10 NYC Hairstyles For The Ultimate Transformation

Few things can make a woman feel as good as a fresh new hairstyle. Whether you decide to go for a cut, color, or a specific hair treatment, there are many ways to change up your look. Salon professionals specialize in specific techniques and can cater to your personal style. When looking for modern and fashionable trends, you need to look no further than the fashion capital of the east coast, New York City.

A good haircut can be pricey, not to mention the costs of additional services such as styling or coloring the hair. Celebrities are used to paying for these extravagances, and considering their public lifestyles, it is probably out of necessity. However, are the prices really worth it for the average person?

That most likely depends on your point of view in a few certain matters. Your hair plays a major role in how you present yourself to the world, as well as how others will perceive you. This is only one example of determining how far you are willing to go in your quest for hair perfection.

The following hairstyles range among some of the most expensive in New York City. In fact, they far exceed the national average cost of a haircut in the United States. Fortunately there are some important things that you can expect when paying more for your hair needs: well trained professionals, and knowledge of trends and the newest techniques, to name just a few. As the price climbs, you  can also typically expect that the results will be longer lasting as well.

9 Braids: $50 and up

Worn on the red carpet by stars such as Lauren Conrad and Lucy Liu, braids are a classic hairstyle with endless variations. The John Barrett Braid Bar at Bergdorf Goodman will do the braiding for you beginning at the price of $50. Ranging in time from just a few minutes to a half an hour or more, styles include the eternal braid, waterfall braids, fishtail braids, and the classic French braid. Creating even more variety, the customer can choose a single braid, an updo, hair that is half up, or even pigtails.

8 Clip-in Extensions: $125 and up

Every girl wants long, luscious locks, right? Although, growing your hair out can be very time consuming. On top of all that, if the hair is not healthy, it doesn't look as good as you were expecting. One possible solution to this hair quandry is extensions. Clip in extensions are said to be less expensive and a healthier option for hair than a full weave, since they are not sewn or glued into the hair. Christie Brinkley reportedly styles her own clip in extensions at home.

7 Haircuts: $125 and up

The experience of a haircut at a high end salon gives hair a luxurious feel that cannot be found elsewhere. The shaping of hair by a true professional is exquisite. Whether it is just a trim of split ends that you need, you are switching up your old style, or you are taking off a lot of length, there are plenty of salons to choose from in New York City. Frederic Fekkai, John Barrett, and Red Market Salon are just a few of the many names to choose from. At John Barrett's salons, the price of a cut will start at $125.

6 Ponytails: $125 and up

The ponytail is a true American classic. It can be styled in many ways, and dressed up or down. At John Barrett's salon, the price of a shampoo, blow dry, and ponytail runs $125 and up. The styling of a ponytail alone costs $50. Add clip in extensions to the ponytail, and the price will jump to $100 or more. Choose between a sculpted low ponytail, a slicked back high ponytail, or a side ponytail. Endless variations exist in order to exhibit your own personalized style.

5 Ombre or Reverse Ombre: $250

5. Brazilian Straightening: $250

Brazilian hair straightening is a technique that uses the addition keratin proteins to recondition and smooth the hair cuticle, leaving the hair shiny, smooth, and easy to care for and style. This method of straightening has been used by celebs such as Lindsay Lohan and Reese Witherspoon. It is best for use on curly or frizzy hair that is typically difficult to manage. The process takes approximately two hours to complete and the results typically last for three to five months. It costs $250 to have the treatment completed at Hair OSH, which has locations in both Manhattan and Eastchester.

4 Full-head Highlights: $260 

If you covet the lustrous locks of Gisele Bundchen or Jennifer Lopez, you may be just a few highlights away from your goal of beautiful hair. Full head highlights can help even the finest of hair to appear thicker and even feel fuller, as well as help to tame flyaways. The process generally takes about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on your hair length and thickness, and leaves your hair looking sun-kissed, brighter, and often times shinier than when you enter the salon. The price begins at $260 at John Barrett Salon.

3 Korean Keratin Straightening: $400 and up

The Korean Keratin System (or in abbreviated form, KKS) has a cost beginning at $400 at Hair OSH. The formaldehyde free process is safe for use and works on color treated, fine, kinky, thick, or curly hair types. The result of KKS is smooth, silky, easily managed hair that remains perfectly straight for up to one year. The long lasting results are due to the redirection of the hair growth pattern by the keratin infusion, which works even to redirect hair in order to prevent cowlicks.

2 Woven Extensions: $600 and up

If you want long lasting length and added fullness fast, a weave may be the solution for you. Woven extensions typically begin by cornrows of the existing hair being braided all along the scalp. Then human or synthetic hair of the chosen color and texture is sewn, or woven through the braids, creating a natural and lasting look. Woven extensions can begin directly at the scalp, which is one advantage over the clip in variety. Many contestants on America's Next Top Model have transformed their looks via a weave.

1 Japanese Straightening: $1,000 and up

Japanese hair straightening is a more expensive hair treatment than its Korean and Brazilian counterparts, but that is because the thermal reconditioning permanently and chemically changes the structure of the hair. The hair is left as straight as a stick after receiving this relatively new treatment. The YUKO system was developed in 1996 and is widely utilized in New York City. At John Barrett Salon, the price of a Japanese straightening treatment begins at $1,000. Root touch-ups costing an average of $700, are needed approximately every six months.

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