! Go, Danica!

7 Baby You Can Drive My Car

Via cdn.referee.mx

Wowza, Danica was raising the bar with this one! This was a photo shoot that would burn your heart out. Danica was dressed in a slinky black bikini and her fierce curves and edges were on full display. She was splayed out on the hood of a car and looked ready to work. She was slaying this photo and there is no way that you would pass her by! The 34-year-old NASCAR driver has elevated her career from being a racecar driver to including gigs as a model and spokeswoman. She is even a commentator on the sport! In short, there is nothing that she can’t do. Danica may only be 5-foot, 2-inches, but she is a powerhouse of a woman. Equal parts sweet and sassy, as well as strong and mighty, Danica often overpowers other drivers and she is one of the hottest sports figures that we can think of.

6 Ruffles On The Beach

Via 3.bp.blogspot.com

What could be better than Danica Patrick on all fours? Having her on the beach and in a white ruffled bikini. The ultimate in sexiness, Danica starred in this photo shoot in a gorgeous swimsuit that hugged every curve and contour of her body. As she got down on her hands and knees in the sand, she looked intense and seductive. Her beachy hair had that little bit of ocean water dampness to it which added even more to the sex appeal of this photo. Her pose was absolutely alluring and would get anyone feeling things. Danica may be a NASCAR driver, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t be a total beach babe too! She has appeared in countless commercials and ads, and she is one of the most popular and well-known NASCAR drivers ever. Talk about girl power! Women want to aspire to her level of greatness and guys want to date her yet beat her in competition.

5 Acting Cheeky

Via frankestfrankie.files.wordpress.com

What happens when you take Danica Patrick out of her racecar, put her in a beautiful bikini and have her pose on the beach. She gets cheeky with you! That is what happened when she took to the sand for this photo shoot. She held one of her racing helmets in her hands and stood with her back facing the camera. Then she looked over her shoulder with a coy smile that made you know that you knew she was smoking hot Her little booty was looking toned and squeezable, and her sleek back was the picture of a porcelain beauty. The juxtaposition of her rough and tough racing helmet mixed with her delicate posture and graceful poise got home the message that Danica is fierce and strong, yet she can also be feminine and charming. We have come to the conclusion that there is nothing this woman can’t do.

4 Star-Studded Celeb

Via media1.tinngan.vn

Danica was shining brightly in this dazzling bikini that featured sparkles and stars. In fact, she often makes her country proud when she is racing in the Daytona 500 or other NASCAR races. Why do you think she was a Kids Choice Award winner in the past, or one of the most iconic guests to the ESPY Awards? Danica is on fire, and she has been tearing up the race track for years now. Even though she is only 34 years old, she has the power and might to make awesome things happen. Danica was even lauded by Tony Stewart, one of the most successful male NASCAR drivers in the sport. He stated that she has definite talent and that she has dominated every type of racing that she has tried. If she can put her mind to it, she can do it! That’s the type of girl power we want to see!

3 Open to Anything

Via car-addicts.com

Danica showed that she was open to any opportunity when she posed in this sexy shoot that featured her showing skin in an antique car. Danica was wearing a cinched leather jacket that revealed her bare chest, and she paired the jacket with some black leather hot pants. Showing off her lean legs and toned thighs in full display, Danica was certainly looking like a tough chick pin-up girl in this photo. The antique car she was in did a great job of incorporating her passion for racing while also showing the world that she is one of the hottest NASCAR drivers out there. The guys can’t compete with her! This photo definitely revealed the attitude that she has on the race track. It is Danica that is in charge, and everyone else better get out of the way because she is not going to hold back. She didn’t in this pic!

2 Gymnast Girl

Okay, so not only is Danica Patrick an awesome racecar driver, but now we get to see her showing off her gymnast skills? Seriously though, what can’t this girl do? It almost seems unfair that she is so skilled in a wide range of sports and other endeavors. Come on, she is a sports figure, she is a workout fanatic, she is a sexy model, she is a spokeswoman, she is a role model...the list goes on and on. This pic was featured on her Instagram in mid-August 2016 and was proof that Danica is hotter than the summer. Not only has she been featured in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition, but she has also been voted the Sexiest Athlete by Victoria’s Secret’s list of “What is Sexy?” And the guys absolutely adore Danica; she is a regular on the sexy lists for FHM. Of course, her talent and passion are reputable, too.

1 Bring on the Booty

Via billwilliams.org

Danica’s sexy photos will end on a cheeky note with this picture that had the racecar driver dressed in a red leather corset and super tight panties. The whole look makes us want to jump into bed with her. Yet we think that Danica may still be dating Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. Lucky guy. He is a fellow racecar driver, and he probably gets Danica revved up. Even so, she is quite the sight to see all on her own. As she posed for this photo shoot, she was straddling the side of a yellow hot rod and was glancing over her shoulder while her backside was in full view. A shiny sticker adored her back, drawing attention to her toned obliques and glutes. We told you she works out, and this is the incredible result! Eat your heart out, boys. You can stare all you want, but don’t touch the goods.

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