10 Countries With The Most Buttock Augmentations

When one thinks of plastic surgery, the first thing that inevitably comes to mind is the boob job, Botox, collagen implants of the lips…traditional celebrity-endorsed remedies to the natural progression of age and gravity. There are, however, other surgeries people have done to correct every little thing that could possibly be undesirable about the human body. Penile augmentation, calf implants, lipoplasty, second toe knuckle removal (for those pesky, long finger-toes), and of course, butt implants.

Apparently, butts are a big deal the world over…talk about being image-obsessed. Imagine saying to yourself, “I think one of the most important things I can do for myself right now is to put two big ol’ sacks of fluid matrix INTO my butt cheeks permanently so that strangers I pass on the street will think I was born with a larger derrière than I actually was.” But it's actually REALLY important to some people, and in some cultures it’s a status symbol.

Butt augmentation was the 11th most common plastic surgery performed in the world in 2013, and about 320,000 of the surgeries were performed worldwide. 96.8% of those procedures were performed on women, and 3.2% on men…To be fair, there are countries around the globe which don’t give out statistical data on surgical procedures, so this information is taken from the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Let’s take a look at the ten countries with the most butt implant surgeries in 2013. Perhaps you’ll notice a pattern…

10 Iran

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2013 saw 697 butt augmentations performed in Iran. This country is known for its beautifully exotic people with olive skin tones, dark hair, and a variety of eye colors. Beauties like Nazanin Boniadi, Nadia Bjorlin, and Bahar Soomekh are Iranian, and the Kardashians are sometimes mistaken for Iranian (but they’re of Armenian descent). Iranians have a lithe, slender kind of beauty that can be greatly accentuated by an hourglass figure, which some people choose to improve upon with gluteal implants. 697 is not too staggering of a number though. Compare that to the leading elective surgery in Iran in 2013, a whopping 37,423 nose jobs were performed and lipoplasty was a distant second at 12,143.

9 Italy

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Italy is known for its incredibly curvy, hippy, voluptuous ladies with fiery passions and fiery tempers…but if you know any Italians, they often lack the outward rotundity of the rear that would truly fill out their hourglass figures. 1552 butt augmentations were performed in the Great Boot in 2013. Is that surprising? That equates to about one person in every 39,000. Obviously, like most of the countries on this list, rear augmentation is not the most common plastic surgery. In fact, lipoplasty and eyelid resculpting surgery were highest on the list for Italy. One in every 1951 people had lipoplasty (for comparison).

8 Germany

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People of Germanic descent are not particularly known for their posterior shapeliness. Traditional (and very stereotypical) images of German people call to mind the image of men and women in Lederhosen, with the women busting out of their bustenhalters. Whether that image is completely ridiculous or not, there is a younger generation in Germany that have experienced much of the body-image ideals of the West and are reacting to such ideals by having a few body modifications performed. In 2013, 1,894 cheek implants got shoved under the gluteal muscles of people on German soil. This equates to about one in every 42,643 people, but like most countries on this list, boob jobs and liposuction far outweighed butt implants.

7 Spain

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In 2013, 3,994 booty jobs were performed on the gentle folk of Spain. Many regions of Spain experience long, warm summers, even though snow can be found in a few places occasionally. Warmer weather however, means exposed bodies in revealing clothing, for a large portion of the year. Going to the discothèque is a commonplace weekend activity, which again means showing off your bod. So it’s no big surprise that some of the lovely Spanish people would opt for butt augmentation (but again, not before they get their boobies done and their fat sucked out).

6 Argentina

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Argentina is a land that benefits from beautiful natural vistas by way of a large tourism economy, but a new kind of tourism has been brewing in Argentina over the last decade: medical tourism. People traveling to receive surgeries at lower rates than in other industrialized countries have created quite a booming aesthetic economy. 4,126 butt augmentations occurred in Argentina in 2013, which equates to about one in every 10,342 people, but don’t be fooled, Argentina’s most prolific elective surgeries are the boob job, liposuction, and the tummy tuck, in that order. Not surprisingly, the prevalence of plastic surgery in Argentina follows the trends of the economy. When the chips are down, plastic surgery dips, and when they’re on the up and up, plastic surgery is booming. If you put in your two cents to keep the economy rolling, you could end up with a very bargain-priced butt job.

5 Venezuela

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OMG Venezuela had buns aplenty in 2013! Another beautiful, tropical locale, Venezuela saw 10,090 butt implants last year which equates to about one in every 2,994 people. That’s a pretty dense average, and it gives one plenty to chew on, for example, in a country where the have-nots far outweigh the haves, how do one in every 3K people afford this surgery? It’s not that they can afford it, really. It’s that physical appearance is a VERY high priority for Venezuelan women. Even at work, women wear revealing clothing and claim bragging rights based on which doctors have performed their work. The name of the doctor gets tossed around the way Americans name-drop their Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Dolce & Gabbana products. It’s a label, and a way of life. People in Venezuela will forego home and car repairs and other necessities in order to afford plastic surgery.

4 United States

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It’s a surprise that the vanity Mecca is only fourth on this list with 11,959 butt augmentations in 2013. With cultural icon worship, you’d think America would be the absolute leader in butt implantations. Consider some of these celebrity icons, Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj, Beyonce, Iggy Azalea, and Jennifer Lopez…but mostly Nikki Minaj, amiright? Her entire iconic celeb status is based on her bass, (oh and she did some songs, but who remembers that?). These women with their big, bulbous behinds are in almost every magazine, online or in-store, and American eyes are continuously accosted by images of these butts. So the fact that only one in every 26,672 people has had gluteal augmentation is almost…disappointing? But maybe that’s because a lot of the potential customers blew their budgets on boob jobs and liposuction, which totaled 549,517 procedures performed in 2013, and those are just the top two surgeries on the list. Americans LOVE plastic surgery.

3 Colombia

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21,546 butt auggies were performed here in 2013, which is odd because they have an extremely high unemployment rate, meaning those who get plastic surgery in this country are either the very rich or the very thrifty. Some people save for many long years to get their butts reformatted by doctors. These people here are obviously really serious about the butt, but the most common plastic surgery in Colombia last year was old-fashioned liposuction, 50,559 to be exact. This means that there is enough money floating around Colombia to blow a good portion on elective surgery. The numbers are really no surprise though, since Colombia experiences a similar physical appearance-as-priority mindset as their neighbor Venezuela.

2 Mexico

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2013 saw a glorious 37,734 booty implantations in Mexico. Another sultry, tropical country…and who could disagree that Latin dance moves look better with a big ol’ booty punctuating the staccato movements? Mexico is also one of the premier destinations locations to have plastic surgery done, and butt implants are no exception. There are beaches aplenty where one could show off one’s newly acquired derrière in one of the popular thong-style bikinis, provided you have enough vacation time to stay past the week-long recovery period. Plastic surgery in Mexico is drastically more affordable than in the US or Canada, which is why so many people now are opting to travel for surgeries.

1 Brazil

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You guessed it. In 2013, 63,925 butt augmentations were performed on Brazilian soil…because Brazilians know what to do with that big fat butt. As a point of reference: the population of Brazil in 2013 was 203,342,000, which means one in every 3,181 people has had a butt implant procedure done. Number 10 on this list was Iran, with one butt augmentation surgery per every 111,680 people. Brazilians are always in the top two international leaders of the plastic surgery global economy. Their culture is very image-centric and like their neighbors Venezuela and Colombia, physical appearance is top priority here. Brazil is THE perfect place to show off your big ol’ booty on their world-famous beaches, but just keep in mind that what is important in life is what's inside you…not what’s…behind…you?

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