10 Formerly Hot Celebs Who Now Look Awful

Who didn't have a favorite celebrity as go-to eye candy growing up? Whether singing in a boy band or posing for Playboy, everyone remembers the sexy sirens of their youth. In the spirit of celebrating everyone's former Hollywood flames, here are 10 former sexpots that have fallen into faded glory. Although they no longer rock the hot bods they used to, they were once on top of their game and commanded the attention of the entire world.

Ranging from actresses to action stars, the former hotties below have made the transition from being relevant in pop culture to slipping into relative obscurity. We all know that over time and with aging, celebs won't look like they did when they were in their better days, but a look through the stars below will remind you that some hotties age much better than others. Whether stemming from overzealous attempts to capture time through plastic surgery, or just a plain lack of hitting the gym, these entertainment legends have lost their edge.

Former models and pinups know that once their looks are no longer marketable, all they can do is whatever it takes to desperately stay in the game. Making repeated attempts to stay relevant when attention moves on to the newest and brightest stars, usually the best way to capture attention is by trying out new and extreme beauty procedures.

From Lisa Rinna's obscenely puffy lips to Joan Rivers' repeated trips under the knife, women usually feel the greatest pressure to adapt their looks to camouflage aging. However, the men who used to be major Hollywood hunks can undergo severe criticism as they age as well, especially from their adoring female public. From trying way too hard to not trying hard enough, these are the top 10 picks for formerly famous babes that are now more bland than beautiful.

10 Kirstie Alley

Kirstie was a TV star darling during the 80s, but the following years have not been kind to her. From chain smoking to binge dieting, her figure has fluctuated over the years as she gained, then lost, and then re-gained over 100 pounds.

Prominently partnering with Jenny Craig weight loss systems to curb her eating habits, she has managed to wrest back control of her body to some extent, but her appearance has never managed to return to top form. Though she has not yet matched her former svelte self, she is attempting to reign in her habits and improve--already her stint on Dancing with the Stars has seen her shed a significant number of pounds and improve her health.

9 Bruce Jenner

Famous for his athletic exploits, Bruce Jenner became an overnight icon after his gold medal win in the 1976 summer Olympics. Appearing everywhere from the White House to Wheaties cereal boxes, Bruce capitalized on his fame and was generally regarded as a sexy, all-American athlete.

As the years wore on, however, instead of aging naturally he has relied extensively on plastic surgery, greatly altering his appearance. In addition to face lift procedures, he has recently had his Adam's apple removed, adding to an overly sculpted, feminine appearance that contradicts his former masculine charm.

8 Kate Moss

Strutting the catwalk in her late teens as a wafer-thin model, 90s icon Kate Moss has aged at twice the speed of some of her non-supermodel counterparts. Decades of smoking, partying, and alleged drug use have taken its wear and tear, particularly on her face.

Kate's once bright complexion has been blanketed in wrinkles, dulling her hair and skin to a shade of its former glory. Though keeping her figure relatively shapely and landing major modeling sponsorship deals to this day, her girlish looks have given way to a geriatric visage.

7 La Toya Jackson

La Toya is proof that plastic surgery gone awry can ruin the most attractive of stars. Once armed with a pure and youthful appearance while performing as one of the famed Jackson siblings, through various fillers, nose jobs and facial reconstructive surgeries, La Toya has managed to undermine her own natural beauty.

Her nose is severely sculpted to the degree that her nostrils appear nearly flat against her face when viewed from the wrong angle. Over time, La Toya's looks have been hugely manipulated. Now, despite her relative lack of hard partying over the years in comparison with some of her pop star peers, she has morphed into an unrealistic caricature of her former self.

6 Carrie Fisher

Carrie is arguably the only star on this list who starred in a major franchise guaranteed to ensure her an enduring legacy. As a main figure in the Star Wars original film series in the 1970s and 80s Carrie was a sex symbol and film icon for generations to come.

Her talents as an actress over the years have been overshadowed by weight gain, mental illness, and drug abuse. Her once petite figure, immortalized in a now-iconic space age bikini, has ballooned over the years as she has failed to keep up with her weight gain. Her dependence on cocaine over the years also has not helped her hold on to her looks, adding lines to her face as it has lost its lustre.

5 John Travolta

As the years have passed, John Travolta has changed in the public eye numerous ways, but perhaps his public transformation has been the most obvious. Former Saturday Night Fever and Grease heartthrob, his career has had highs and lows in the following years, but his looks have only plummeted as weight gain and rumors of plastic surgery have plagued him.

His near perfect complexion at 60 years old looks eerie and forced, giving him a frozen look often associated with those who undergo Botox treatments. John's features have been swallowed by skin over the years as he has grown plumper and more full-figured with age.

4 Meg Ryan

In the 90s, Meg Ryan was America's sweetheart. Since then, however, she has made a mess of trying to keep her girlish good looks. This has resulted in a Cheshire-cat like grimace as her lip filler has taken over the rest of her image.

Her face has been kept remarkably wrinkle-free through surgery and her figure has retained the slim and perky shape Meg is best known for. While not currently actively participating in any known film projects, she has been spotted out and about on the red carpet with her skeletal frame and obviously plumped lips undermining her former star-power.

3 Mickey Rourke

Former baby-faced actor-turned-boxer Mickey Rourke has had a career resurgence in the entertainment business recently, but his looks never recovered from his time in the ring. In order to reprise his role in show biz after finally retiring from the boxing world in the 90s, Mickey underwent extensive plastic surgery, but he concedes the work that was performed actually may have done more harm than good.

Work on his face has been done to fix several injuries, including a broken nose, among other damage. Rourke's facial reconstruction has given him a permanently surprised look, with filled lips and smooth, wrinkle-free skin. His transformation has left him looking more manufactured than manly.

2 Cary Elwes

Although he has more recently landed starring roles in flicks such as the Saw horror series, Cary will always be best known for his role as Westley, the hero of the iconic 80s film The Princess Bride. However comparing his current image side by side to his time as Princess Buttercup's "farm boy", the former loveboat turns out to have totally sunk.

His charming and boyish good looks have been replaced by a plump figure and graying hair. His current bloated, yet wrinkle-free, appearance makes him appear as a blown-up wax figure version of his former self.

1 Britney Spears

Britney's transformation has been highly visible and frequently documented over the years, as she has transformed from delightful Disney teen star to recovering adult performer with a checkered past.

Her alleged drug abuse and inability to keep her weight in check saw her figure ballooning from her previously teen pop star girlish image to a washed out former star as she reached such desperation as to allegedly shave her head to prevent drug testing.

Bald and bulging, her image has undergone a positive overhaul over the past few years as she has recovered with new pop hits on the charts. Though the pop-making songstress has returned with commercial success, she still frequently battles surges in weight, and needs a longer time for makeup prep than she did as a fresh-faced young starlet in the early 2000s.

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